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Clean Eating

Top Weight Loss Hacks to Help You Stay on Track

by Chelsea Swift 9 months ago in diet

AKA How To Actually Stay On Your Diet This Time...

Top Weight Loss Hacks to Help You Stay on Track

Welcome to the wonderful world of weight loss, I'll be your host, been there, done that, fell off track, got back on, failed again...

Honestly, I've crashed my diet plane more than anyone out there.

Why open with this? Because, I don't like dieting either and most days, I'd just rather fucking not, so here are my "true few" tips to stay on track and hopefully, actually get you to the finish line this time. #winkclink #50poundsdown

1. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Schnacckkks. Are. So. Real. First off, if you're a snacker, you will always be a snacker so, don't deny your snack... don't deny who you really are and definitely don't deny your favorites, simply put: power it up.

Power. It. Up. Fam.

Example: Eating bowls of popcorn? Try a cup or two of popcorn instead with grapes, cucumbers, and maybe some hummus on the side. Boom. Power snack.

Another great, examp. (Ah, not a typo—go read it in my voice pls, thanks):

Anyways, another great examp? Eating giant bowls of ice cream every night? Swap it for a lower calorie ice cream, add strawberries and whipped cream. This helps reduce the size of your scoops, and adding fruit eventually helps reduce your nightly cravings all together.

The main point here? You don't actually take the entire thing out of your diet, you just enhance your snack... dress it up a little, add a little strawberry bow tie, give it a few healthy friends... but, just make sure they're healthy friends you ACTUALLY like.

Which leads me to my second point, preference sheet, everyone grab those... grab your martini, I'll meet you in the middle of circle time...

2. Preference Sheet

Guys, preference. You have them. Stop forgetting that. This takes you off the dieting wheel all together.

No one cares what really works for Karen, if it makes you hungry and sad... or even worse, makes you hungry, and then makes you binge out on your original gangster snack a few days later (hash tag, OGS).

Listen. Copy-cats don't last.

Missy Elliot said it first. So, stick to your original snacks, maybe throw a cucumber at it and just relax... you can have your cake, you can eat it too, you just can't eat the whole cake and if you do... you just need to bake that cake a little different honey, that's all. Little personal protein chocolate cake is actually completely fine for the waist line. But, okay, let's get off this before I go on a baking spree in the middle summer again... FML, was way too hot for that.

3. Line it up for 3

Now you're like... the fuck? What are we playing football? No... not today champ. Not today... (as you're about to get bull-dozed).

Line it up for three is going to be your next three days. Before you interrupt me, I don't care if you plan to do your diet for 72 years. Line. It. Up. For. Three.

Why? This saves you three major dieting components that honestly, this is why 80 percent of diets fail... it's time, money, and energy.

Bang (picture like 1950s "bang" flag coming out of gun... the things I laugh at though... anyways!)

You're over-buying food you hate, you're over-thinking your life, and yea, that's not just a waste of time and money... it's also extremely stressfaaall.

My solution? Focus on the next three days ahead, and simply, simplify your life.

No stress, no over-thinking, and, no over buying.

Instead of planning your week or month, and spending your entire family Sunday in the kitchen prepping (da fuq) just focus on the next few days ahead.

What's your schedule like? Are you on the go? Are you home? Are you working? Do you even have time to cook or stop that day?

The reality is your Monday through Wednesday runs a lot differently than your Thursday through Saturday, so, plan for the first three, and re-assess from there, this is how you actually stay on track.

4. It's A Marathon

I know, most annoying quote ever, but persistence, stamina, and long-haulers... yea, they fucking win. It's a fact. Persistence. WINS. Period.

So? Be patient with yourself, because patient people win.

Patient people strike out 1,000 times with no actual evidence of "surface success," and on the 1,001 swing they strike gold. They finally hit those major results, and its effortless. Why? Because, they kept swinging... you don't get 1,001 gold level results with three or 12 baby swings.

So, whether it's a three day shit teat-tox, a 30 day cleanse, or a year of "I'm really taking this 50 pounds off, again." Let me give you some sound advice... like for real, this helps...

Stop looking out into the open sea of where all diets go to dream.

Let's face it, it's easy to get excited on day 1, 2, 3, 37, 90, but what about 115 days later? 217? 925 days? What about when you can't SEE your "surface level results"

Yea. It gets old, and you'll have to continuously stay motivated, continuously remind yourself that the gold is coming... my advice for truly succeeding?

Marathon it.

Keep your pace, boo. And, don't even worry about the sprinters. Why? Because, it throws you off your game, you see your friend on one diet losing weight faster, you will forget to focus on your own shit, and end up "having just one piece" or "thinking it doesn't matter." Ah, hold up. It does.

It's all adding up. Always. Every day. Every change. Is leading you to big time progress. Or short term results. You decide how fast you want to go, but I promise you, looking around is not helpful.

Focus on your jeans. Focus on how YOU feel. Focus on your meals. This is how you win.

This is how you win your PERSONAL weight loss marathon. By setting goals that you know work for YOU, and not worrying about other people.

Now, can you have a martini? Of course, I'm just saying don't eat a salad, look over your skinny friend fence, and then go, fuck it, I'm getting pizza since it doesn't matter.

It DOES matter, babe, It does. Stay FOCUSED. Stay away from the fence. Stay away from surface level BS. Have a martini when you want it, and then just ease your way back into YOUR marathon race. Set your pace. You've got this.

5. Get In Touch

Last but not least, beauty is only skin deep. The real glow, the real energy, the real vibe is not just what matters, but, it's what keeps you true to yourself.

It's what keeps you connected to your body. Connected to your needs, nutrients, preferences, emotions...

... So... Connect.

Get in touch. Like, TRULY get in touch. Not just "I am in touch, I can feel that burn in my muscle"... no. Dig a little deeper. Breathe a little higher.

There are SO many ways to do this, but when you gain weight, especially if it's a significant amount of weight, or if you've given birth, you don't just lose touch with those parts of your body, you lose touch with yourself emotionally.

Certain habits, feelings, emotions, and thoughts can get trapped in parts of your body and take up your energy.

For example, some people hold weight on their bodies without knowing it, because it makes them feel safe. This is all subconscious by the way, so you may not even know you're doing it, but working on that area will free up energy that maybe you didn't want to experience again.

It can be loss, pain, heart-ache... any type of deep emotion that you stuffed down or kept inside.

This is again, especially true after you sacrifice your body (hash tag, warriors) to give birth. Feelings of guilt might come up, right... feeling guilty for wanting your own life after a baby. So, get in touch, again. It's all love.

Hold the parts of your body you don't recognize, and literally send love to those areas. This is called signaling, and this is how we reconnect with parts of our bodies we haven't been loving.

This, also, absolutely helped me go from 30 pounds down to 50 pounds down, seamlessly.

It's super personal, but I had to recognize that I was holding myself at that weight for security reasons. I didn't know why at first, but I share this with you, or for anyone at a plateau, or who's just not getting "those" results, because it could very well be blocked energy that you need to heal.

For me personally, I was proud at 30 pounds down, I felt great, I was ready to keep going, but it seemed like no matter how much I tried, I couldn't break 154 on the scale, and I wasn't about to harm myself with over-exercising and under-eating.

I knew I was doing it the healthy way. I was eating right, exercising daily, and, I was truly excited about my routine, but that's how I realized it has to be something emotionally.

So, I started doing yoga. All different types. To reconnect with my body and breath. Reconnect with my energy. And, honestly within maybe 6 weeks that last 20 pounds just fell off. No extra effort. No change in diet. No change in exercise. I was actually exercising less.

But, again, no false hope... I don't promote that, I was very much already THERE. About 18 months into my weight loss journey when this happened, so everything was there. The nutrition was there, the stress-free lifestyle had been established, the workouts were daily, but I do share this, because that's how I personally knew it was more of an emotional/energy healing that I needed to check out.

So, to wrap it up, Connection is key. Knowing what you like, love, and what's in between, will save you so much time, money, and, energy, that will be better spent doing things you actually love with the people you love.

In the end, no one comments on how big your jeans were anyways... it's usually just the size of your heart that matters.

Alright, got nice and corny at the end... As PROMISED, for my beautiful angels that listen to my podcast everyday xoxo (lavs yous)

Here are my ** TOP** Go-To Snacks when I am on a reset or just looking to tone it up:

  1. Skinny pop + dipped in hummus (yupppp... I invented this when I was 118 pounds, sooo... judge me never)
  2. Not, 118 pounds by the wayyy. I glide between 137 and 142 LMAO
  3. Okay, back to snacks... this is why I glide...
  4. Veggie meatballs + fat free organic marinara sauce + go veggie parm cheese
  5. Ezikel bread: english muffin pizza
  6. Chocolate hummus on a chocolate rice cake (I know, mic kick)
  7. Protein bar
  8. Plain Green Iced Tea, shaken with strawberries and lemons (afternoon craving killer)
  9. Grapes, cucumbers, hummus, and GF crackers
  10. Strawberry Banana protein shake (ugh... off to make)

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