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Top Reason Why You Should Quit Smoking

by jamessmith about a year ago in health


Have you been planning to quit smoking for a long time without success? Then we got you covered. We understand that quitting smoking is among the most challenging thing formany smokers. That is because smoking is addictive. The more you smoke, the higher the chances of being addicted. One fact about smoking is that smoking causes more than 480000 deaths every year. That shows that many people die because of smoking. Smoking can kill both active and passive smokers. Therefore it is essential to recommend anyone willing to quit smoking to choose a stop smoking rehab in Toronto. In this article, we will discuss some of the top reasons why it’s essential to quit smoking. Some of those reasons include;

Smoking causes cancer

Researchers have scientifically proved that smoking cause cancer. Studies indicate that people who smoke have high chances of getting lung cancer. Therefore if you have lung cancer or you need to prevent lung cancer as much as possible, you need to quit smoking as soon as possible. In most of the cigarette packets, the manufacturers indicate that smoking is not suitable for your health since it causes cancer. quit smoking toronto is among the best-rated smoking rehab that can help one to quit smoking easily.

Avoid heart disease

Studies indicate that a fifth of every heart disease case occurs due to smoking or other related condition. Therefore it is clear that smoking is not safe for your heart health. To improve your heart health, you need to quit smoking.

Smoking causes diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. According to studies, smoking causes type two diabetes. When one getstype two diabetes, the cells responsible for responding to levels of insulin fail to respond. Therefore to reduce the chances of getting type two diabetes, you need to quit smoking whether you are an active or passive smoker.

Smoking causes erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that makes the male organ to be unable to achieve a maximum erection. Studies show that erectile dysfunction is a common condition for active smokers. To obtaina maximum erection, the arteries that carry blood to the penis should be healthy and working in the best way. When one smokes, plaque buildup occur in the arteries. The buildup makes the blood fail to flow well. Hence, when you quit smoking, you prevent erectile dysfunction condition.

Leads to liver cancer

Do you want to enhance the health of your liver? Then you need to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Also, if you do not smoke, avoid being a passive smoker by keeping away from active smokers. Remember,the liver is an essential organ that helps in filtering toxins in one’s body. When you smoke, there is a buildup containing tar in your liver that reducesthe effectiveness of the liver and led to liver cancer.

Can cause vision loss

Do you want to maintain your eye vision in good condition? Then you must quit smoking quickly. That is because studies indicate that smoking increases the risks of glaucoma and cataracts. Cataracts and glaucoma is a condition that leads to vision loss.

Smoking increases the chances of having a stroke

Stroke is a condition that occurs when there is an interruption in the supply of blood to the brain. When there is no supply of blood to the brain, your mind will lack essential things such as oxygen and nutrients and cause cells to dies. Therefore to reduce the chances of getting a stroke, doctors recommend one to quit smoking.

Some of the other reasons why you need to quit smoking include; Smoking leads to death, causes bladder cancer, leads to cervical cancer, lowersthe immune system, and many more negative impacts.

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