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Throat Chakra and Inner Truth Crystals and Gemstones

by Kris Leliel - Authentikei 2 years ago in spirituality

A Go-To Reference for Throat Chakra Crystals and Gemstones

If you already know what the throat chakra is and you need a concise article that simply lists the crystals and their properties that will help balance your throat chakra, this the article for you. My source of reference is The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall (2013).

Disclaimer: Though I advocate for crystal healing, I advocate for the advancements in medical science and psychiatric help. Do what you can to heal yourself, but know that these crystals are not a replacement for medicine or psychiatric advice.

  • Linked to: 3, Sagittarius, Venus
  • Metaphysical Properties: Egyptians believed this stone led the soul to immortality and opened the heart to love; a key to enlightenment; stimulates metaphysical abilities and personal power; adds serenity to the environment; wards off psychic attacks; reverses curses and disease; multidimensional healing, amplifies mental (etheric) energy
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: makes one a better listener and learner; helps one confront the truth; expressing true feelings; repressed anger gets healed; heals the throat/larynx; decreases blood pressure; prevents migraines and helps with depression; helps healing loss; increases honesty and compassion; strengthens friendships
  • Metaphysical Properties: recharges someone after spiritual work; induces a meditative state; helps one break away from unwanted entities; helps one awaken inner wisdom and manifesting abilities; attracts soulmate; heals karma especially with relationships; connects to earth goddess; helps earth evolution
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: stops self-destructive behavior and unwanted bonds; helps with important transitions in life; helps with trauma and oversensitivity; revives inner child; brings calms; has a strong connection to femininity; helps one bond with nature

3. Blue Kyanite (Disthene)

  • Linked to: 4, Aries, Taurus, Libra
  • Metaphysical Properties: amplifies high-frequency energy; great for meditation; helps with ascension process; connects to multi-dimensional frequencies; brings clear dream recall; helps those transitioning toward physical death; restores Qi
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: accountability for the past; instills compassion and maturity; boosts Qi; healing for the physical body; stabilizes biomagnetic field; encourages speaking the truth; wards off blockages caused by fear; links to psychological truth; helps frustration and stress

Tip for Tarot Readers: A piece of blue kyanite in your tarot bag will help you with readings. Keep the stone close to your deck.

  • Linked to: 4, Sagittarius, Venus
  • Metaphysical Properties: unites the higher mind with the physical one; balances the third eye during meditation; balances male/female energies
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: helps one to understand their true self; standing up for your beliefs; releases mental conditioning; gets rid of rigid beliefs; balances emotion and intellect; transforms defensive or oversensitive personalities; brings harmony between people; boosts solidarity; encourages interdependence
  • Linked to: Cancer, Venus
  • Metaphysical Properties: as it absorbs energy, it purifies and filters it; brings about clarity; imitates spiritual growth; amplifies purified energy, inner awareness, and metaphysical abilities
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: addresses laziness; helps skin and immune system; great for children who need motivation for certain tasks; calms nerves; calms anxieties; better communication between thoughts and feelings; improve studying abilities; teaches discernment; boosts memory
  • Linked to: 2, 8, Gemini, Venus, Neptune
  • Metaphysical Properties: attracts divine energy; stimulates metaphysical abilities; encourages trusting divine energy/guides heals aura
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: wonderful for artists and speakers; mental clarity; conflict resolution and meditation; keeps one calm; marries instinct and intent; helps dysfunctional relationships; encourages openness and resolve

7. Shattuckite

  • Linked to: 11, Taurus, Libra, Venus
  • Metaphysical Properties: a perfect stone for shamans, mediums, and other types of spirit workers; provides clear visions; clears past-life curses; addresses how past-life blocks affect metaphysical abilities; stops hypnotism; if channeling a spirit, this stone prevents the spirit from taking over the body; high vibrational energy conduit; helps with contact via telepathy and automatic writing; helps with contact with extraterrestrials
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: helps with healing genes and helps with cell division; helps take care of blood clotting

8. Angelite

  • Linked to: 1, Aquarius
  • Metaphysical Properties: telepathic communication with the angelic realm; aids astral projection; helps astrologers; protective
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: boosts knowledge of astrology, astronomy, and mathematics; boosts mental perception; encourages honesty and acceptance; helps with psychological trauma; cleanses environments from disorder
  • Linked to: Gemini, Pisces, Mercury
  • Metaphysical Properties: multilevel cleansing; stabilizes yin and yang energies, general spiritual growth; welcomes higher energies; stabilizes aura
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: improves self-expression; decreases fear of judgment; decreases anger; deals with emotional trauma; counteracts fear of rejection; helps sensitive people, especially men; boosts self-confidence; helps concentration

10. Turquoise

  • Linked to: 1, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune
  • Metaphysical Properties: Highly valued by Native Americans who see this stone as the bridge between earth and heaven; protective as an amulet; boosts spiritual attunement; boosts communication with the beings in the spirit realm; brings peace and solace to the spirit; helps one release old promises, inhibitions, and prohibitions; helps the soul with self-expression; increases awareness of the true meaning behind “fate”
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: enhances good friendships and loyalties; helps one embrace accountability; gets rid of atmospheric pollutants, detoxifies; improves self-expression; helps with muscle cramps and viral infections; boosts a mentality of abundance and good fortune; heals depression, panic attacks, shame, and guilt

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Also, if you are a small business and/or online store that sells crystals and gemstones to promote crystal healing, holistic health, and meditation, contact me on my Twitter or on Facebook and I’d be happy to mention your business in these articles. Thank you.

Kris Leliel - Authentikei
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
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