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Throat Chakra.

by Healing With Sherry 3 months ago in spirituality
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Is Yours Balanced? Complete Guide.

Colour: Blue — This is the “I speak essence.”

The Throat Chakra allows you to speak your truth with clarity when it’s in an open and healthy balanced rotating state. This is also connected to the compassion and love that you have for yourself and others. The voice of your inspirations and expressions.

It restores energy through detoxification of the impurities from the mind and body. Located in the center of one’s throat. Which represents the voice for effective communication and personal truths.

The Sanskrit name for the throat chakra is called Vishuddha, which translates to “very pure,” purifying the body from any harmful substances.

What a balanced throat chakra feels like:

  • Having a balanced root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras.
  • The ability to speak clearly while being kind, loving, and truthful.
  • Having a sense of enlightenment and being inspired to share your truths and/or knowledge with others without judgement.

When the throat chakra is overactive:

  • Excessive speaking and constant chatter.
  • Inability to speak the truth or to speak the truth in general.
  • Inability to others and constant interruptions when others are speaking
  • Excessive efforts to be heard, such as raising one’s voice. Continuous nagging if you feel ignored or invalidated.

How to energise your throat chakra:

  • By always speaking your truth to yourself and others.
  • By speaking the truth in a clear, calm, and effective manner.
  • By wearing the colour blue and eating healthy blue foods.
  • Singing mantras, chanting, humming and/or singing high vibrational songs.
  • Practise healthy communication by listening to other people with compassion. Also, without passing judgement or imposing your point of view.

When the throat chakra is blocked:

  • One is unable to express emotions and how they feel.
  • There will be a general fear of speaking.One may be labelled as shy and introverted.
  • Struggling for words when attempting to speak one’s truth.This often happens when one feels invalidated by others.

How to energise your blocked throat chakra:

  • Practise speaking in front of a mirror and be conscious of what you’re speaking about. Is it true?
  • Singing along to your favourite high-vibrational (happy) songs, mantras, chanting, humming, whistling or chanting.
  • Practice expressing your emotions and truth aloud when alone in front of a mirror. Your body language will let you know if you are speaking your truth.
  • Learn to truly ground yourself by returning to the root chakra and working your way up.
  • Binaural Beats (369, 383, and 432hz), affirmations, self-hypnosis, and self-empowerment of healing and chakra balancing meditations. Wearing headphones or earbuds is required for this method to be effective.

++ Please do not listen to any binaural beats or hypnosis meditations if you suffer from seizures or epilepsy. Please seek advice from your medical professional who looks after your condition. +++

Other Healing Techniques:

  • Mantra — By chanting HAM for a few minutes, you can assist with opening up your throat chakra.
  • Yoga Poses — Head rolls and gentle neck stretches, Lion’s breath and Plough pose.
  • Crystals/Gemstones — Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Angelite, Turquoise and Blue Kyanite.
  • Pure Essential Oils/Herbs — Chamomile, Cypress, Juniper, Peppermint, Elderberry and Sandalwood.
  • Affirmations — I speak the truth with comfort and ease. What I say is worthy of being listened too, I release all tension and express who I am. I speak my truth freely, openly and honestly.
  • Archangel — Inviting Archangel Michael to join you in meditation and asking him to balance, earth, and ground your throat chakra energy.

Physical Ailments that is Possible to Experience:

  • Throat issues.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Sinuses and ear infections.
  • Teeth, mouth and gum problems, mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, TMJ (jaw problems) and voice loss.

Psychological Ailments that is Possible to Experience:

  • Nervousness, anxiety, fear and poor coping skills.
  • Attention deficit disorders and feeling isolated.
  • Pathological lying — also known as compulsive liar, mythomania, and pseudologia fantastica.

Thanks You

Dear Souls for reading the fifth part of my chakra series. Healing With Sherry for other content. Or to listen to the audio version of this article head to here.


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Healing With Sherry

Sherry has numerous amount of qualifications. Some of these qualifications include: Life & Spiritual Coach | Hypnotherapist | Reiki Master | Crystal & Angel Healer |Herbalist| Numerologist | Meditation & Art of Witnessing Coach |Shamanism.

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