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This 2-Minute Immunity Shot Has Me Shedding Pounds

And They Call It the Toxin Ninja!

By SotiraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
This 2-Minute Immunity Shot Has Me Shedding Pounds
Photo by Caglar Araz on Unsplash

They Say Beauty is Pain but I Never Thought it Would Come in The Form of Pepper!

I fell into a routine of making this particular juice shot by accident with astonishing results. The backstory is important, walk with me. 

It was a very lazy Tuesday morning a few weeks back, I ordered a breakfast delivery from a local vegan spot. But obviously had no intention to order anything remotely healthy, instead, I'd ordered some vegan croissants for my sister and me.

At the last step, I curiously hit the add-on labelled "Ginger" and proceeded to pay. Obviously thinking it was a ginger flavoured croissant, duh. When it arrived I quickly realised it was a juice shot and threw it to the side and proceeded to demolish the croissants. 

Hours later, again out of curiously I picked it up and necked it! I nearly choked on it, it took me a good 15 minutes to recover from it. To my surprise, I'd noticed the shot had settled my stomach, got rid of bloating and acid reflux. 

The Shot

By eggbank on Unsplash

Ginger - Great for anti-inflammatory properties, very potent.

Lemon - A good source of vitamin C and flavonoids; improve collagen, and more importantly digestion by cleansing the system and balancing the bodies pH level.

Honey - Great antibacterial properties it also neutralises the pepper hit!

Cayenne Pepper - Gives it a kick, and me a kick up the backside i.e the energy. Contains capsaicin which gives it that burning sensation.


I have seen a lot of reviews online saying it's best to use a juicer but I actually throw everything in a blender. That includes a 2cm cube of fresh ginger, the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and honey. 

If I feel like it's going to be a little too strong I'll water it down. I don't even strain it, I just knock it back and job-done.


I've always been active and naturally slim. Lockdown/working from home meant I spent less time burning calories and more time eating. I put on a few pounds, nothing major but still enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

Another issue I've had is bouts of gastro issues, inflammation and acid reflux so I'm always very careful about what I eat. I get easily bloated and retain a lot water.

After checking out this shot online I realised it is known as "The Immunity Shot", "Wellness Shot' and my personal favourite "Toxin Ninja" due to its powerful benefits.

I'll admit it, some days I just can't handle the Cayenne Pepper so I dilute it with water and add a little more honey. This definitely makes it more digestable, literally.

The best part, I've lost 2 pounds! I've been slacking with my HIIT workouts and water intake so I know it's purely down to this shot. I can tell by the way my stomach looks and feels every morning and throughout the day.

This superfood cocktail is said to be a metabolism/fat buster but I'm yet to test that theory.

By Dominik Martin on Unsplash

Another addition off the back of this has been hot ginger water which I've been thoroughly enjoying too, especially on days when I can't be bothered to carry my water bottle around the house.

It has left me wanting to explore other cocktails to see what kind of benefits they'll have on the body. I've always juiced and made breakfast smoothies but I've never seen such powerful results in such a short space of time.

It's worth a try but be warned the first time will be a shock to your system. Maybe go easy on the pepper for now!


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