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Third Eye Chakra and Psychic Ability Crystal and Gemstones

A List of Crystals and Gemstones for the Third Eye and Psychic Empowerment

If you already know what the third eye chakra is and you need a concise article that simply lists the crystals and their properties that will help balance your third eye, this the article for you. My source of reference is The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall (2013).

Disclaimer: Though I advocate for crystal healing, I advocate for the advancements in medical science and psychiatric help. Do what you can to heal yourself, but know that these crystals are not a replacement for medicine or psychiatric advice.

Amethyst (Let's just get the obvious one out of the way.)

  • Linked to: three, Aquarius, Pisces, Jupiter, Neptune
  • Metaphysical Properties: dreamwork, taps into spiritual wisdom, increases multidimensional awareness, boosts metaphysical capability, great for scrying, aids out-of-body experiences, helps with visualization techniques, prevents psychic attacks, harmonizes physical, mental, and emotional states with spiritual states,
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: pain reliever (mental, emotional, and physical), helps with alcoholism (original Greek term for amethyst means "to be intoxicated"), decreases stress, reduces addictive behavior, helps metabolism and detoxing, helps respiratory system, helps digestive system, decreases insomnia, decreases paranoia, helps those diagnosed with schizophrenia.


  • Linked to: six, seven, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Metaphysical Properties: align etheric and physical bodies, prepares body and soul for ascension, protects aura,
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: helps with blood pressure, calms hormones, banishes fears and insecurities, removes other people's projections, reason balanced with inner wisdom.


  • Linked to: two, six, Entire zodiac, but emphasis on Scorpio
  • Metaphysical Properties: empathy, holds extraterrestrial energy, good fortune, fertility, communication with the higher self and extraterrestrials, cosmic connections with Ascended Masters, helps with the ascension process, helps one evaluate their divine blueprint, helps with claircognizance, connects one to the Akashic Records and light body, connects with reincarnation process, helps one find their spiritual purpose, neutralizes hypnotic enslavement from worn out beliefs, high vibrations
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: boosts compassion, helps sensitive personalities, decreases worries about money and future expenses.


  • Linked to: one, Sagittarius, Venus
  • Metaphysical Properties: increases metaphysical abilities and psychic development, raises consciousness to the highest level, helps those who can channel spirits, helps with multidimensional reprogramming,
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Bring mental healing during stressful situations, helps one deal with their fears/phobias, improves memory, helps with self-expression, helps with arthritis and other joint problems, brings awareness about physical and mental health, calms nerves, cleanses the emotional body.


  • Linked to: four, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Moon
  • Metaphysical Properties: abilities strengthen when under a waxing or full moon, connects one with goddess/divine feminine energy, boosts intuition, can overwhelm emotional or psychic activity, helps with reflective meditations, can help and also overwhelm empaths, helps with lucid dreaming, enhances metaphysical ability (especially clairvoyance),
  • Physical/Mental/Emotional: deep emotional healing, helps with hyperactive behavior, decreases emotional stress, helps with pregnancy/PMS/childbirth, hormonal balance, one's biorhythmic clock, insomnia, helps one deal with phases of change in life, helps with oversensitivity, helps one handle new beginnings, prevents impulsive actions, encourages serendipity and synchronicity, gets rid of poor emotional patterns.


  • Linked to: two, Gemini
  • Metaphysical Properties: helps with spiritual journeying, can access past lives, can help you travel to other dimensions, helps with out-of-body experiences,
  • Physical/Emotional/Mental Properties: decreases rage and impatience, reminds one of their positive character traits, decreases insomnia, encourages authenticity/being yourself, helps one develop inner knowing, prepares the mind to receive wisdom, improves one's ability to focus on personal goals,

Thanks for reading.

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Kris Leliel - Authentikei
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
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