The Mystical World of Crystals

Crystals attract divine energy to the physical world.

The Mystical World of Crystals
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Crystals live and grow with their unique blueprint of sacred geometry. Their pattern aligns with the Kabbalah tree of life. They flourish according to this blueprint in 3D. The sacred energy flows down from higher realms and manifests in shapes and patterns which make up each crystal. For example, we have pyrite which features a square geometry, and quartz which resembles more of a prism outline.

Sound resonance can accelerate the growth of crystals by 2000 times! As crystals evolve they contain a lot of imperfections. They grow from the places of their blemishes. Their impurities are what gives them their uniqueness and healing properties. Just like humans have DNA as their blueprint for distinctiveness, crystals have their specific patterns for theirs.

We spoke of the piezoelectric effect when we looked at the pineal gland function. I mentioned that it has a surface of crystals that when compressed, emit an electric charge. That is exactly what happens with all crystals. They emanate this outcome. Some can grow larger due to this effect and others interact in different ways with the environment that they’re in. The charge also contributes to their geometry.

The geometry is like a bedrock for a prebiotic form of duplication material. How our DNA is our basis for duplicating information. The imperfect layout of geometric patterns of the crystal set the foundation for growth. As for us our mutations and imperfection in DNA replication allow us to grow and learn. However, the crystal is a form of inorganic life.

Aside from the technical perspective about them, crystals are also powerful healing tools in modern-day therapies. How do crystals work in healing? They help us to ground from traumatic events, minimize allergies, and clear and protect our dream space. That is just to name a few of the magical things crystals can do.

Different crystals refract light differently. Therapists who do Reiki work with invisible light energy that is high in vibration and very harmonic. When light is transferred to a crystal that is placed on a chakra, it refracts the light in a specific way and transfers it to the chakra. This refracted light can help balance a chakra by interacting with its vibration and rotation.

For example, we can use clear quartz to amplify the energy of a chakra or we can use pink quartz to calm and harmonize energy. We can use different crystals to get various outcomes in healing. They do different things according to their properties and structure.

Crystals attract divine energy to the physical world. We can create sacred spaces using them. For instance, forming large crystal grids in open spaces helps to sanctify space and our bodies making them more life-giving. Crystal grids or crystal layouts can be made by placing crystals in patterns on the ground. You can start by placing a mandala either a paper form or material form (a tapestry). You can use one crystal along with the pattern of your mandala, or you can use different types of crystals together. Mixing different crystals on a grid can give a very different effect than using a single kind. We don’t want to use too many different types of crystals because they communicate and interact. We want to have clear and harmonic communication between them so using no more than three kinds is best. This way the energy they give off will be harmonic and balanced and our bodies will absorb the harmony.

By honouring the energy of crystals, they work in coherence with us and help us to grow and transform. What is your experience with crystals? Please share your comments by clicking HERE. I would love to read them!

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