The Major Keys to Life

Find happiness within yourself.

The Major Keys to Life

Your opinion of yourself and the direction of your life matters more than anything in the entire world. Your visions for yourself are always more important and accurate than someone’s opinions of you. Despite the respect you may have for the person who is dishing out their thoughts on you or your ideas, always remember to put your own thoughts first, for you will ultimately be much happier doing what you feel is right.

Too often these days are our actions – or lack of actions – influenced by the people around us. What they say and think seems to have an immobilising effect on us, capable of completely destroying the notion in our heads that we thought was a grand idea and stopping us from embarking on it altogether.

It is in these situations, however, that we must stick solid with our opinions and do what we think is the right option for ourselves, despite what others may think about it. Would you rather continue on the path of unhappiness you’re currently on to please the people in your life, or would you rather ruffle a few feathers and take a leap of faith to do what you love and be happy? If the people in your life truly care about you, they will be happy for your happiness in the long run, despite their initial reactions. It is human nature to oppose change, so do not be upset if those around you are reluctant to accept your decisions in the beginning.

Far too many times we tend to stick around in situations we despise. Us humans have over analyzed and over-complicated the life we live. We have created a system of education, work, retire, die – this is not the purpose for which we were designed to live. While yes, these things are paramount as they are now our everyday lives, we should not be governed by them and place our whole importance in them if they do bring us joy. We can always switch around to find compatible avenues in these systems to optimize our happiness.

Take a bad job for example – one that is underpaid, slogging work in an occupational field you have no great interest in. Most would stay in the job for security reasons, moral obligation or to save from creating a scene with those around them. Despite the fact that most people have a dream career, which is often very attainable with the correct amount of planning and hard work in the right areas, they often dismiss the notion of actually going for it. I urge you, if you are in that position, quit! This goes for any unhappy situation – if you don’t like it, find a way out, and follow your heart. People may question you, doubt you, ridicule you and even abuse you for these actions. As previously mentioned, these are natural reactions to change. Fear not. These people acting this way are either worried about you or are simply jealous that you have had the guts to do what they cannot.

Accept the fact that people will question you if you do follow the path you’ve set for yourself. This is because they do not understand. Not everyone is built with your vision; you may be able to already see the view from the summit of the mountain, but those criticising may only be halfway up the hill, blocked from witnessing the grandiose spectacle from the top. For this reason, never, ever let somebody else preach to you about why you shouldn’t live out what you envision, no matter their rank or standing above you. Your views and ideas are unique and special. Sometimes, before you actually reach your goal, only you can see the logic in these ideas. The difference between the average person and somebody who achieves greatness is that they never doubt these visions or let anybody else tell them they are wrong. For better or worse, they commit fully to what they believe, and almost always, they make it happen.

To sum it up, believe in yourself, in your ideas and visions, and do not stay in any situation that makes you even slightly unhappy, or makes you think about what else you could be doing. You only have one life; spend it doing things you enjoy!

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