The Importance of Emotional Health

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The Importance of Emotional Health
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These days everyone is talking about mental health; which is an outstanding development and very important. However; not enough people are talking about the importance of emotional health. It is important to remember that your emotions are connected to your mental health as well as your physical health. Aside from those two connections, it is also an individual concern all its own. How you feel at any given moment is akin to who you are in that moment. The person you are in a given moment directly effects how you treat those around you; as well as the way you choose to treat yourself.

Choosing to Examine Your Emotional Health

Unlike physical health or often even mental health, your emotional health is something that you have to remember to check in on. You have to make the choice to stop and assess the way you are feeling. This includes the way you are feeling about your situation and the way you are feeling about yourself. If either of these two things are in danger of becoming negative, then it is time to work on your emotional health. This sounds simple enough, but often times it can be one of the hardest things for a person to do. Not only will you possibly forget to check in on your emotional health, you may remember and choose to neglect it in order to press on with your day. Like all problems; ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

This doesn’t have to be a long process or some grueling task. Take five minutes, or even three, during your day and just ask yourself how you are feeling. Determine what you need in order to be happier and to feel more at ease with yourself and what is going on around you. Once you decide what needs to happen; take action and make it happen. This means that even if you need to leave a party or leave a situation in order to cater to your emotional health; do it. You can leave for a little while or you can leave for a long time; up to you to decide what you need and then take the action. Yes, even if you are at work and find yourself needing to boost your emotional health; there are ways to go about that too. Go to the bathroom and just sit a while as you think about something that makes you happy. Work your schedule if you can so that your lunch break caters to your emotional health. This practice will also help your mental health as well; which will then feed into your emotional health. Remember; they’re all connected.

Now You Take Action; Not Later

Here and now, I’m challenging you to take notice of your emotional health throughout each day. I challenge you to take action in order to improve your emotional health. It’s not a question of if you can do it; we both know you can. The challenge comes from you choosing to do it and then taking action on it. Your emotional health is often less obvious and less often thought of. As was said before; you have to choose to pay attention to it and to improve it. Some of what is blamed on mental health is in fact your emotional health. They are directly connected but you can’t fix the problem if you are working on the wrong one. In the moments you know something is off, ask yourself, “am I feeling this or am I reacting to my thoughts?” This will help you to narrow down if it is a part of your mental health or your emotional health. Of course; you should work to improve both, but it is good to know which is the source of the current problem in that exact moment. Solve them by priority in terms of which one is affecting you most that very moment.

You have all of the power and control you need; I promise. Choose to pay attention to your emotional health and be sure to work to improve it. This change will greatly improve your overall health and your life as you live it. You got this!

Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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