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The Home Doctor Reviews (Dr Maybell Nieves) Practical Medicine Guide

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The Home Doctor Reviews (Dr Maybell Nieves) Practical Medicine Guide

The first thought that comes to people's minds when they become ill or experience health issues is a doctor. Even though it's best to seek medical advice when you become ill, you can usually take care of minor health issues at home.

You don't need to see a doctor to treat common illnesses like mild digestive problems, colds, and headaches.

To distinguish between medical issues that can be handled at home and those that require professional assistance, you must understand the foundations of practical medicine. When you are unable to seek professional assistance for some reason, you also need to know how to handle a medical emergency. The Home Doctor Guide can help with that.

The Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household: What Is It?

Three doctors from Texas and Venezuela wrote the medical manual The Home Doctor. It is a 304 page manual that contains all the information you require to manage medical situations on your own at home.

Even the most serious health issues in Venezuela are not addressed by professionals. People were left without access to running water and electricity when the nation's economy crashed. Hospitals and pharmacies also lacked any painkillers, antibiotics, or medical supplies. They have, however, developed clever strategies for handling such circumstances. In The Home Doctor, Dr. Maybell describes the inventive strategies Venezuelans employ to deal with life-or-death medical situations at home.

A book called The Home Doctor is available both online and offline. You can handle common medical issues and emergencies at home using a wide range of do-it-yourself medical techniques, procedures, and step-by-step instructions found inside the book. Additionally, you'll be aware of how to reassure a patient that the ambulance is coming.

The techniques used by Venezuelans are being researched and used all over the world. These techniques were created by Venezuelan physicians to treat patients who lacked the necessary medical equipment. You can learn about many of these simple, inexpensive procedures that don't need special equipment as you read The Home Doctor. Many of these procedures are meant to be applied by oneself.

You can use these procedures to reduce your medical expenses for minor illnesses. They are most useful, though, when you are unable to rely on the healthcare system. Poor health care systems are prevalent in nations that experience poverty, malnutrition, and inadequate hygienic conditions. People cannot rely on the healthcare system during extended blackouts, hurricanes, economic collapses, and riots, among other disasters, even in developing nations.

The Home Doctor is a comprehensive manual that emphasises the use of practical medicine in daily life. The guide also informs you of the medical supplies you must keep on hand at all times. The Home Doctor is knowledgeable about everything, including heart attack symptoms and the crucial actions one must take before the ambulance arrives.

It guides you through a long list of emergency procedures when a situation is urgent.

A list of antibiotics, analgesics, and other over-the-counter medications that you must keep on hand is also provided in the book. The risks and consequences of using expired medications are also discussed in The Home Doctor. This book is brimming with DIY health hacks and at-home remedies that can be used without professional help.

The book contains some procedures that have their origins in conventional Chinese, Greek, and Venezuelan medicine. You'll learn in the book how people dealt with various illnesses in the days before modern medicine. You'll also discover useful information about the gifs found in nature.

What Will You Learn From The Home Doctor Guide, Exactly?

The Home Doctor is a helpful manual that offers insightful advice on how to handle common health issues. It is a special manual on practical medicine that was created for regular people. Regardless of your level of medical expertise, you can rely on this comprehensive manual on functional medicine to assist you in managing everyday illnesses that don't require medical attention. Here are a few insightful takeaways from The Home Doctor:

10 Essential Medical Items

A list of essential medical supplies that every household needs can be found in The Home Doctor. These supplies, which are needed for a wide range of common illnesses, include medical equipment, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and topical treatments. These supplies frequently run out quickly. You'll find some less well-known but more potent substitutes for frequently prescribed medications in this section.

Avoid These Mistakes During A Blackout

Venezuela does not always have access to electricity. The Venezuelan people now regularly experience blackouts. Some of the most typical blackout-related medical errors are included in The Home Doctor. You'll learn how to keep medications like insulin, which must be refrigerated, from spoiling in this section.

Heart attack Warning Signs and What to Do Before Help Arrives

The following are the four telltale signs of a heart attack:

Neck, jaw, stomach, one or both arms, and chest pain or discomfort.

Breathlessness, dizziness, cold sweat, and nausea

These signs don't all show up at once. Even if you only notice or experience one or two of these symptoms, it's time to call an ambulance. This section also includes techniques for enhancing the patient's prospects prior to the arrival of assistance, like chewing an aspirin tablet or placing nitroglycerin under the tongue.

Risks Associated with Taking Expired Drugs

People frequently use out-of-date medications to treat common ills in Venezuela because there is a severe shortage of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Maybell Nieves has first-hand knowledge of Venezuelan patients who ingested drugs that had expired. You can learn which medications are safe to take even after the expiration date in this section.

Additionally, you'll learn about the possible risks of ingesting outdated pills or tinctures of specific medications. You might be surprised to learn that even years after their expiration date, the majority of the medications you have at home are safe to use.

The Four Antibiotics You Must Have

Antibiotics are effective enough to stop a simple cold from developing into a fatal pneumonia. In this section, you'll learn about four antibiotics that fight a variety of bacterial diseases differently thanks to their unique compositions. Dr. Maybell Nieves issues a warning at the conclusion of the section advising you not to take these antibiotics without first consulting your doctor.

Growing in your backyard, a Natural Analgesic

Numerous natural superfoods grow in your backyard, even though you might not be aware of it. You'll find some of these organic, health-improving ingredients inside the book. Additionally, you'll discover a homegrown natural analgesic. It is a tiny plant that is native to Venezuela and is present throughout the country.

How to Prepare a Supply of Prescription Drugs

The book contains creative methods for storing medications like insulin. These clever techniques are acceptable and secure.

Dealing With a Stroke

Numbness, vertigo, confusion, and issues with vision in both eyes are some of the early symptoms of a stroke. You must be extremely cautious when managing a stroke. A prompt response can aid in the patient's recovery and prevent permanent harm, such as paralysis. You'll learn how to spot a stroke and react to one in the section on strokes.

Homemade Respiratory Treatments

The Home Doctor is aware of several do-it-yourself remedies for colds and flu. By using these at-home procedures, you can avoid the hospital. Hospitals are flooded with patients who have a high fever when flu season hits.

Follow these easy at-home guidelines for respiratory issues if you don't want to be hospitalised.

Step-by-Step Directions For Conditions of the Skin and Wounds

The third chapter of the book includes step-by-step instructions for treating various skin conditions, including athlete's foot, scalds, burns, abscesses, open wounds, ulcers, warts, fungal nail infections, and dermatitis.

How to treat second-degree burns at home will be taught to you. The OTC medications and topical treatments you should keep on hand are listed in this chapter.

Back and Neck Pain Stretches

Severe back or neck pain can be brought on by a superficial muscle or ligament strain. You can learn about a one-minute stretch that can relieve the majority of back and neck pains in The Home Doctor.

Breast Examination at Home

Women need to understand how to perform a breast exam at home. Nipple discharges, breast pain, cysts, nipple soreness, extra nipples, inverted nipples, and breast infections are among the more typical breast issues. If these issues are not resolved in a timely manner, they could get worse.

How to tell if there is a problem with your breasts is demonstrated by Dr. Maybell in a set of instructions, diagrams, and flow charts.

Leech Use in Medicine

In many cultures, traditional medicine has long employed leeches to quicken the healing process. Leeches have potent medicinal qualities that can speed up wound recovery. They are used to treat high blood pressure, or hypertension. They can ease the pressure on your arteries because they lessen blood flow. The Home Doctor offers inventive applications for sponges in medicine.

Eggshells and Other Natural Treatments

Dr. Alterio informs you of 25 effective home remedies in The Home Doctor that are made from items you would typically throw away. This section is based on the notion that another person's trash can become their treasure. The book includes a section on DIY remedies that explains how to make calcium pills out of eggshells. In times of food scarcity, this natural cure can be very beneficial.

Home Dental Care

Effective home remedies for severe toothaches and mouth infections are provided in The Home Doctor. You might occasionally be unable to visit a dentist. By adhering to the guidelines provided in the book, you can stop a tooth infection from becoming a bother.

The distinction between a dangerous and a benign arrhythmia

It's common to experience changes in heartbeat or rhythm while sleeping, under stress, or while exercising. However, occasionally a severe issue can be indicated by an irregular heartbeat. Serious cardiovascular issues like cardiac arrest or stroke can be brought on by arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat.

A section of The Home Doctor is devoted to arrhythmia and related cardiovascular issues. This section lists warning signs of potentially fatal arrhythmias, including chest pain, lightheadedness, and dizziness. When an arrhythmia is milder or benign, these symptoms never surface. If any of the aforementioned symptoms appear, you should seek professional assistance.

Removal of Ingrown Nails

The Home Doctor has a whole chapter devoted to issues with the skin and nails. You'll discover how to stop an ingrown nail from developing into a painful infection in this section. You'll find a step-by-step tutorial for removing an ingrown nail yourself.

Abdominal Examination at Home

You'll learn a practical method for performing an at-home abdominal examination. You go through this procedure when you visit the doctor for your routine checkup. Knowing the underlying cause of your abdominal pain will help you seek medical attention if it becomes serious. This section includes a diagram of the abdomen divided into nine sections, each of which can be touched to determine exactly where the issue is.

Taking Care of the Common Wounds Resulting from Social Unrest

You can learn how to treat injuries brought on by rioters during social unrest in The Home Doctor. Venezuelan surgeon Dr. Maybell Nieves has treated a wide range of wounds brought on by rioters or protesters.

How To Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Your lifestyle has a big impact on how strong your immune system is. The Home Doctor has a section on strengthening immunity naturally. After daily exposure to sick people, Drs. Maybell Nieves, Alterio, and Claude Davis discuss how they maintain a high level of immunity.

Treatment with mustard oil for tooth and gum decay

The Home Doctor is filled with herbal remedies from traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek medicine. You'll discover novel techniques to treat tooth decay at home in the book. You'll discover the traditional gum restoration procedure. Mustard oil and salt are used in this treatment.

Salt is a natural abrasive that brightens teeth. It contains a lot of fluoride, which helps whiten teeth by removing stains. Traditional Chinese medicine has long used mustard oil to strengthen gums and remove plaque.

Recipes For Better Sleep at Night

You might be surprised to learn that there are many items in your kitchen that, when combined in the right amounts, can improve your sleep. These herbal recipes can easily take the place of any prescription sleep medications you currently use to get a good night's sleep. Long-term use of sleep aids like melatonin or benzodiazepines can be harmful to your health. You can use these all-natural remedies to get some baby-like sleep.

40 Grandparents' Solutions

The Home Doctor lists 40 proven home remedies that our grandparents taught us. Clinical research has proven these treatments to be effective. Many common maladies and health issues can be treated with the aid of these treatments. You'll discover how to use potatoes to treat stabbing headaches in this section.

A Potent Antibiotic Right in Your Own Backyard

You'll be shocked to learn that a plant in your backyard can function as a natural substitute for doxycycline, a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat cholera, typhus, pneumonia, acne, and other bacterial infections. The United States is home to this enchanted plant. You can learn how to make this plant into a potent, long-lasting medicinal tincture inside The Home Doctor.

Additional Resources From The Home Doctor

Two bonus guides that contain additional details on practical medicine are included with The Home Doctor.

Bonus No. 1: Wild Foods You Can Forage or Discover Near Your Home

You'll find some health-improving herbs that Venezuelans frequently use in this bonus guide. People in Venezuela turned to these herbs to meet their nutritional needs as the country's economy crumbled.

Nearly everywhere in North America has access to these herbs. Some of them might be in your backyard. Superfoods that are naturally powerful can be found in your backyard. You can learn how to utilise these wild edibles from this bonus guide.

Bonus No. 2: Native Americans' Natural Healing Secrets

Native Americans' traditional methods of natural medicine are covered in the second bonus guide. This manual provides a list of herbal and botanical treatments used in conventional American medicine.

You'll discover how your ancestors handled typical medical issues prior to the development of modern medicine in this guide. North America is home to the plants and herbs listed in the book. You learn how to recognise these plants and use them as medicine in the guide.

The Home Doctor writers

Three medical experts—Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis—created and wrote The Home Doctor.

Maybell Nieves, M.D.

A Venezuelan physician who assisted her nation in overcoming the health crisis that followed the country's economic collapse is Dr. Maybell Nieves. She is the Breast Pathology Unit's Head of Surgery at the Venezuelan Caracas University Hospital. She is credited with developing numerous effective medical methods and techniques that are used all over the world.

Dr. Alterio

Dr. Alterio is a surgeon who works at the UT Southwestern Medical Center's Department of Oncology in Dallas, Texas. He provided medical care to people living in the Amazon rainforest. Dr. Alterio was likewise a member of the Green Cross medical staff. Throughout his career, he has treated hundreds of patients with severe injuries brought on by social unrest.

Chris Davis

Traditional medicine is Claude Davis' area of expertise. He is adamant that ancient peoples employed remedies just as effectively as doctors do today. Thousands of people received assistance from Claude Davis during the Venezuelan health crisis. He demonstrated to the people how to treat various illnesses naturally in the medically underdeveloped nation.

Price and Refund Policy for The Home Doctor

For $37, you can instantly access The Home Doctor. If you decide to purchase the book in physical form, shipping will cost you an additional $8.99.

The book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee in both its physical and digital forms. You have two months to experiment with this comprehensive manual on practical medicine. You are entitled to a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the purchase. Simply use email to get in touch with customer service.

One last thing: The Home Doctor

There will be times when you can't get to a medical facility, no matter where you live. During lockdowns, many people were unable to access medical facilities. You must therefore be familiar with the fundamentals of practical medicine in order to handle common health problems on your own.

Knowing the emergency procedures that must be followed in dire medical circumstances would be beneficial. The Home Doctor is a repository of priceless knowledge on do-it-yourself medicine that can assist you in becoming a "Home Doctor."

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