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The HealthCare Crisis In America

Results of the COVID-19 Event

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Not everybody gets to stay home all year like I have, which makes it easier to evade illness. Also, I have a further privilege of not having a roommate to infect me with anything and this means I've managed to stay healthy 3 calendar years since 2018 December when I caught the flu, remembering exactly which cashier at the store I caught it from too. COVID-19 has even taught stubborn Republicans who won't vote for universal healthcare, they need to do something about the current system--which has many flaws. Everybody needs equal access to care in the United States because each state is its own country really. A news system can apply to each individual State so that the excuse is, the United States is a large country, too large to benefit from subsidized medicine.

Republicans have their panties in a bunch about making the vaccine free. Healthcare in the United States is not free unless you can prove you have a disability and then not pay for it yourself. I'd hate to think of the hospital bills the sick have racked up this pandemic. Those of us with pre-existing conditions are hit harder by COVID because of the DNA structure of this virus. To me it sounds like a cross between a common cold and the flu, and I'm just glad I've managed to avoid it. In my current health situation I can't get sick with anything, period. I use elderberry products to prevent getting any sort of other illness because this wellness strategy is only useful for the common cold or the flu, not COVID, even if COVID is a virus.

My acid reflux from my hiatal hernia is something awful, as it comes up and it doesn't always go away using the antacids. I'm in a lot of pain but I still push my way through it, managing to write while I'm trying to stay stable also. The healthcare crisis in America has to be confronted in a wise manner with beneficial results for everyone. It can't just remain unaddressed. The Affordable Care Act made accessing insurance easier but making that a mandatory requirement is ridiculous. Getting into the preexisting condition clause for a moment this means you have to pay for every medical-care related expense yourself if you have the money. Social security made sense back when money wasn't always easy for a disabled person to have. But systems change and the health care system is in a state of flux.

Right now, I'm waiting around until they say I need surgery for my hernia. And then I'm going to get it, and they will not be saying I need surgery just like that unless I truly really need it. Our healthcare should become discounted so as for people not to pay up the hat for everything. Some people who have faced hospitalizations because of COVID now have huge bills piling up, having little hope of paying them back if they are not working right now. The economic crisis is impactful on many since working from home has become an accessible option few who worked outside of the home had thought of. I'm looking into freelancing as my go-to means of employment and some surveys call this being self-employed.

This is a potential hazard risk in that, what if I make real money because I find it easy to get accepted by various jobs in Upwork as a freelancer or maybe I can keep going using my one source of income, Textbroker. I'm trying to push my way through the pain as usual, and succeeding somewhat at doing so. We can only fix the healthcare crisis if we let more people make real money. Social Security makes a very basic demand on us and that is, to report the income we make.

Everybody should have equal access to quality healthcare in the United States. We are not doing ourselves a favor by self-sabotaging the efforts some like President Barack Obama had made during their presidency. We should all have equal access to health care regardless of financial status or citizenship. What is scary is that some of us stuck in abusive families do not know how to use the system or apply let alone pay for their medical care themselves this way. I certainly didn't know it existed. This is I want to start a non-profit that is designed to help disabled people get away from their abusive families. For those more trapped than I am that is, to have their own means to support themselves can go a long way towards helping some find freedom for themselves. The healthcare crisis will eventually needs to be resolved in the common years of the Biden presidency since more money goes into war efforts as opposed to healthcare.


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Iria Vasquez-Paez

I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan.

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