The Healing Crisis Of Modern Day Times.

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The Evils Of Packaged Foods.

 The Healing Crisis Of Modern Day Times.
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I used to think I was a health fanatic at the core. I would brag about how I was staying on a very strict diet as I have many food allergies. Looking back I give myself about a 0 percent in following a healthy diet. I am a recovering junk food junkee. I am hoping my story helps someone else. I am not saying to never indulge or enjoy oneself but I am going to speak to a few topics of concern in hoping this brings some light on the concerns of modern day health.

I have always had a sensitive stomach allergic to this and that. I would stay away from dairy nuts certain fishes and wheat as much as I could. However I would use food as my crutch for time, my crutch, for activity, my crutch for emotional well being, sadness, joy, loneliness, and pretty much any emotion I felt. Even thought I was pretty active in my job I was a good twenty pounds over weight and for a short person of 5-1 that is quite a lot. This past year was hard on me. It was a year of a lot of loss for me and I ate to relieve the pain I was feeling inside.

Between sugary warm drinks , drive through, and packaged foods I started getting very very sick. While the packaged foods were supposedly "gluten free" They were still horrible for my body. I started experiencing very bad stomach pains which eventually led me into the hospital for a horrendous GI infection. From there things just began to spiral out of control. I was prescribed Metronidazole, and Cithra. I called my Dr. and told him I was having horrible chest pains my tongue was swelling and they just kept telling me to "keep taking it" as I could get into more trouble and loose my bowels if I refused. Luckily that did not happen but I will mention my concerns regarding this later in the story.

The GI infection resolved but I was still pretty sick. I got an endoscopy and a sigmoidoscopy which revealed I had Ulcerative Colitis an autoimmune disease of the large intestine. I was then put on Rowasa which at first was a God Sent to my horrible symptoms. In many ways those folks saved my life at the time. However as time went on, I developed swelling in my tongue and a bad reaction to the medicine prescribed for the Ulcerative Colitis.

I soon came to research that what I was experiencing was a result of being on pharmaceuticals for a long period of time wiping out all the good bacteria in my already compromised body. Do not get me wrong there are times when pharmaceuticals and antibiotics are needed. However I do not agree with long term use of drugs as they can cause more havok on the body over time. We are in a healing crisis. Part of this is the way we look at healing in general. Everyone is so rushed for time that we neglect to see the cause of disease in the first place.

Stress, diet, lifestyle, and interpersonal relationships play a huge role in health. I am as much to blame for this health crisis I have experienced as Doctors who will not open there minds to alternative ways of caring for compromised individuals. By not taking proper care of my emotional and physical health, by relying on bad foods for emotional health and safety I got my self down a rabbit whole that is taken months to recover from.

While I still rely on traditional medicine to some extent, I now largely work with naturopathic doctors who have helped me tremendously. Working mostly with herbs and holistic remedies my ailments are starting to go away and I am finally getting back to work after months of being out.

In sharing my story I hope folks will take better care of themselves and avoid the mistakes I made that got me so physically sick in the first place. Finally and in conclusion there is a time as mentioned when traditional medicine is needed and to discount it completely would be dangerous but in my experience most pharmaceuticals should not be used long term and naturopathic medicine is a safer way of healing the body for long term health results. I am not a Doctor and this story should not be used as a treatment program but I would hope this story would offer good insight in healing chronic conditions I pray in sharing this story that folks reading this story will love themselves enough to take better care of themselves and to know we are worth the time and effort we give ourselves for the highest quality of life.

Allison Levy
Allison Levy
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