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The Golden Milk Beast

by Charlie Fox 4 years ago in health
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Turmeric Coffee

Turmeric has massive health benefits as it is an anti-inflammatory compound, which means it helps the body fight foreign invaders and has a role in repairing damage. Rumour has it, black pepper helps activate turmeric by working with the curcumin, it slowly breaks down the curcumin by releasing a constituent called piperin in the liver. Curcumin is the natural color in turmeric, that's what gives it the yellow color.

Black pepper also has its own health benefits to offer, including enhancing digestion, regulating nerve signals, boosting metabolism, and controlling obesity. Studies also suggest that black pepper has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties just like turmeric.

Also known as a turmeric Latte, I recommend coconut milk as again another friend of turmeric and health-wise, it’s better for you. Turmeric is great for our skin, it works as an anti-inflammatory which means it helps reduce redness and skin irritation. Some reports say it especially effective for those suffering from psoriasis (Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales, they can appear all over the body) and acne scarring. Turmeric is so good for the skin it can improve the overall texture of the skin, help against wrinkles, and prevent loss of moisture in the skin (so keeps you looking younger for longer). However, to get the maximum effect you have to have one tbs every day to let it pass through your body (You will not see changes straight away, it is not an overnight thing). Here is some great news to all your gym buddies, it helps relieve muscle pain as turmeric releases a chemical called curcumin which has an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and wound-healing properties. Which means it helps relieve joint pain and soothes sprains, settles upset stomachs, stops diarrhea, and reduces bloating. If people with diabetes have been looking for something to help lower blood glucose levels, turmeric is the spice for you. When ginger and turmeric are combined they're a powerful combo (best buddies). They manage diabetic symptoms, preventing the dangerous peaks and troughs of sugar in the blood, that can be dangerous for diabetics. It also reduces cholesterol by slowly formatting curcumin into the fatty tissue and affecting the blood vessels needed to form it, contributing to lower body fat and weight loss.

My favorite version was made with coconut milk, a little bit of sugar and coffee. I only used three-fourths tsp of really good quality instant coffee per cup, so you couldn’t taste it too much, but I felt it made it more like a morning drink to get you moving—rather than a warm and comforting drink that makes you want to curl up on the sofa.

The flavor is earthy and warming with a slight hint of heat coming from the turmeric and ginger. Golden milk latte, what hell this all about? Sounds a bit weird! That’s what I was thinking about when I first started seeing the hype.

Supposedly, the next big cult drink of 2016, due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, is turmeric. I wasn’t convinced but then I tried it and it was amazing. Then I wrote this. I was thinking it just is drinking watered-down curry? As I have only used turmeric in curries. Would it wake me up in the morning like my favorite first cup of coffee— despite the lack of caffeine? So, I tried it and I have never looked back at normal coffee in the mornings. So, I did a little experimentation…..

I tried making it with soya milk and failed, so I tried regular milk and I felt something was missing, so I tried coconut milk and my god, perfect. The sweetness and the combination was incredible. Flipping tasty! So, I came up with this (my favorite version), it is made up with coconut milk, a little pinch of black pepper (weird but you don’t taste it and the benefits from it are out of this world), and coffee simply. I use three-fourths tsp of really good quality coffee per cup, so you couldn’t taste it too much, but I felt it made it more like a morning drink to get you moving. There was a warming sensation with a slight hint of heat coming from the turmeric and if you're adventurous, add some ginger, just a tablespoon. The milk needs to be made in a pan and whisked to get a foamy topping (some people blend it, but I’m not keen on putting hot liquids in my blender—I’m too accident prone).

If you do add coffee, it will look more of a brownish yellow rather than the well-known golden color, but it will turn more yellow as the milk is heated through. And it is as tasty cold as hot, so if it is a very hot day I recommend adding some ice cubes and making an iced coffee. Finally, be warned though—try not to spill. You will have a yellow-splodge countertop and t-shirt that requires a fair bit of scrubbing to get out.

Only one tablespoon of this every morning does the trick. It is grown in North India, where it thrives because of the hot and humid climate.

One-hundred percent organic raw turmeric powder. No colors, binders, fillers, or preservatives added. Certified organic by The Soil Association and registered by The Vegan Society. No nasty in this product, I highly recommend.

Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Raw Turmeric Powder


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Charlie Fox

I am a chef, I love cooking all kinds off cuisines. I do have a nerdy side as i love to read and learn new and little things (little fact), which i love to share. I am also a Dad of two amazing kids

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