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The Experience of Doing Energy Clearings with Gratitude

by Rae Magick 9 months ago in spirituality
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Lifting the heavy weight you don't need

By Carl Attard from Pexels

I wake up feeling unsettled with my life. I spend quality time with myself writing in my journal about why I am feeling bothered by something or/and someone, going deeper and deeper into this until I feel I am finished with this process.

You will know you are finished with this process. Something inside yourself (your inner voice) tells you that you can move on to the next step. Listening to your inner voice takes practice, be patient with yourself. Your inner voice will feel really quiet in the beginning until you build your relationship with your inner voice. To build a relationship with your inner voice... You practice trusting yourself in the process, you practice trusting yourself on the spot. When you feel your inner voice tells you to do something, you do it on the spot, even if it doesn't make sense to you yet. As you grow to trusting yourself it gets easier, and your relationship will feel amazing. As you practice taking action on the spot from what your inner voice told you to do, your inner voice begins to feel clearer and clearer. You will see and feel life in a completely different light. Your body may even will feel lighter from all the heaviness you just put on your paper in your journal. The process is different for everyone. It is important to get to know your spiritual language as you work through this process with yourself.

I feel clear and aware of what kind of generational pain needs healing. I will feel aware of the emotions that came with the belief I am working through to heal. I am becoming aware of the areas in my body that are holding these emotions and belief. There will be a scene that comes to me from my childhood about where this belief came into my life.

The scene doesn't have to fully match the belief that was bothering from the beginning. The whole point of this healing process is that sometimes, as a child, someone made you feel a certain way and you started to believe something with that feeling that person gave you in that scenery that comes to you in this process.

I usually come to understand that this belief came beyond my personal lifetime and from a past lifetime. That’s what I mean by generational pain. We feel the pain from what our ancestors went through. It doesn’t matter that we may not understand why or where the pain came from, the point is you are experiencing this.

Why are you experiencing this pain from your ancestors?

So that you can understand something about this pain and to heal this pain.

So that you can live the life you feel you are meant to live.

Sometimes we cannot move on to better things in our lives until we have learned something that needed to be learned. Sometimes that means experiencing feeling hurt. And when we feel hurt it is our responsibility to become aware of this pain and to heal from this pain. Then you get to move onto your next scene. Living your life.

Things in life happen. As you live your life it is your responsibility to take action. It is your responsibility to be aware of where you pain comes from and what is holding you back from experiencing what you desire?

Your soul knows the answers. If you feel lost, that is when you turn to a coach, a mentor, or anyone who you feel you can one hundred percent trust to help you through this process. Sometimes I turn to a mentor I feel guided to. Sometimes I feel I need to do the process alone. I let my soul guide me through all of my ups and downs. To do this I have to be centered and grounded. I personally do twin flame meditations because I am a twin flame. I do this to help heal my own inner wounds and to feel like my unconditional loving self. I have come to find that accepting my twin flame journey is a much better approach than to ignore my twin flame journey. All I’m doing at that point is ignoring who I am in this lifetime. I don’t want to do that. I also go for nature walks alone. When I’m doing this work, I like to be alone through it all unless my intuition tells me that I need a little nudge or just comfort.

Back to talking about generational pain. Sometimes we cannot move forward into our purpose until we work through our generational pain. Being that you decided to work through this is huge! You are allowing yourself to evolve from the lifestyle you are used to living and have not enjoyed experiencing. You are doing this work so you can live the dream you see in your heart.

This is when I do the energy clearing meditation. I spend time setting my intention to invite Source in my energy clearing meditation to vanish what no longer serves my space. To do this meditation I first write in my journal of my set intention. I write down that I am clearing a belief I have been taking on and clearly is not making me happy. I write down that I am making a way for a better belief that suits who I am now. I visualize white pure light (to me the white pure light is Source) above me flowing down through my entire body. I visualize the white pure light dissolving all the energy from the belief I don’t need any more until that energy is gone.

You will know when you have finished the process. You will feel light inside your body. All the heaviness you are used to feeling isn’t there anymore. The gunky energy from the particular belief you said goodbye to has vanished and your body is feeling the difference now.

Your next scene is to fill your body with the good fills because your body is used to feeling the heaviness. You didn’t know what life was like without that feeling in your whole being. Your body might even feel weak after that mediation. That just means it's time to fill your body with the feels. What do you enjoy doing? Watch a movie that makes you feel good in some way? Soak in a bath? Feel the shower rain on your body? Take a walk in nature? Drinking hot chocolate? Literally do whatever feels good to you and congratulate yourself for doing this beautiful work.

Your next scene after taking time for yourself is to go back in your journal and write at least ten things or people you are thankful for and why you are thankful for the people or things in your life. Remember to keep this gratitude list as simple as you can. This process is specifically meant to live in the space of gratitude, to feel the gratitude in your heart space and through your whole body, and to experience life (the universe) giving you/gifting you what you are attracting in your life now in a good way!

After I have written down everything I feel thankful for... I say my list out loud. After I say out loud from each thing I feel thankful for I take the time to visualize gold glittery light specs filling up in my heart space. As I visualize the gold flowing from my heart space up toward the universe (the universe is all around us but for this process I go upwards) I say thank you three times and really feel the gratitude in my whole being.

Why are you attracting good things in your life after doing the gratitude exercise?

Because you became aware of the pain that you decided to heal, you dated or loved on yourself, and you decided to invite gratitude into your heart lifestyle. You are now looking for reasons to feel thankful for. You can't just say you're thankful for it you have to feel that gratitude in your whole being. Trust me your life changes in the best of ways when you live in gratitude! Life becomes abundant. I'm not just talking about receiving money. Life just becomes abundant to you!

You are a very powerful being. You are not meant to live in any kind of suffering. Yes, we are meant to live life learning lessons after lessons to elevate into a better way of living life, but we are also meant to enjoy our own company while doing our self aware and healing work.


About the author

Rae Magick

I write about the stories in my life that helped me heal. I write to help someone feel like they are not alone and can finally begin to heal as well.

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