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The Effects Of Sugar On The Body

How Much Sugar Are You Consuming?

By Tesfay HailePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Sugar In your diet

You aware of all of the nasty things that sugar does to your body? Well I'm sure that you've heard that sugar isn't good for you but I want to elaborate on that so I can convince you to remove as much sugar as you can from your diet. Now I'm not talking about sodas and donuts and things like that, I’m talking about how they put sugar and everything like ketchup, like baked beans, peanut butter, pasta sauce, it's in everything so you really need to read all the labels if you're serious about getting sugar out of your diet.

Eating sugar

So what happens when you eat sugar, it goes in your body - obviously you digest it, it gets in your bloodstream - hence the term blood sugar, your pancreas senses this and it releases a hormone called insulin that pulls sugar into the cells to be metabolized? Now insulin is also a storage hormone so when it sees all that excess sugar which is also energy to your body, it stores it as energy also known as fat.

Type 2 Diabetes

If you're eating too much sugar you're going to be gaining too much weight. Now then what happens when you eat too much sugar also? The cells of your body stop responding to that insulin signal and then you become insulin resistant and then a step away from insulin resistance is type 2 diabetes and that's where the cells stop listening to insulin whatsoever - so now you’re overweight and you're diabetic. What can happen next? Heart disease - so insulin is also very inflammatory and then coupled with type 2 diabetes or the insulin resistant, this is a perfect recipe for developing heart disease and I’m not just talking about in some seventy five year old overweight person.

This can happen in people as young as their 20's and 30's so you really need to watch out for that.

Sugar and Cancer

Now then what happens when you are inflamed when you’re insulin resistant and when you're overweight? This is fertile breeding ground for cancers so unfortunately we know that people who eat too much sugar over a period of time or over their lifetime are more prone to developing cancers too so watch out for that.

Release of Androgens

Now that insulin also does other things as a result of too much sugar and that is it can stimulate the release of androgens.

And androgens our hormones like testosterone and when you're secreting lots of testosterone, what happens is you get lots of oil coupled with that inflammation wreaks havoc on your skin. Next thing you know you've got really bad acne and I’m not just talking about on your face but all over your body. So if you struggle with acne, sugar is the first thing that needs to go.Too much sugar can also cause you to look older than you actually are because again when you eat sugar that can bind up with certain proteins.

The sugar protein complexes

The sugar protein complexes float around in the body and they can kind of gum up other tissues. One place that they land is in the elastin and collagen which are the proteins in your skin that keep the skin looking young and youthful and supple so too much of that damage of those proteins is going to age your skin.


We also know that excess sugar consumption can shorten your telomeres which are kind of the protective caps on your chromosomes.

This happens normally as part of the aging process but sure is going to accelerate that so you're actually going to get older the more sugar you eat so definitely watch out for that.

What can you do to stop eating sugar?

Well, you got to switch away from the sugary drinks. Obviously and use things like flavored seltzer water, water, tea, use unflavored yogurt sweetened with real fruit, use a trail mix instead of candy and of course your foundational diet again needs to be lots of lean proteins, nuts, seeds, fish, complex carbohydrates, if you do that, your blood sugar will stay very steady.

It won’t yoyo up and down causing havoc throughout your body. And lastly, your energy is going to be a lot more stable too because again that sugar goes up and down and up and down like that all day - it's going to leave you feeling flat and you're not going to have any lasting energy.

Glycemic formula

Last thing I’ll say is the people who still experience these yo-yos in blood sugar levels or they're hypoglycemic, they tend towards that, we really love to use glycemic formula. Glycemic formula contains all the natural ingredients that help your body assimilate and metabolize those sugars so it has minerals: vanadium, chromium, magnesium, copper, and zinc - all those play a role in increasing insulin sensitivity so that that insulin can actually do its job.


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