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The Chakra More People Should Talk About: The Earth Star Chakra

by Leliel - Authentikei 3 years ago in spirituality

This chakra is amazing and I don't understand why people don't pay attention to it so here we are.

No, I’m not talking about the root chakra, aka Muladhara, but the fact that the earth star chakra is reminding you of the root chakra is a good start. Earth is the element of prosperity, resources, and abundance. That’s why tarot decks often use coins or pentacles for signs of financial gain, hard work, manifestation. “Earthing” or grounding is essential for getting your bearings and preparing to face the present moment as it is. The whole existence of humanity is dependent on the interconnectivity of nature itself and I believe that’s why we all have an earth star chakra, the energetic link to Gaia herself reminding us that she provides everything we need and connects us all. So…why aren’t we talking about this more?

When I started writing some other articles on gemstones and crystals that help open and balance the lower chakras (the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra), I didn’t know much about the earth chakra. There’s only two pages dedicated to it in one out of the three chakra books I have. I guess that’s because it’s not part of the main seven, but the earth star chakra has some amazing benefits I really believe could help so many people become grounded, emotionally balanced, and trust in their own willpower to manifest their desires; that's ALL of the lower chakras in one. Let’s go over the features of the earth star chakra.

1. What is the Earth Star Chakra?

The earth star chakra is every human’s link to the earth herself. It hangs out 12 inches below our feet helping us detect that sensation of every movement we make on the ground by connecting to the nerves in our feet. It’s easier to detect when you’re actually grounding yourself, like walking barefoot on the beach, on the grass, or on a forest floor that isn’t too prickly. The earth star chakra is considered a subpersonal or transpersonal chakra. One of my books said this chakra was named by Katrina Raphaell, author of The Crystalline Transmission (1990), an extremely meta work of literature. Attaching the word “transpersonal” to chakras is already daunting, as it means “…dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity,” (Google Dictionary). Your earth star chakra happens to be the chakra linked to your past lives. Some people don’t want to explore their past lives or have it subconsciously repressed because of the karmic trauma they endured before. However, this chakra is the “learn from history” energy center, where you’re encouraged to reflect on what you learned and applying that information to your current life. Maybe that’s why the earth star chakra isn’t talked about too much. Being spiritually accountable is daunting enough with some of the oppressive religions we have today, but the accountability channeled through the earth star chakra is aligned with healing and enlightenment, not condemnation.

2. What does it look like?

Those who can see the auric field describe the earth star chakra as either black/brown or magenta. The darker the earth star chakra is, the more closed off or unbalanced it is. If it’s magenta, it’s more open and like all the other chakras it can become overactive. If you’re a seer, you’ll probably detect the colors and/or a geometric design that looks like a merkaba star (aka the Star of David) (aka a tetrahedron).

3. How does it help the other chakras?

The earth star chakra is like an anchor. It brings a sense of stability, interconnectivity, and awareness to the etheric and astral body (if you want to know the difference between the etheric and astral body, click here). The earth star chakra helps cleanse the root chakra and from there, your other chakras will follow. It’s recommended you start balancing the main seven, from root to crown chakras, first before connecting to the benefits of your earth star chakra. Why? Because the revelations you gain from opening your earth star chakras bring a great metaphysical understanding of what existence is as a whole. Your main seven provide a foundation for you to lean on while your mind is blown. I’m just saying, some people become overwhelmed when they’re enlightened.

4. And these "benefits" are?

  • Grounding yourself/affirming your authentic self
  • Reflecting on your past choices without drowning in the past
  • Applying knowledge from your past to your present
  • Increasing self-awareness of your purpose (gaining clarity on what you want to do with your life)
  • Activating and understanding your DNA origins (biologically and spiritually)
  • Bringing past life regressions and karmic patterns to the surface
  • Developing an understanding of your connection with everyone and everything
  • Tapping into that genuine love for the Earth and realizing that love is mutual

5. How would I connect/activate the earth star chakra?

You really just need to chill and meditate, preferably outside. Visualizing your earth star chakra activating (changing from black/brown to magenta) while relaxing is a good way to be mindful of the chakra. Don’t try to do a forced meditation by making yourself sit still with your legs crossed. Just relax outside if the weather is nice or relax inside in a comfortable spot. Lay down, sit down, walk around, or stand. There really aren’t any rules to meditation or activating this chakra other than connect with the earth/environment. I’d recommend keeping all tech at home unless you’d like some music to get you in the mood.

If that sounds a little too simple, you have some work to do with your main seven chakras. Anxiety, fear, holding unreachable expectations of yourself, anger, perfectionism, grief, self-doubt, and the like will block your earth star chakra and all the other chakras; however, I strongly suggest doing what you can to confront the negative energy linked to those feelings because they’re there for a reason. That’s your etheric and astral body telling you “I don’t feel good and I need to heal,” not “ignore me and find a fast/easy way to make the pain go away.” Sorry, not sorry for the truthbomb.

In the future I will definitely look up crystals/gemstones that help with negative emotional energy and developing a deeper connection with their earth star chakra.

6. Why are you so adamant about the earth star chakra? Why is it so special to you?

Like I said before, this is the “learn from history” chakra. This is the “problem solving” energy all of us need in our lives in order to acknowledge the progress we’ve made and continue to manifest that progress. The reflection and application of the knowledge we gain from understanding who we are is how we attain a sense of purpose. We feel “awake” when purpose strikes us. Our skills and interests converge into this explosion of understanding and acts like a compass for our lives. This is how those with a talent for business and prosperity gain a monopoly. This is how artists attain fame. This is how architects and those with a talent for construction build legendary monuments to human progress. This is the energy your therapist and those who support you are trying to wake you up to. The resources needed for your well-being are there, but you have to dig deep (earth pun intended).

If you want to hear a little more about the earth star chakra from a financial/abundant perspective, I strongly recommend this video by Zen Rose Garden. They’re a little quirky and that's why I love them.

Even if you still don’t connect to the earth star chakra, you can still consider the benefits of enlightenment, grounding, and discover other ways to stabilize yourself for the sake of manifesting improvement and abundance in all areas of your life. Start small by reading about the root chakra stones or if you’re an empath, read about your psychic potential. Or…just go outside.

Thanks for reading, contact me here: @Authentikei on Twitter

Leliel - Authentikei
Leliel - Authentikei
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