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The Best Healthy Habits for Losing Weight

by Ninfa Bi 2 years ago in weight loss

Losing weight is much easier than you think and these techniques prove it.

The Best Healthy Habits for Losing Weight

Few people are aware that obesity is one of the most serious problems that humanity has, at the level of drug trafficking or severe depression, just to mention the most relevant problems. Few people also know that they could lose weight if they followed some simple healthy habits every day. The worst problem is that most people believe that losing weight is very difficult and do not even try.


Walking is the most common exercise recommended by doctors because it is easy to do and is also a low impact exercise. This habit can be incorporated into daily life when one goes to work, for example. The only sacrifice that must be done is to get up earlier, so as not to alter the rest of the daily routine. This discipline has its reward: you lose weight in a short time and you feel better because walking endorphins are released, which are the hormones of emotional well-being.

Enjoy the Food

The best attitude that you can have at the time of eating is to enjoy the food. To achieve this, it is necessary to eat slowly and to appreciate all the sensations that the food offers. That behavior manages to eliminate anxiety and eat less food. It is also recommended to season the food to make the meal more pleasant. Healthy food does not have to be boring, it is necessary to know that there are many condiments that will not make you gain weight.

Consume More Protein

Consuming more protein (animal and vegetable) generates a feeling of satiety that will prevent us from overeating. The protein promotes fat loss and protects muscle mass. We need to remember that proteins are found in foods like fish, dairy, eggs, cheese, chicken, and ham, among others. Proteins also help us to have good skin and good hair because they form and repair tissues.


The best way to be healthy is by training three times a week, for at least thirty minutes, each time. The key to having consistency in training is to choose a practice that we like. It is best to ignore fitness trends that are fashionable and do only what we like. Keep in mind that if someone is overweight, the best option for that person is to choose an aerobic activity like such as swimming, dancing, biking, or running, among others.

Eat Your Favorite Food

Eating healthy does not mean depriving ourselves of our favorite meals. The key is to eat what we like once a week and the other days to control the nutrients we eat. Eating what we like will put us in good spirits and we can better endure a diet. If we repress all the time of what we like to eat, we will always be in a bad mood. The best we can do is adapt the diet to our lifestyle, since then it is more likely that we will succeed.

Take It Easy

If one day we can not follow the diet or we can not train at the gym, we should not dramatize the situation. It takes time to adapt to new daily habits, so we must be empathetic with ourselves. It is best to take up new healthy habits as soon as possible and continue as if nothing bad happened. Just remember that the best diet is the one that fits our personality. The more comfortable we feel about our diet, the better the results will be in the future, achieving the body we always wanted.

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Ninfa Bi
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