The Benefits of Regular Exercise

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Learn about the advantages of working out on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Workout programs are often marketed as effective weight loss strategies. While just about any program you choose will help you stay in shape, exercise does more than help you maintain a healthy weight. The most obvious benefits may be physical, but consistent activity can benefit you in many other ways as well.

Physical Health

Getting enough exercise can actually lengthen your life. It not only helps you keep your weight at a healthy level but also keeps your body functioning properly through frequent use. People who average 30 minutes of medium-intensity cardio a day and two sessions of strengthening arm, core and leg exercises a week may significantly lower their risk of a variety of life-threatening diseases:

-Heart disease

-Type 2 diabetes

-Certain types of cancer

Even if you have already been diagnosed with a chronic illness, consistent exercise can reduce the severity of your symptoms and help you manage pain. While it's important to discuss options with your doctor before beginning a new regimen, finding something to keep you from becoming sedentary can have many health benefits.

Energy Regulation

Regular activity keeps your energy levels in check. If you find yourself lethargic and unable to complete everything you need to do during the day, you may find that adding a short, brisk walk several times throughout the day can give you the energy boost you need to be more productive. Adding more energy when you need it is not the only way that regular exercise helps, though. Many people who suffer from insomnia notice a significant improvement in their sleep when they start exercising regularly. Exercise can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep so that you can complete several REM cycles a night. Whether you need more energy during the day or more consistent sleep at night (or both), regular exercise can give you both energy and calm when you need them.

Stress Management

It's hard to imagine a life without stress. Juggling one or more jobs, fulfilling community responsibilities and still finding time to connect with friends and family can take a toll on even the most organized person. More and more, organizations are recognizing the negative effects of stress and burnout among their employees. The good news is that incorporating an exercise regimen into your life can counteract the negative effects of stress. People who work out regularly often report a better sense of well-being and a brighter outlook on life. They also tend to experience less anxiety and lingering frustration with the challenges that their jobs present.

Relational Boosts

Maintaining a consistent workout schedule doesn't just benefit you. It can have a good outcome for your relationships as well. A good way to keep in touch with friends is to schedule a weekly run or coordinate gym schedules with them. Working out with a friend can keep both of you accountable and consistent. It can also foster healthy competition, causing both of you to challenge yourselves to take your fitness to the next level. This is a good way to avoid boredom and the dreaded progress plateau. Exercise can also improve your closest relationships. If you frequently find that you and your partner are too tired for sex at the end of busy days, it can be easy to neglect this part of your relationship. By helping with energy regulation and boosting your self confidence, exercise can improve even the most intimate areas of your life.

Staying close to your ideal weight is a great goal, but it is only one of the many benefits of getting regular exercise. Staying active also helps you improve your overall health and fight off disease. You can release the stress from your day and regulate your energy more consistently. Exercise can help you keep in touch with friends and get closer to your significant other. Your doctor can help you find the right exercise program for you so that you can enjoy all these benefits.

Sasha McGregor
Sasha McGregor
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