Surreal Times

The Covid-19 break out, and the ripple effect across the globe.

Surreal Times

.It feels like a dream. Even though its right in front of your face, you still don't believe its real. It started out small, a few number of infected, then a few more. Like a bad flu or cold they said. Then the winds of fortune changed direction, and it spread quickly. First China, then Italy and the rest of Europe. Before we new it, it had crossed Oceans, and we were starting to see the effects on our own soil. Slowly but surely the infected and number of deaths rising.

Goverment officials were makind addresses, whole countries and major cities started to completely shut down. No one in or out, no gatherings for more than x amount of people. The stock market started to plunge, people panicking and pulling out all their money, to then and rush and buy toilet paper. Toilet paper? I am telling you right now thats the last thing I am worried about. I'll shit in a hole and wipe my ass with an old rag if i have too. I am more worried about food and water.

It’s hard to place magnitude on something you can’t actually see I guess. And yes i am worried about the virus. And myself, or my family, my kids, my mother, for others. But what seems to trouble me more than all of that is why. Why is this happening? Where did this all start? Is it chemically released? By who? What ripple effect is it going to cause? Another Great Depression? Another massive War?

I find it interesting that back in October there was a meeting between the higher ups in the goverment. I find it odd that there was a simulation which included the Bill Gates foundation, who has made videos stating his fear of a pandemic. It seems odd also that recently the Chinese government has kicked out foreign press. And that the time of the first infected was the same time they launched the 5g network test area, which happens to be the same place they say the outbreak started which was Wuhan China.

How much of the info and news I have poured over in the couple of weeks, and especially the last couple of days, is really real? What if its propaganda, or bullshit, or conspiracy theory shit? But then…. what if it’s not? What if my gut feeling about this year was right? That I don’t have a good feeling about 2020 but I just couldn’t grasp the magnitude of it.

What if its a play between all the powers that be. I mean tensions between the US, China and Russia have been high for a while now on and off. What better way to make a move than by infecting everyone? Getting them all to buy into the fear, stay in their homes. Bring home the troops to help patrol shut down cities or countries. Make them scared to leave the house for fear of being infected or being penalized. Then, when everyone is out of the way, make your move. Invade here, bomb there. With no one around to fight, now is the time. And with everything in the stock market down and the world facing a potentially bleak future, what better way to make money then by making war?

Maybe I am taking it too far. But so many things do not seem to add up. Maybe I am searching for an answer. Maybe we all are. Where will this whole thing be in a month, a year? Will it just be another scare like SARRS, and another market crash like 2008? Or will it be more? Will this turn into something we can’t even imagine? All we can do now is wait, and take it day by day, and do what we can to enjoy each day, and connect witht he ones we love in which ever way we can. But we must stay vigilant, use this time to get what you need. Stay in shape, And consume as munch information as you can about what’s going on all over the world in every aspect.

Lets look for signs on where this is going. Lets love and help each other. And even thought it was very easy for them to control us. Let’s show them that we are united, and what ever is headed our way we are ready. As a people, as one. And whatever the enemy, a virus, or corruption. we will come out on top. And we will stay no more. We are the common people. The middle class. The working, the mother and fathers, and family. The friends. THe once who actually make the world go around, and we are watching, and listening, and we will get the truth about this whole thing.

I will write more updates as things change and devlop. But don't fear, love. Don't be selfish, be caring. Be one.

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