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Smoking not only damages the lungs, but there are so many harms, 8 major health hazards can not be ignored

by wangfenglin about a month ago in advice
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Smoking not only damages the lungs, but there are so many harms, 8 major health hazards can not be ignored

Smoking is very harmful to health. Burning cigarettes releases acetone, tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide, which can lead to a variety of diseases, with serious physical and mental health consequences. Smoking causes lung disease, erectile dysfunction, and possibly depression.

What are the dangers of smoking?

1. Lung discomfort

Smoking damages the airways, leading to a persistent cough. Smoking can also cause bronchitis, and the same is true for people who smoke secondhand smoke. Smoking also exacerbates other respiratory diseases, such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. Also, people who smoke regularly have a much higher risk of developing lung cancer.

2. Higher risk of heart disease

Nicotine tightens blood vessels, which restricts blood flow to the veins and heart, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, and other deadly diseases. Smoking is a major cause of heart attacks. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also common in smokers. . Long-term smokers have higher levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides, one of the main causes of heart problems.

3. Cause erectile dysfunction

Smoking affects blood flow to the penis and impairs erectile function, and men who regularly smoke are at very high risk for erectile dysfunction. If you want to improve sexual function and treat erectile dysfunction, quitting smoking is a good place to start.

4. Causes anxiety and irritability

The nicotine in cigarettes changes the brain. Smoking increases mood swings and makes people more anxious. Smoking can lead to strong emotional stimulation, and sudden cessation of smoking can also cause withdrawal reactions, which can make people uneasy. Quitting smoking may not be easy and requires good approach and determination.

5. Affects vision and skin

Long-term smoking can exacerbate vision problems and can lead to conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Dry skin and premature aging can also be caused by smoking, which reduces blood flow to the skin, depriving it of the nutrients it needs to keep it healthy. Long-term smoking can also cause stains, increasing the chances of gum infection and inflammation, which can lead to tooth decay.

6. Causes loss of appetite and weakened immune system

Smoking suppresses appetite and makes people eat less. Smokers have a significantly affected immune system and are therefore more susceptible to infections.

7. May lead to depression

Nicotine mimics the action of dopamine, prompting the brain to shut down its machinery for making and secreting dopamine. In the long run, the supply of dopamine in the brain decreases and makes people more accustomed to smoking. There is a complex relationship between depression and smoking. Smokers with depression had greater difficulty quitting because their withdrawal symptoms became more severe.

8. Smaller brain volume

Brain size is related to intelligence and cognitive function. The longer you smoke, the more volume your brain loses. Smoking affects subcortical areas of the brain that are involved in pleasure, hormone production, mood and memory. As a result, smokers experience age-related loss of brain volume, which leads to an increased risk of dementia.

Life is very precious, and some bad habits that endanger health must be corrected in time. After learning more about the dangers of smoking, you must find a way to quit smoking. Smoking will not only affect yourself, but secondhand smoke will also have a serious impact on the people around you. For the health of yourself and your family and friends, please make a smoking cessation plan as soon as possible.

all in all

Smoking is harmful without any benefit, it is not good for others and not for oneself! Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you must quit smoking immediately.

To be honest, it's hard to convince smokers to quit smoking, and it's their concession to avoid us smoking:

After all, I really can't stop that addiction~


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