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Self-Discipline Affirmations for Law Of Attraction and Manifesting

by CHIRAG 13 days ago in spirituality

Self-Discipline Affirmations for Law Of Attraction and Manifesting

Self-Discipline Affirmations for Law Of Attraction and Manifesting
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Self-Discipline Affirmations for LOA and Manifesting If you really want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, you need self-discipline! Your role in Manifesting Your Dreams requires consistent focus. There s stuff you need to do every day and some days it's harder than others to maintain that constant belief and feeling that you need in order to create a new reality We've all been there and the key to doing all those things is SELF-DISCIPLINE!

So, in today s video, I m going to share some powerful affirmations that you can start or end your day with that will really help you to get this self-discipline ingrained in your brain, so it becomes a bit more second nature to you! But before we do that Hello Powerful Manifestors Welcome to My Channel I m Victoria Gallagher, Law of Attraction Hypnotist and #1 Best Selling Author of Practical Law of Attraction and I m Here to Help You Tap into the Power of Your Mind, Align Yourself with the Manifesting Conditions and Successfully Attract Your Dreams, Goals, and a Life You Love. Let s dive into these Powerful Self-Discipline Affirmations Now I recommend you say these with me and work with these affirmations every day for 21 30 days for them to really stick. Let s begin:

*** On-Screen Affirmations Begin Here ***

It s Important To Me To Be Able To Manifest My Desires.

I Enjoy Taking Time Each Day For My Manifesting Routine.

I Create A Manifesting Routine That I Can Easily Stick With. Manifesting Is Fun And Easy For Me.

I Love Thinking In Positive And Constructive Ways.

I m Creating A Great Habit Of Refocusing My Attention On My Dreams And Goals.

I m Training Myself To Feel The Wish Is Fulfilled.

I m Committed To Living My Best Life Ever.

I Do My Manifesting Routine First Thing In The Morning.

I End My Day By Falling Asleep With My Desires On My Mind.

I Can Always Find Time To Work On My Positive Mindset.

I Keep My Focus On Creating A Brighter Future.

I Am Mastering The Art Of Positive Thinking.

I've Decided To Fully Commit To The Law Of Attraction I Keep My Mind Positive And Dreams Clear.

I Am Manifesting All Of My Goals.

I Realize Just How Powerful My Brain Really Is.

I Have A Great Attitude About My Manifesting Powers.

I Feel Happy.

I Feel Excited.

I Am Motivated.

I m Aware Of All Of My Thoughts.

I Am Dedicated To My Success.

I Am Consistently Putting 100% Effort Into My Desires.

All Of My Desires Are Important To Me.

I m Convinced That I Really Do Create My Life.

I Have The Ability To Change My Thought Process.

I Wipe Away All Negativities.

I've Come Up With A Great Loa Action Plan And I m Sticking With It.

I Allow This Process To Become Easier And Easier For Me.

I Plan My Loa Routine In Advance And I Stick With It.

I Always Keep My Word To Myself And Others.

Keeping My Word Is The Key To Manifesting Success.

I Exercise Complete Self-Control Over My Actions, Feelings, Thoughts, And Behaviors.

I Spend My Time And Energy On Things That Truly Do Matter.

I Am Building My Self-Discipline And Focus Muscles Every Day.

I Am Building Consistent Manifesting Habits Every Day.

I Have Faith, Trust, And Belief That My Desired Results Will Come.

I Focus Exclusively On One Thing At A Time For An Extended Amount Of Time. My Focus Muscle Is Getting Stronger And Stronger.

I Manifest My Dreams And Goals All The Time. It s Just Who I Am And What I Do.

I m The Type Of Person Who Creates Their Own Reality At Will.

I Constantly Choose Actions Which Match The Ideal Person I Am Becoming.

I Take Immediate Action On The Most Challenging Tasks First.

I Am Always Completing My To-Do Lists. Even If I m Busy, I Can Take 5 Minutes To Dedicate To My Goals.

I Surround Myself With Like-Minded Successful Manifestors.

I Trust I Am Getting Closer And Closer To My Desired Outcome.

I Am Making Conscious, Active Choices To Change Myself For The Better.

*** On-Screen Affirmations End Here ***

We've come to the end of these daily self-discipline affirmations for manifesting success with the Law of Attraction And I would love to know which of these affirmations resonated best with you. Please leave a comment and let me know below. Once again, for best results, listen to this session regularly for 21 days because consistency is the key to success.



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