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Receiving Disability Services For Hyperacusis


By Jemma Rosewater Published 3 years ago 3 min read
Receiving Disability Services For Hyperacusis
Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

If you or someone you know has severe hyperacusis, then you are probably aware of how debilitating of a condition it is. So many activities of daily living involve noise. Cooking, washing clothes, using the microwave, using transportation, even taking a shower or bath. A person with severe hyperacusis may be unable to perform these basic tasks of everyday living, due to the intense physical pain and debilating symptoms caused from the noise of these activities.

This creates a major problem, especially for those with severe hyperacusis who either live alone or live with family or people who do not understand their hyperacusis, thus these people have no one to help them. Last week we talked about basic daily living modifications that can help people with moderate to severe hyperacusis. If you need more high level environmental modifications or different types of assistive technology, which you likely don’t have the means of affording.

What most people with hyperacusis don’t realize however, is that they may be eligible to receive different types of disability services. I don’t just mean disability benefits like SSDI, but also help covering the cost of home modifications such as soundproofing or smart technology as well as in-home aides and assistants. Think about it, someone who has a condition such as paralysis, severe autism, blindness, deafness, cognitive disability, or is medically fragile is eligible to receive these types of services. Just because hyperacusis is rare, invisible and poorly understood, if it prevents you from being able to perform basic life activities you may be eligible for a variety of different disability supports and services.

Please note that all of the services and agencies that I mention in this article is only applicable for those living in the United States. If you live in another country try researching things like “home modifications assistance for people with disabilities,” “assistive technology coverage assistance for people with disabilities,” or “free at home aid/assistant for people with disabilities.”

For those who need help with paying for soundproofing, smart technology or quiet appliances there are several agencies who may be able to help. One option is your state department of rehabilitation services, every state has one of these. If you register with your state’s department of rehabilitation services they can cover the costs of home modifications (such as soundproofing) and assistive technology (like smart distance control devices). Every state is somewhat different, but you will likely go through a disability determination process and then be provided with a counselor who will work with you to determine what types of modifications or technology will be helpful for you.

Another option for people who developed severe hyperacusis before the age of 21, is to apply to receive services through your state’s developmental disability administration. Developmental disability administrations can provide a broad range of support specific to your individual needs including helping you cover home medications, assistive technology, and provide an in-home aide or assistant. There are three other national government agencies that you can contact and apply to receive services from. Your state’s office of disability services, the department of human services, and your state’s department of aging and disability services. Here are some links to the resources that I mentioned in this article.

Locate your state department of rehabilitation services: https://rsa.ed.gov/about/programs

Locate your state developmental disabilities administration: https://www.nasddds.org/state-agencies/

Locate your state department of disability services:


Locate your states aging and disability resource center: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/adrc/consumer/index.htm


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Jemma Rosewater

I’m a 17 year old writer & advocate for my rare disease, hyperacusis. I love writing poetry, non fiction articles, & short stories on a variety of topics: mermaids, fantasy, emotions experienced throughout human life, sci-fi, fantasy, ect.

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