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Plogging: The Popular New Eco Friendly Workout

by William Benetton about a year ago in fitness

Plogging as a New Kind of Workout

Plogging: The Popular New Eco Friendly Workout

A number of major trends have come out of Scandinavia in recent years. Their crime fiction was adapted in to hit TV series that picked up a dedicated viewing around the world. Then, their concept of Hygge became a major hit, offering an easy route to a calmer lifestyle. Now, there’s a new trend straight out of Nordic culture: plogging. You’ve probably never heard of it before, but it has the potential to massively improve your health, while also providing you with a way of improving your own neighbourhood. We’re going to look at what plogging is all about, and how you can get the most out of this great new craze.

A Combination of Two Great Activities

First off, we need to define plogging. Essentially, it’s just a portmanteau word combining jogging and plokka upp, a Swedish term meaning ‘Pick up’. Plogging is the practice of jogging while also collecting any discarded litter you come across. It’s a surprisingly effective way of improving your health, while also carrying out a genuine helpful act for your community. From a health perspective, plogging is actually considerably more effective than simple jogging. Plogging requires that an individual do a large amount of bending down, and picking up items, as well as carrying a bag that becomes bigger as the session goes on. The added weight of the bag contributes to your health in a surprisingly big way. Add to that the huge benefits of jogging, and you have a combination exercise that can really make a difference. They’ve actually found out that plogging emulates much of the natural activities of our ancestors. The process of walking for long distances, combined with bending down to pick up food, is almost exactly the same as the process that plogging offers. As a result, you’re able to carry out a truly natural workout, while also improving the environment. Also, you can win good money while running, you just need to visit the best no deposit casinos on your mobile phone, register on the website and wait.

The Ideal Way to Deal with Littering

Littering has become more and more of a problem over the years. No matter what initiatives different groups and local councils try and implement, our outside spaces are still covered with a wide range of litter. This can eventually develop into serious problems for the environment. On a local level, plastic pollution can end up being consumed by animals, killing them easily. On a larger, global scale, disposable plastic is starting to fill our earth and oceans. Ocean currents have dragged huge amounts of plastic into the Pacific, forming floating islands stretching over many kilometers. Unless this problem is addressed at the source, it’s going to continue getting worse. And a great way of addressing this is by ensuring that any litter is picked up and disposed of that as early as possible.

Social Media Has Helped the Spread

Plogging has also, predictably, become something of a craze thanks to social media. Many people find the opportunity to show off their own altruism irresistible. Add to that the added pride of showing how much exercise you’re getting, and you’ve got a winning combination for many people. While much of this may simply boil down to narcissism, the reality is that these people are making a real difference to the environment. Regardless of their motivation, it’s becoming a more and more effective way of preventing plastic pollution.

Already It’s Taking off Around the World

Plogging has already taken off in a big way in two spots outside of Sweden. The first is the USA, particularly either coasts. It’s a great choice for people on the West Coast who live near the famously beautiful beaches of this part of the country. These locations are truly beautiful, and have long been a favourite spot for many people who choose jogging for their exercise. They also tend to be areas with a large amount of plastic pollution. Tides contribute to rubbish already accumulated on beaches, sweeping in more detritus from other locations. As a result, ploggers are able to quickly make a significant difference to their environment from even a short run. Another place where plogging has taken off in a big way is Hong Kong. In many ways, this isn’t so surprising. This metropolis has always been one of the most progressive cities in East Asia. However, as with many major cities, it does suffer from a certain amount of pollution. Disposable plastic is the norm in many cities in this part of the world. As a result, the levels of plastic pollution can be quite shocking for many. Plogging is a great way of working to remedy these problems. While we’re yet to see official plogging groups form in the city, as they have in other parts of the world, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they show up.

The Plogging Experience First Hand

It’s easy to take it for granted, by the worldwide excitement around plogging, that it’s a trend that’s set to stay. But what is it like to actually take part in this new craze? We gave it a go, setting aside a few hours on a Saturday morning to find out exactly what’s on offer. The first thing to say is that the extra activity, compared to just running, definitely makes a difference. Initially, the constant bending down was something of a pain, but once you get used to it, it becomes practically natural. Beyond the actual physical aspects of plogging, just the extra attention needed made it feel far more mentally active than most forms of exercise. Running has an inherent degree of competitiveness, at least with yourself: each time you head out, you’re hoping to beat your personal best, and find things that little bit easier. With plogging, the rewards are instant. Once you get into the mindset of tracking down litter, and getting a place as clean as possible, the urge to keep going starts to take over. And the results are on display in pretty short time. It certainly makes you realise just how much litter can accumulate around us, that we’re not even aware of most of the time. But once you’ve got a full bag around your arm, and a trail of clean space in your wake, the feeling of achievement and service to your area is pretty unbeatable. It’s certainly easy to see why many people get evangelical about it. But for our money, the act of plogging itself is enough reward, without bragging about it on social media.

Enjoy Great Added Fitness Benefits

All in all, it’s no surprise that plogging has taken off in the massive way that it has. It offers a really great, easy way of boosting your fitness, allowing you to burn off considerably more calories than you would if you were simply jogging. And the environmental bonuses are massive. While it may be an uphill struggle, you’ll still be doing your big to control litter in your area.

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