Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."—Courtney C. Stevens

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Are you stuck in a "rut?" Are you stuck working the same job every day? In the back of the mind, you know you deserve more, you know your time is precious, and you might know your worth, but something keeps pulling you to work lazily for the least amount of dollar value in exchange for your precious time. Some of you are dragging yourself out of bed. Some of you are doing everything you can to get yourself out of this “rut” you are driving to get out of. You are doing great, chin up your time will come!

You wake up in the morning just hoping the day is going to go the way you want it to. You start your daily routine, but when you start it, are you looking in the mirror, staring into your fiery eyes to tell yourself something? You guessed it: some sort of self-affirmation.

Part of your success is just this activity in itself. Know now that the activity plays an integral role on getting yourself un-stuck from the “rut.”

Your time in your life is precious. Know this. Fear is one of the many reasons why you might be stuck in that "rut"—specifically, the fear of change. The ranging types of anxieties one might be faced with, when even thinking about any sort of change, is quite frankly enough to stop anybody from achieving goals they have set for themselves. If you think fear is not the reason why you are stuck in the rut, please consider some other options. You are stuck as long as you do not know why you are stuck.

Once you become aware, understand and acknowledge exactly what it is that is keeping you in the “rut.” You can take action through which you will see results. Simply put, once you have a full understanding of what you are working with, you then can create a clear path, but before you can do that you must understand, be aware, and acknowledge exactly what it is keeping you “behind.”

At work, you daydream thinking about all of the things you wish you could have done with your life, or you are thinking about all of the many responsibilities that burden you with stress on a daily basis.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. It's that simple.

I could go into the details, but that's not why I write this. I write to induce change, maybe help you change, and help you grow. You are not just a number to which we are sorted and divided by the state of modern technology. You have worth. You have it all. You also have the potential to explore and attain anything you would like to do. I would not lie to you. I see no value in a lie. Lies are worthless to which only the greedy profit from.

If you would like to proceed with your life beyond the "normal way," I would advise you to start making some changes. "Oh, I'm not the over-achieving type," and "that's not me," you say.

Start small. Make tiny, little changes within your life. Then, all of a sudden, making changes becomes easier and easier, until the task of making changes becomes second nature—every change after another becoming easier until you are moving furniture around your place, reminding yourself that change is good. You will shake your head. You will tell yourself you are crazy, but what you will be doing is just facing one, small fear that could be a variable in the problem as a whole.

It is only when you embrace change that you know you have the power to change that horrible job you think you are stuck with. It pays the bills and it leaves you exhausted. If you don't like it, formulate some steps to change it. Then... start.

Give yourself the essential tools you will need to achieve the fulfilling life you have always wanted. Oh, yeah. You've got this. You can do it.

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."—Courtney C. Stevens

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