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My Journey having the Coronavirus (Covid 19)

by Star Williams 2 years ago in health
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By: S. Williams

Dear, Readers

I want to share my JOURNEY and RECOVERY of the Coronavirus(COVID-19)

On March 19,2020 I found out I had Contracted the deadly virus name Coronavirus(COVID-19). I remember like it was yesterday the day I caught the virus. I was at Phoenix International Airport in Arizona sitting in the terminal waiting on my flight back to Las Vegas. There was a guy sitting to the right of me with only a small coffee table between us, the guy seemed a little odd because It was hot outside and he was wearing all black heavy winter clothing a coat,scarf,hat,snow boots, and his gloves was hooked on to his backpack which was sitting on the floor next to him. He had a laptop on his lap, I found myself staring at him unwillingly it was like my eyes was drown to him as I read my book my eyes kept drifting back towards him. He noticed me looking at the screen of his laptop, he was coughing heavily and repeatedly then he unzipped his coat to try to block his laptop. He laid on the floor and took his coat off and covered his laptop but I already seen his screen, I said to myself “OMG” he’s a hacker. One might ask themselves how do she know he was a hacker? before the world went on lockdown I was starting school for IT coding. While starting training I was showed how to spot bugs and prevent a cyber attack .When I seen his screen I knew exactly what he was doing. Whats more Ironic is on my way to the airport my cousin called and asked me did I have a mask I replied “NO”and brushed the question off by telling her “I’m going to be fine“. I boarded my flight to Las Vegas I arrived at McCarran International Airport around 3:45 pm at that time I felt wonderful, happy to be back home to see my kids. The next day my body started to feel weird as if I was catching a common cold at least that’s what I perceived it to be. I made myself some hot tea with honey and lemon and said to my family “I don’t fell right”. I called my cousin (the same cousin who asked me if I had a mask for my flight) she picked up on the first ring. I said to her I feel weird” she replied “What do you mean”?

I said “I don’t know I just feel strange”she replied “you have the Coronavirus” I then said No!! I don’t “I think I’m just catching a cold“ We got off the phone with each other. Later that night I got worse I had a fever but didn’t know it because I didn’t have a thermometer to confirm my temperature. While laying in bed I got extremely hot out of no where, I asked myself how could I be so hot with the AC on. I didn’t feel like getting up because I felt drained, I was sweating profusely so I force myself out the bed to opened my bedroom window. The AC blowing and my bedroom window is open and I’m still hot. I got back in bed and laid on top of my covers, I’m tossing and turning well into the middle of the night trying to get comfortable. I got out of bed and took a shower while In the shower I got dizzy so I wraped a towel around my body and wobble back to my bed. I layed back down and finally fell asleep I woke up at sunrises.(Day2) When I awoken I didn’t want to move but had to get up and cook breakfast for my children. I started cooking breakfast I told my kids “I don’t feel good there is something wrong with me” as I’m making breakfast standing over the stove I felt the dizziness coming over me, I sit down at the kitchen table for a few seconds and told myself “I’m getting sick”. I got up and continue to cook, when I was finish cooking I didn’t want to eat so I went back to my room to lay down. My oldest came into my room and ask me why I wasn’t eating breakfast, I told him I wasn’t hungry. He ask me if I wanted some hot tea I told him sure. He sat the hot tea on the nightstand next to my bed but I didn’t touch the tea I fell asleep. One of my kids called their father and told him I was sick and sleeping a lot. Their father came over and ask me if I was feeling alright and did I needed anything. I was so bitter and being stubborn because of what we been through in our relationship I replied “I don’t need anything I’m fine”!! with out thinking. Deep down I knew there was something wrong with me and I needed help. He then said to me how about some hot tea” I laughed in my head because my family know how much I love a hot cup of tea. I said to him “I already have some sitting on the nightstand”. At that moment I believe he knew I was sick because I hadn’t touch my tea, which have been sitting on the nightstand for sometime. He told me he was going to the store to get some NyQuil and juice. I replied “ok “and went back to sleep. He came back with the NyQuil tablets, some juice and said to me “I had to drive all over town to find you some medicine most of the stores are sold out”. He opened the box of NyQuil and handed me two tablets, I swallowed them with a sip of apple juice and went back to sleep.

When I woke up it was night I had chills, so I got up and closed my bedroom window maybe 30 minutes later I was hot and had Diarrhea and vomiting at the sametime. My children father came into my room with more NyQuil tablets and juice. I said to him “ I don’t think the NyQuil is working I now have Diarrhea and had vomited twice”. He said “ok I’m going to go get you some Gatorade from the store. I took the two NyQuil tablets and went back to sleep. I was awaken by my phone ringing, it was my cousin calling to see if I was alright. I told her about the chills, the night sweats, and Diarrhea. She tells me to go to the hospital and tested for the Coronavirus(Covid-19). I replied “ No!!! I’m not going because I’m afraid to be locked inside a room by myself”. We tell each other we will talk later and hang up the phone. My kids father walks into my bedroom and gave me a tall glass of Gatorade and said “make sure to drink this, you need the electrolyte. I said to him “my body aches, it hurts in my chest and bones”. Sometime Later my body start hurting more I still had Diarrhea, a fever and the NyQuil was not working it only was making me sleep. I told my Immediate family If I didn’t feel better by the next day I was going to the hospital. (Day3) Last night I couldn’t sleep my anxiety was at a all time high. I didn’t know what to think, my mind had so many thoughts. I still had a fever and body pain now I’m coughing and haven’t ate anything for the pass 3 days. My kids father drove me to the nearest ER when we arrived only one person was able to go inside, I was given a new mask at the reception desk. I told the Receptionist about my health and how I felt at the moment. I can honestly say the waiting room wait time was less then 10 minutes before I was escorted to a room, which was sealed off by sliding glass doors and windows. As I laid in the hospital bed multiple nurses came by and hung signs on the sliding glass door. I kept wondering what was on the signs, what did the signs say? from my angle I couldn’t see. A nurse walked into my room with some sort of bonnet covering her hair, a mask over her nose and mouth, a clear face shield which was attached to a pair of clear glasses and a plastic apron/grown on over her scrubs. I told her my body was in pain and asked for some medicine. She told me I had to wait for the Doctor to order them, she then proceeded to take my temperature which read 103.3 that confirm the dizziness, chills, and night sweats I was having. The nurse left and come back with a bag of saline water and a Covid-19 test kit. She told me she was going to give me some fluids and give me a Covid test. She asked me what number was my pain level 1-10. I told her a 10 and if she could please ask the doctor to hurry. She stuck a Q-tip like thing up my nostrils which was extremely uncomfortable, she took something that look like a big popsicle stick and stuck it inside my mouth on my tongue and took another Q-tip like thing and scratched the back of my throat with it, then said to me my test results would be back and a couple days. I said to her “a couple days you can’t find out quicker”? she replied “No sorry!! the doctor will be in to see you shortly”. She stuck the IV in my arm and told me she hope I feel better then walked out the room. The doctor enter the room, introduce himself and started to ask me more health question. All I could think about was going to sleep, I was so tired at this point I just wanted to sleep. I told the doctor my chest and bones hurt, he listened to my chest and told me he don’t hear anything but he will like for me to get a X-ray of my chest. I agree to the X-ray, the doctor tell me he will order some ibuprofen for the fever and pain. The doctor left the room and a male nurse knocks on the door, walks into the room pushing a wheelchair and says to me with a deep strong sexy voice “I’m here to take you to get your X-ray done” with all his protection gear on I couldn’t really see if he was handsome I scanned him up and down I noticed he had a ring on his finger I said to myself what a bomber he is off limits. While on the way to the X-ray room I decided to make small talk so I can listen to his voice. I enjoyed every second, I was so mesmerized I forgot about the pain my body was feeling. We made it to the X-ray room there I found out he wasn’t a nurse, his the X-ray technician. He took X-ray pictures of the front and side of my chest. On the way back to the room I could see the signs that the previous nurses hung on the sliding glass door of the entry to my room.I couldn’t make out what it said as I got closer and was able to see the sign. I read the following Cautious, Hazard, wear face mask due to airborne particles. It that point reality hit me and I told myself maybe I could have COVID-19. We processed through the glass door and I got out the wheelchair and layed on the bed without saying a word, all kind of thoughts and different scenarios started playing inside my head. As I layed in the bed a nurse came in with the ibuprofen and a cup of water, I took the ibuprofen and drunk the water. The nurse says to me my X-rays result should come back in 45 minutes. I told her “ok” I turnt over in the bed and finally fell asleep. I woke up to a nurse telling me my X-ray came back and they didn’t find anything, the nurse took my temperature and my temp was 98.3 which is normal so I was released from the hospital with a prescription for Ibuprofen and told to stay hydrated. On the way home I felt better but I still wasn’t hungry, I had no appetite. When I made it home I tried to eat some leftovers but the food tasted plain. I realize I I had no taste buds,no sense of smell. I went to my bedroom and fell asleep that evening my cousin called to see how I was doing. I told her what happened and she was in disbelief the Doctor sent me home because she just knew I had the virus.(Day4)Everyone in my family started calling to check on me some of my family members said I had the virus others didn’t say anything. My voice became raspy and I started wheezing It felt like I had cold in my chest or fluid in my lungs, it was getting hard for me to breathe. When ever I cough it would feel like mucus was trying to escape from my throat. My cousin called me again and I told her whenever I cough it feels like mucus trying to escape, she said “that’s good see if the kids father can go the store and get some 24hr Mucinex to help the mucus come out”as we talking she sent a picture of the Mucinex to my cell phone. I forward the picture to my kids father and ask him to go to the store. I googled what store had it in stock and Walgreens had it available. While talking on the phone it seem like my chest would start to hurt more do you me trying to talk. I got off the phone with her and force myself to have a bit to eat , my kids father had made grill steak, shrimp, stuff bake potatoes, and Omg it looked so good but I couldn’t enjoy it because I had no taste buds so I went back to sleep. I woke up to the Mucinex and more Gatorade my kids was so worried about me, my daughter wanted to sleep with me so I allowed her which was the biggest mistake I ever made, but in my defense I wasn’t Diagnose with Covid yet. One of my good friends called me to see how I was doing, I told her I allowed my daughter to lay in the bed with me. Oh lord why did I tell her, she was in a uproar telling me don’t let her lay with me, what was wrong with me did I have any sense. I told her my daughter would be fine because if I didn't have the virus plus the virus doesn't effects kids. Boy was I wrong but I’m going to save that story for later. I called the hospital to get my results I was told my result wasn’t back, I was a little surprised because I was told my results would have came back in 3-5 days. So the next day I told my kids father to take me back to the ER so I can see what’s going on with my test results. The whole family got into the car and drove to the hospital.We arrived at the hospital everyone went inside the hospital, except my kids father because he left his mask. The kids didn’t have masks, I was the only one with a mask on. I ask the Receptionist for a mask for my kids and was denied. I said to her really this is a hospital where you help people and your going to denied kids, the nurse response was you have to be getting seen at the hospital to get a mask. I told her “ok I would like my kids to be seen for Covid and Im here to pick up my Covid test results”. The Receptionist ask for my ID and told me she would be right back. She came back a few minutes later and ask me do I really want my kids to be seen or do I just want a mask. I told her I would prefer the mask because I really didn’t feel well, she give each one of my kids a mask and told me the doctor will be out with my result shortly. A few seconds later a nurse came out and handed me my test results and I started crying the test reading was positive. A Doctor came out to the waiting room window and ask me if I was Mrs. Williams I said yes and he turned and walked away. I thought that was strange, I thought he was going to say something to me, why he ask me my name and not say anything just turn and walk away. I felt so lost my kids started to cry and hug me,my daughter ran to the car crying and told her father. As I started to walk out he was coming in, he asked me “what was wrong”? I handed him the piece of paper his face expression changed I couldn’t make out the look, I don’t know if it was fear, shock, surprised, disbelief are if he already knew. The car ride home was very quiet I myself was afraid because there isn’t a cure and I didn’t know if I was going to get worst, if the government was coming to take me away, if I could give it to my kids. I thought to myself who was all the people I came in contact with, I asked myself how could I have caught the Covid. I had so many thoughts but I just wanted to go to sleep my chest was still hurting and I still heard the rattling in my chest. We made it home where I went into Quarantine. I was confined to my room which didn’t bother me because I was already laying in bed everyday. The only difference was no one was able to come in my bedroom. My family sit food,juice, and inspiration notes in front of my bedroom door. They would knock and leave to let me know my food was outside my room door. I would sit in my room watching tv or sleeping every now and again I would get on social media. One day my kids father came inside my room and told me my room smell bad and I needed to open my bedroom windows. I didn’t ask him what my room smelled like because I was to afraid he would say death. He open the windows so my room can get light and fresh air. That moment forward he kept coming into my room checking on me and giving me meds. All I could do was sleep my life away at least thats what It had seem. My oldest child open my bedroom door and looked me in my eyes and said to me “mom your just going to lay there and die? you need to get up, tomorrow your going to get out the house and excerise with me to build your lungs up”. I looked at him with tears coming out my eyes and said alright. I ask God to give me strength and help me through. The next morning he came to my room and get me up, I was still in my pjs when we went outside . We both wear our masks, it was difficult to try an workout with a mask on. That first day we walked around a it was extremely hard for me. I kept running out of breath and had to stop walking to catch my breath, just walking around the building was a task. I had enough for the day I need to go back inside. I want back inside the house and went straight to my room with a bottle of water in my hand. My cousin called and I told her I tested positive her response was “I told you because your voice changed and I could heard it was hard for you to breath. My phone beep with a incoming call from my friend I told my cousin I would call her back. I answer the other line, I told my friend I tested positive and she couldn’t believe it. She keep saying “No way!!” and ask if I needed anything, I told her No I just wanted to go to sleep because I was exhausted. I went to sleep for maybe 2 hours I woke up to hot tea on my nightstand I grabbed the tea to take a sip then my phone rung. It was my cousin she was so excited to share with me the information she google. She told me she googled and did some research on homemade remedies and natural medicines to help boost immune system and togo on amazon and buy Elderberry pills, Probiotic tea with ginger. What kind of fruit and vegetables to eat, so I went on amazon and purchase Elderberry pills and Green tea with Probiotics and Ginger. I brought my fruits and veggies from the grocery store, two days later I received my shipment from amazon. I had stop taking the Mucinex and started taking the Elderberry pills, with the Green probiotic tea and real ginger that my kids father put into the tea with honey and fresh Squeezed lemon juice. I grabbed my phone in open the Instagram app as I’m scrolling I came across Russell Simmons live where he was teaching a certain type of yoga to help build your lungs. I saved the video to my phone and every morning before I went walking with my son I would have a cup of tea and do yoga. I was wheezing and chest hurting, but I didn’t give up I had to fight through for my kids. My chest slowly begin to stop hurting and I had stop wheezing After a couple days, my taste buds was also slowly coming back. I ask my kids father for a cherry icey from a store called 7-Eleven. He got me one and I could just taste the flavor without drinking any. I had my taste buds set on the delicious taste but my taste buds haven’t fully returned so it wasn’t as good as I expected, as I was starting to recover my daughter who had slept with me was starting to get sick her eyes turnt blood shoot red.... to be continued


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Star Williams

Hello to all I hope everyone is havind a PROSPEROUS DAY!!

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