My Cyst Story... Part 1

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What's Going On With Me?

My Cyst Story... Part 1

How this happened... I should probably start from the beginning. I'm a girl who thought I had very irregular periods; causing pain, cramps, and no blood every month... but this thing inside me was the cause of it all.

One morning, I woke up in pain. It was only a 2/10 pain but it still hurt, so I decided to keep it to myself, hoping it was just period pain. But every hour, the pain just got worse and worse. I was in the bathroom for hours thinking I could either poop or puke.

I was in so much pain I had to go to the hospital. My mom lets me go out in my pajamas and my brother gave a salute as I was sent off. Our hospital is like a half hour away so every minute passing, it was agonizing.

It felt like a knife with a jagged blade was ripping through my intestine over and over, causing a constant ache. All I knew back then was, "OW! Make this stop! Why me! I'm so sorry mom!"

I have a strange habit of when I'm sick, I want to apologize for being sick because I feel bad that people are taking care of me....Strange right? I thought I was feeling better though, so we took a little detour, but then the pain came back and we made it to Beverly Hospital.

I spent only five minutes in the waiting room, telling my symptoms but I was in so much pain, I needed to sit in a wheelchair. I was taken to an exam room, and I was constantly throwing up, everything in my stomach from food to bile, and I was just in agony.

I was a temporary patient, and over time, the pain continued. I wasn't allowed to eat. I was starving half the day and it was taking forever.

When they had to put an IV in, it took about four tries to get my veins because I have veins so deep that look like there are no veins. I was just waiting, chugging down ice water whenever I could, and then I had to get a CT scan.

I was given a strange liquid, it tasted weird but I couldn't finish it all in time, and I was taken away. My bed was rolled down the hallway and my mom had to wait in my temporary room.

I was given another IV and put into a strange machine. Weird sounds were coming out of it but all I could do was look up at the fish above my head. I was so tired I thought they were moving, but they were actually standing still. It was an actual optical illusion.

I got there at around 11 AM or noon. My mom and I left there around 9PM. They sent me home with some laxatives thinking it was a gas bubble or bad constipation... I didn't sleep at all that night...

That night, I got home and I took an 800 mg IBProphin and my medication to help me sleep, but none of it helped. The pain just kept getting worse. I kept on eating that night, all night long. From ice cream to yogurt, everything that was soft would come up as easily as went down.

Despite how much I ate or drank, I always ended up throwing up bile. Neon green bile at that. I couldn't sleep that night. I was in the bathroom half the night and I couldn't go. All I could do was throw up.

I took a long shower/bath where I'd sit in the tub as the shower rained over my head. The water had to be hot to dull the pain. But when my mom went to work, it just kept getting worse.

My insides felt like they were being ripped out and torn in half, so I called my grandma. She immediately came to get me. As I was waiting for her, I picked up a few things I thought I could use.

My iPod, a bucket, and some hair ties. I changed into a pair of shorts and a shirt and I left for the hospital again. This time... I was immediately put through to the ER.

I was given a room at first, it took the same amount of tries to get an IV in me, and when they finally did, it sucked because it was in my dominant hand. Sometime later, while watching TV, I was told I had to leave my room for another. I thought that person probably deserved it more than I do if I was getting kicked out.

I couldn't say no, and I knew if I tried I would still have to leave, so I didn't put up a fight. I just gave my room up for someone who probably needed it more than me.

I was moved into the hallway, which I sorta felt like was an upgrade. I was surrounded by doctors and they were all so nice.

The only cons were everything was viewed by everyone. I was farther away from the bathroom, and everyone there was crazy. I had to wait like seven hours before I got to see my mom again. She was stuck at work and I was stuck in the hospital.

It wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't this one woman behind me. She kept begging and begging for water as if she was dying when really she was perfectly fine.

Around that time, my grandma left and I was alone, trying to be strong.

I listened to the woman complain. There were people a lot sicker than her and they didn't complain but there she was, bitching about water. After ten minutes, they gave her a little water with her pain medication.

The doctors are going to appease this woman, begging her not to yell. Under her breath, she whispers.

"You'll know when I f*****g yell." One doctor, I called him 'Doctor Hero' decided to kick her out because of that.

She went postal, shouting curse words and threatening the staff. And here's the kicker: she came in via the ambulance. Security had to come and escort her, or, as I say, drag her out. I was just trying to hold back the tears because I was so scared.

I thought she was gonna punch someone out. It could have been the elderly lady or it would have been me.

After half an hour, my mom came and I was no longer alone. I held her so tight and I never wanted to let go.

Every few hours my IV was flushed and I was losing my mind. I wanted nothing more than to see my dog and my brother. Hour after hour went by, and it took forever, but I was finally able to get admitted to the hospital.

My first night, I was all alone at least for a little bit. My mom couldn't sleep over so I was basically on my own. My phone was the only connection I had and I just slept till the sun came up.

It was late when I woke up; I had a roommate.

An elderly woman named Arlene and she was so full of joy and life. I couldn't be happier to have her as a roommate.

She loved to read and she was so caring. I helped her in any way I could. The first night, it was uncomfortable. I was alone, I couldn't sleep well, and the TV was really bad.

The first meal I ate there was a delicious grilled cheese with tomato soup and crackers. I also had a serving of pound cake which really made me smile, but that... that was only the first night.

(Part 2 Coming Soon)

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