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Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Pink Opal

by Rob Weesner 7 months ago in spirituality
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Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Pink Opal, is a type of Common Opal that is generally opaque and does not show the “fire” like that of Precious Opals. The color ranges from a bright baby girl pink to a pink-white, cream, or even lavender. Pink Opal is a very powerful crystal when it comes in contact with one’s heart. This stone activates and unlocks our heart chakra and imbues one’s aura with calming, tranquil vibrations. It’s a perfect stone for someone to carry if they are struggling with any sadness, especially that of a broken heart. Pink Opal will serve your emotional body when it comes to a breakup, loss of a loved one, or even long distance relationships. This crystal pushes us to look within, and strengthen our connection to our inner self. By strengthening this connection, we become stronger as individuals. This teaches us that we don’t have to lean on our loved ones as much, and can rely on just ourselves. Pink Opal gives a sense of individuality while showing just how strong you and your heart truly are. By turning inwards and beginning to work on yourself, emotional strain weighing on one’s heart and mind begins to fade away.

Pink Opal allows you to be more empathetic. Empathy is a two-part process. It requires you to both understand someone else’s feelings and to share in them. When you’re feeling a lack of empathy, connect with the energy of Pink Opal. Pink Opal is a stone of love and gentleness, bringing energies of gentle love and kindness to all types of relationships. Physically, it is helpful for eyesight, heart disease and injury, Parkinson’s disease, lungs, and spleen. It is also helpful for diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Pink Opal shifts the focus from yourself to another so you can learn to acknowledge someone else’s struggle or difficult situation. Pink Opal helps to balance your own emotions so you can approach someone in need with a calm and centered demeanor. This stone opens your heart to feeling what others feel, without judgment. It lends an attitude of compassion and love that helps you find common ground with everyone you encounter. By creating space in your heart to share in other’s experiences, connecting with this crystal also enhances your ability to truly feel what others feel.

It is a lovely stone to keep with you as it helps to bring the joy back into your life. Use Pink Opal when you need to get rid of old patterns that are no longer working for you, as well as giving you insight into ways that will help to enhance your emotional, spiritual and intellectual self. You can use this “stone of renewal” to aide in your journey of self-acceptance and love. Pink Opal can keep you calm and centered.

If you routinely find yourself sticking to one perspective without allowing for empathy, it’s time to work with Pink Opal. This crystal encourages important growth within your spirit. Next time you notice yourself judging someone else’s behavior, Pink Opal will inspire you to take a moment to truly see and hear the situation from their point of view. When you’re ready to let love, compassion, and understanding inspire you, Pink Opal will establish a deeper sense of empathy.

Pink Opal inspires generosity and a community minded spirit. Pink Opal encourages empathy, shifting the focus to others, assisting in acknowledging someone else’s struggles. Pink Opal opens the heart to compassion and empathy, providing clarity to view situations without judgement. Pink Opal is a compassionate and nurturing stone, encouraging one to be their authentic self, without worrying what others think. Pink Opal can calm anxious nerves, balance and center emotions providing a sense of of peace and tranquility.

The pink opal is a stone of peace and tranquility, the stone of hope and great achievement. A gemstone to heal emotions, especially those related to pain unconsciously. Bring peace to those who have excessive fear, worry or anxiety. It encourages you to forget your worries and improves the emotional clarity that allows you to see things as they are, without assumptions based on experiences. In many beliefs, the pink opal facilitates contact with God, angels and spiritual guides. The Pink Opal helps remember past lives and gives an idea of ​​one’s spiritual mission. The opals were considered divine because of their association with the goddess Pachamama. On a spiritual level, it helps in the activation of clairvoyance. You may want to use for the healing of headaches that may be caused by blockage of the third eye chakra.


Astrological Sign: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

Chakra: Third Eye, Heart

Element: Water

Planet: Neptune


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Rob Weesner

Crystal Collector And Seller


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