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Meditation Made Easy

by Carlton Burns 3 months ago in meditation
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Meditation Made Easy
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

In my personal experience, meditation was an unknown but intriguing practice when I was younger. Around my early teenage years I became more interested in esoteric knowledge.

Meditation being one of the many techniques people come across on their journey, can be confusing to newcomers and those still needing to understand the basics.

When asking people what they know about meditating, I noticed many believe its used to stop your thoughts. If most people believe that's the purpose, I understand why many shy away from it entirely. Even if they never researched it for themselves.

With this topic I plan to make understanding the basics and techniques behind meditation as easy as possible. First I'd like to clear up that misconception mentioned above:

The goal of meditation isn't to stop your thoughts--it's to allow them to flow as you gradually come to a point of stillness within!

To stop your thoughts is impossible, since it's a mechanism of the ego. It exists as part of the dual nature of your divine being, since we live in a world of duality.

The law of duality is one of the Hermetic Laws, that deals with how this universe operates. That's another topic I'll touch on in another post, but I urge you to go and research them for yourself.

By Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Moving on, meditation is real simple and doesn't have to be complicated. Get in a comfortable position that suits you (no lotus pose required if you choose), close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.

Yes, its that easy.

Though simple as it may be, it comes with its own set of challenges. For one, your thoughts come at rapid speeds and you may get sidetracked focusing on them--instead of your object of focus, being your breath.

The only way to quiet those thoughts is with continuous practice. For beginners it's recommended to start off with a minute a day, and increase the time as you get better.

There are many benefits you'll find that comes with practicing meditation, with a couple being increased focus, reduced stress, and being present/grounded in your being.

Those of you who tend to overthink (myself included), I've found its helped me keep a calm and focused demeanor in everyday life. I'm not saying meditation is a one solution fix all type of thing, but it aids in finding solutions to problems in a calm and collected manner.

By Dorota Dylka on Unsplash

As mentioned earlier there are a couple techniques you can try that'll help in your practice:

  1. Aside from focusing on your breath, you can choose to focus on any part of the body, as energy goes wherever your mind focuses. Practicing this, you'll notice a sensation in that area, where you can choose to release tension or promote healing.
  2. Box Breathing is another method which uses a count for the inhale--hold--and exhale. The most common count is a 4-4-4 but experiment with different counts that work for you.
  3. Visualizing is another great technique to pair with meditation that has its own list of benefits. Sticking to the topic, visualizing can help with keeping that focus in your meditation. Of course using simple objects that are easy to visualize is recommended for beginners.

Since this was the basics on meditation it's not meant to be a long post. Hopefully this information serves whoever reads it and thank you to all of you who have read.

Feel free to like and share with your family and friends and don't forget to check out the resources below.


Meditation and Its Methods by Swami Vivekananda

The Healer's Handbook by Stewart Swerdlow

Occult Exercises and Practices by Gareth Knight

The Divine Science by Samael Aun Weor


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