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by Saint Will about a year ago in meditation

Oneness with myself. Connected with the world.

I sit cross-legged, breathing in and out with eyes closed until my body and my mind is still. I’m using only three senses at this moment, the smell of the fresh air and the rain preparing to come down as the little droplets hit my face. My body feels light, everything in me is aligned which gives me a sense of peacefulness within my mind, body, and soul. I can hear the birds speaking, communicating with each other and all I can think is how lucky at this moment they are. Free to fly any place they feel suits them, no worries at all. At this point all of my beings is one with earth, I am grounded and safe, this is where I belong. As my mind and body continue to remain still, I focus on my breath, the rising and the falling continues to take me deeper and heightens my senses. Not too far away, the bees are buzzing, surprisingly the sound doesn’t break my concentration, they’re just living freely like I am at this moment.

From the East, the wind blows. The rain comes down a little harder now, I am protected by the shed I sent under in my backyard although I can still feel the little droplets the wind continues to blow my way. The feel of the fresh air and the calm blow of the wind is hypnotizing, enhancing the stillness in me much further to the point it feels like I’m in a whole new world where my vibration continues to rise. I’m at peace, feeling free as the birds, like the bees, and the squirrels that I can hear ruffling the leaves as they move from tree to tree. I get this sense that I’m sitting in the middle of the rainforest, blind to what’s happening around me but refusing to open my eyes because the feeling alone is the most euphoric I have felt in these past few months. I have no idea of the time because I don’t feel time.

The moment has passed, the wind is no longer blowing at this point, the rain has stopped but the smell is still in the air. I am now coming back into my body, focusing back on my breathing, using all my senses at once now. Then this calming voice in my head tells me to open my eyes, the view looks exactly like how I pictured. As I stay seated on my cushioned mat, I take in the sight in front of me. The grass is filled with white clovers that spread out through the entire lawn, a wall of trees stand tall in front of me. The leaves are bright green with just a hint of ember after the spring gave them new life. But what’s intriguing is in the middle of those trees is a passageway with no clue to where it leads which causes my imagination to run wild. I can see through that passageway more trees but a feeling comes over me that it’s so much more beauty that grows beyond.

All of my senses are activated at this moment, I can now see those birds sitting in the trees, taking flight with the others. The bees are buzzing around the white clovers, getting their daily nutrients from one to the next. The squirrels continue to chase each other through the wall of trees, while the rabbits come out the trees and move their way through the grass and into the abyss of that passageway. Looking at the beauty created brings a smile on my face, as my mind, body, and soul has become more stimulated. I feel, I hear, I see the connection everything on earth has and it is truly a beautiful masterpiece.


Saint Will

I don't see myself doing anything else in life but writing. To inform, to inspire to entertain.

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Saint Will
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