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Many small red dots on the body, a sign of liver disease?

by Custo 2 months ago in health
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A lot of small red spots on the body, related to 4 reasons

Auntie Wang, 63, was not in a particularly good mood recently because she had small red spots on her face with swelling symptoms, and was going to rub it with anti-inflammatory ointment, but was surprised by her neighbor's words.

"Sister Wang, what's wrong with your face?"

"It's nothing serious, just a small red spot."

"I think this is not a normal red spot, right? I've heard that a bad liver will grow red dots!"

After hearing this, Auntie Wang was half convinced and recalled that she had muscle pain and weakness during this period, and she was tempted to eat and drink because she might have liver cancer.

The partner could not stand it and dragged Auntie Wang to the hospital for examination, and the final diagnosis was dermatologists, which made Auntie Wang breathe a sigh of relief and think: what red dots is liver disease, my liver is fine!

A. Is a red mole on the body a sign of liver disease?

There is an article on the internet that says "red moles on the skin may be caused by liver disease", which makes many people unsettled.

When the liver disease progresses to an advanced stage, the liver will metabolize estrogen abnormally and red moles will appear on the skin due to local capillary dilation.

It can be said that this kind of red skin mole may be caused by abnormal liver metabolism, but it is biased to infer that the liver is not good just because of the red skin mole.

Red moles on the surface of the skin are surrounded by dilated capillaries, which resemble spiders and are called spider moles.

The occurrence of spider nevus is usually closely related to the endocrine estrogen level, and about 10% to 15% of normal people may also have spider nevus, which is often caused by the dramatic fluctuation of estrogen level, so the appearance of spider nevus is not necessarily a disease.

When liver function is damaged to a certain extent, spider nevi appear on the surface of the skin, accompanied by redness of the skin between the palms of the fish. As liver function continues to fail, the bilirubin metabolism in the patient's body begins to be disturbed, and the patient's skin becomes yellow, especially after prolonged jaundice, and the skin gradually darkens.

Therefore, if spider nevus is accompanied by the above symptoms, it often indicates that liver function is being impaired, so it is best to check and take intervention measures as soon as possible.

Second, the sudden appearance of small red dots on the body often maybe these 4 kinds of diseases

What is the problem with the sudden appearance of small red dots on the skin? Is it just a common skin disease? Will it affect their health? Here are answers for you one by one.

-Vascular nevus

Vascular nevus, also known as senile homemaking and cherry-like homemaking, is a red spot caused by the proliferation and expansion of hairy crab blood vessels in the skin, which often appears on the upper body and is less common on the lower body, and is flat or raised, with a large number of 1-3 mm in size, and will not fade when pressed, will not cause itching and pain, and will not ulcerate or fade.

Generally, vascular nevus is just a vascular problem, it is a benign disease, and is generally not treated.

-Allergic Purana

Allergic Purana is an inflammatory disease of the blood vessels caused by a disorder of the body's immune response, which can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, rash, joint pain, or nephritis.

The red spots and catechize produced by allergic Purana often appear symmetrically on the lower extremities and do not fade when pressed, with an itchy sensation.

The data shows that 90% of allergic Purana occur in children. The symptoms of allergic Purana should be treated as soon as possible because of the threat to health.

Inflammation of blood vessels

-Mechanical Purana

When constipation, inversion or crying, and breath-holding, the increased pressure of the blood vessels in the head can cause capillary rupture, which then leads to red spots of blood on the skin. Mechanical Purana is usually found in children and is usually cured without treatment by avoiding these behaviors.

-Pigmented Purana skin disease

Pigmented Purana skin disease is a vascular disease of the skin, commonly found in the lower extremities, mostly small catechize, etc., which do not fade easily when pressed, and are more likely to occur in adults, and generally do not cause any particular health effects, but can be further screened and evaluated by a dermatologist.

3. 4 signs of skin, alert to the possibility of cancer or disease

Certain diseases in the process of development may lead to changes in a person's skin, and we should also be alert to such skin changes as possible disease signals.

1, Dark spots on the neck

Goose-like hyper-pigmented patches grow on the neck or armpits, which is a manifestation of acanthus Nigerians, and the disease often suggests abnormal body metabolism, such as possible obesity or diabetes.

Of course, one should also be alert to acanthus Nigerians and malignant tumors related, usually, such patients are not obese, they are found in tumor disease, or after treatment, the skin may have the performance of acanthus Nigerians.

2, abnormal itching of the skin

The pancreatic tumor often causes bile duct obstruction, and excessive bile acid salt accumulation will cause itchy skin symptoms, and the itchy skin is most persistent and generalized, which cannot be relieved by scratching. Since the early symptoms of pancreatic tumors are relatively insidious, do not ignore the symptom of abnormal itchy skin.

3, abnormal skin lumps

Large or small nodular lumps may appear on the skin surface, and we need to pay attention to the appearance of these lumps in terms of location, growth rate, texture, and so on. Usually, benign lumps are mobile and grow slowly, with smooth surfaces and clear borders, while malignant lumps have a rough surface, unclear borders, and a fast growth rate, and lump ulcers are usually difficult to heal, while patients also have a fever, weakness, sudden weight loss, and other manifestations.

4, yellowing of the skin

If a large amount of carotene-rich food will appear carotene, the skin will be yellow.

Excluding dietary factors, and waxy yellow skin without blood color, accompanied by yellow urine stool and eye whites, be alert to possible liver abnormalities. In addition, pancreatic cancer can cause bile duct obstruction, which may also lead to yellowing of the skin and eyes.

IV. Skin is prone to aging, care is important

Fair and smooth skin looks young, while dry and lusterless skin will make people look old, and skin has aged. Four steps to learning Oh!

First, do a good job of skin cleaning, facial cleanser with a mild moisturizing effect is good, body washes with mild weak acid, and wash the skin when the water temperature is appropriate.

Second, do a good job of skin hydration, such as the use of toner or softener after cleansing the skin, you can also use a one to two times a week hydration mask, the purpose is to avoid dry skin.

Third, do a good job of skin moisturizing, after using skin softening water should use moisturizing cream or moisturizer to lock in moisture, especially on dry skin can also use moisturizing ointment.

Fourth, do a good job of skin sunscreen, sunscreen work all year round to perform, otherwise, ultraviolet light will damage the skin and accelerate skin aging, general daily sunscreen with 15, while out with sunscreen 30 sunscreen can be.

Both the largest organ is also the body's first line of defense of the skin, irritation or certain diseases may cause red spots, itching, yellowing, and other symptoms, general specific problems should be analyzed specifically if you can not solve the best or the first time to the hospital for examination and treatment.


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