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Kidney sickness is a quiet killer

by Dany Goldraij 12 days ago in health

Kidney sickness is a quiet, that is causing more passing's that it needs to.

Kidney sickness is a quiet killer

Anyone who has diabetes or high blood pressure should be aware that these conditions can lead to chronic kidney disease, and even to kidney failure. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, and high blood pressure is the second leading cause. Diabetes and high blood pressure account for 70 percent of all cases of kidney failure in African Americans, and African Americans are four times more likely than whites to experience kidney failure.

The good news is that kidney failure doesn't happen overnight. Instead, it usually occurs only after kidney damage has taken place over years, or even decades. By taking some precautions and monitoring your health, you can greatly reduce your risk of kidney failure.

Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure

Both diabetes and high blood pressure can damage the kidneys, which can lead to chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is a condition in which a person's kidneys are not working as well as they should.

Eventually, the damage from chronic kidney disease can lead to kidney failure. When a person has kidney failure, it means their kidneys are not working well enough to keep the person alive, and the only options are dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant.

More than 7.4 million adults in the United States over age 20 have chronic kidney disease. That's 4.5 percent of the population. There are currently 400,000 Americans who have progressed to kidney failure and are being kept alive through dialysis or kidney transplants.

More than 75,000 people die from kidney failure each year. Kidney disease is America's ninth leading cause of death.

With early diagnosis and treatment, chronic kidney disease can be slowed and kidney failure may be avoided. Without treatment, chronic kidney disease can become kidney failure with little or no warning.

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Kidney sickness is a quiet, regularly undiscovered issue that is causing more passing's that it needs to.

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Dany Goldraij
Dany Goldraij
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