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Key Benefits to Detox Your Mind and Create Balance

by Selena Le Beau 4 years ago in health
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Ultimate Life Changing Steps to Detox Your Life by Effectively Removing Unwanted Stress and Negative Energy for Good

Did you know that you can improve your life by detoxing the mind as well as the body?

There are numerous factors that alter and shift our perspectives that are completely out of our control.

So many occurrences shape our mind on a daily basis. We hold on to the more negative things without realizing just how much damage it is actually doing in the long run.

It has the ability to change your mood and even cause you to become ill at times.

Everything that you worry about will consume you. It has a lot to do with the need to be in control of things.

When you let go and allow it to be, it will eventually work itself out.

This game of Life doesn't come with a manuscript or cheat sheet.

There will be certain cracks in your foundation that throw you off track ultimately hold you back from being your best self.

The more work that you do inward and elevate to a higher consciousness level the easier life becomes.

Keep reading to learn how to...

• Create physical solutions for emotional problems.

• Know that emotional toxicity is born of mental resistance.

• Know that the problems that are consuming your mind are actually behind you.

• Get back to feeling like you again

Colon Cancer has risen to the number one spot for Americans which has jumped to 67 percent in only two decades. This says a lot about what you consumed and what you allow to stay and rot on the inside. You can get started by getting these harmful things out of the body that is necessary for longevity and impeccable health!

An exceptional well thought-out course that allowed me to get the ball rolling to get back on track. I was able to release my old way of negative thinking and become successful in life. I eliminated stress and worry in less than 30 days and was also able to control and manage my emotions and no longer suffer from anxiety or ADHD which is truly amazing.

Locate the source despite what we've been taught.

In order to successfully alleviate the issues, we must go backwards to locate the source and identify the causes.

We all have a base concept of what we perceive as "normal." If you alter it, what it will show you is how many behaviors, values, and beliefs that you’ve unconsciously adopted from your immediate surroundings. It is your job to seek out ways so you can change them!

This generation is obsessively consumed with modern technology. Computers, cell phones, and social media are disrupting our physical body, consciousness and mind.

Social media has the biggest impact on us and affects us the second we turn on the channel and see a distressing image or see a sad story that reduces us to tears.

The minute you associate with the pain you witness it has already altered your mind. You later end up with a change in your mood that you may feel came from no where or a headache from connecting with the pain.

If we understand how we are connected to others in the universe we often begin to see life differently than what we were used to seeing. And living in oblivion suddenly fades away.

You gain a whole new perspective on living in general and something is awakened within you.

Social media blocks all of this inward learning and pushes us further away from gaining the knowledge of self unless you're on that path and are actually interested in something other than the latest iPhone, newest sneakers, eight hundred dollar hover board or some other nonsensical materialistic item that has nothing to do with your growth as an individual.

Restructuring your digital life is an excellent way to lower unexplained and unexpected mood swings.

Besides, it’s not realistic to be forever and also not wise to keep things that don’t serve you positively in your social feeds and expect it not to affect you.

If nothing else, it will make you a bit more aware of the world.

This generation is guilty of suffering from many health issues and a multitude of Cancers. Adding Superfood to your daily diet has been known throughout the Centuries to heal all types of diseases. Just imagine what it will do for your body and your health!

Deprogram to reprogram your mind.

Detoxing your mind is the act of letting go of your emotional attachments and instead creating actual solutions.

Realizing that emotional toxicity is born out of mental resistance of our mind and thoughts.

Mental resistance only serves to keep you in your emotional discomfort, even if it numbs it for a minute. Which is the equivalent of self sabotage.

Here's ten things that you can do to reprogram your life and help relieve and prevent future stress at the same time!

• Stop worrying about what you cannot control. You shouldn't take on everyone's problems, it will weigh you down. Literally.

• Take a break from social media and negativity. Unfollow anyone who brings negative energy. Only follow those who share uplifting content.

• Cleanse your body! This is highly important. You are exposed daily to toxins in foods (especially meats), cigarette smoke, fumes, medical shots and over the counter drugs that all lead to colon CANCER! Detoxing your system yearly or twice a year is ideal to live healthy and longer.

• Go outside in nature near water or trees or take a long walk or drive, and let yourself get lost, not literally but within.

• Be present. Enjoy each moment as it occurs, and without any judgment or past associations that take away from the experience.

• Release the false idea that one emotion will cancel out or fix another. Deal with issues, don't run from there. They will eventually show up.

• Kick the habit of negative mental chatter. The sabotaging inner voice that creeps up when you are worried, judges others and criticizes you at your most vulnerable times.

• Write down any thoughts that frequently cross your mind and clog your brain. Doing a mental purge will get them out and give you a sense of relief.

• Read a book or research about an interest you want to learn more about. Actively engage in things that excite you naturally.

• Consider cleansing or releasing the emotional attachment you have to the things and people you keep around you.

Detoxing has proven to give millions of people more years on their lives. Eliminating unnecessary wastes from your body is necessary in avoiding multiple types of cancers. There are harmful things all around us on a daily basis that trigger these things in the body, that exist everywhere from foods, air, car fumes, perfumes, medications, shots (medical) and so much more. Getting these things out of you can effectively extend your life and keep you from getting sick!

How awesome is it to be able to splurge whenever you feel like for your own benefit. Today, you can receive up to ten times bonus cash back just to shop at over 2,000 stores including Macy's, Expedia, Amazon, eBay, The body shop, health food stores, and so much more. Also limited time offer when you share directly with a friend they'll get $10 and you'll get $15. So it's a win win!

Release negative thought patterns.

We are subconsciously triggered by negative associations because of how your brain processes your surroundings—change them by changing how you think and what you feel will change.

There will be certain cracks in your foundation that throw you off track ultimately hold you back from being your best self.

Know that the problems that are consuming your mind are actually behind you.

Cleanse your space emotionally and evaluate the emotional attachment you have to the things you own in your immediate surroundings. Are you buying things aren't necessarily representative of you (shoes, clothes, drugs) to follow someone or are you being someone you’re not?

Let those things go, but decide what to let go by acknowledging how they make you feel and think.

Practice shifting your first initial thought every time you start falling back into toxic thought cycles. What this does is basically creating a new pattern for your mind and refocuses you in the moment (and it’s simple enough to do at your desk at work.)

Stretch your brain by learning new things. There something new to learn everyday when you apply your efforts. (Challenge yourself and try it for a while).

Read a book or research about an interest you want to learn more about. Actively engage in things that excite you naturally.

It's imperative to understand that coping addictions arise as an avoidance mechanism in order to not deal with a certain traumatic experience or problem.

Release the need to constantly beat yourself up about your shortcomings. While you realize that good enough should not be the opposite of perfect.

There is one thing that will give you the proper mental-emotional relief and that is making sure to let good enough be good enough.

Work on permanently removing the thought that most parts of your life must solely be performed flawlessly.

Most of what clogs our minds is an accumulation of the unnecessary effort we put into forcebly constructing a false life image that seems to others a little more appealing to in a weird way, people please or feel accepted.

When we place ourselves further from a genuinely happy experience through grandiose ideas and attachments they end up turning us into characters, and not people.

Embracing the fact that life is much more illusory and simple and more than enough will take the mind to new wave lengths and higher consciousness when one sees past the surface of illusions beyond the midst of confusion!


About the author

Selena Le Beau

She expresses her gift of writing through each piece. She studied writing in college and has been inspiring people for 20 years. She gives back to the community & enriches them with enlightenment. Philanthropist, Empath and Nature lover.

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