Keeps your health going amidst this pandemic

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by making these simple changes in your lifestyle!

Keeps your health going amidst this pandemic

This pandemic situation has pushed every human to think towards their health and wellbeing on top of everything else. Now, when we talk about good health , that must go synonymous with a good diet.

So, if you have not made the desired changes in your diet yet, you cannot expect your body and health to deliver when it matters most.

Mohsen motamedian , one of the most talked-about health expert and nutritionist around, has further voiced his opinion in the same regards.

As per him, this pandemic situation has forced everyone to think about their immunity and this is where bringing the following changes in your daily routine can really help.

1. Bulk up on Vitamin C and Zinc

While a vaccine to coronavirus may take some more time, the only way to protect your health is to boost your immunity. Bulking up on consuming food that is rich in Vitamin C is one of the best options to go forward in the same respect.

Speaking of Vitamin C, indulge yourself in a diet full of citrus fruits like Oranges, Lemon, Lime and berries.

On the other side, having food rich in Zinc can also help in strengthening our immune system and this is where consumption of food items like Spinach, kale, broccoli is highly recommended.

2. Bring more proteins

Proteins not only help in building muscle mass but also facilitate a strong and healthy body. So, once you will have all the strength in your body, you can expect it to fight the right way with all kind of viruses and bacteria around.

Max Motamedian says that a diet rich in protein also helps you to lose some good weight in no time. Hence, binging on food items like Eggs, meat, fish, Soy, nuts and seeds is highly advisable.

3. Indulge in an exercising routine

Besides practicing a healthy dietary pattern, you also need to indulge yourself into a regular exercising routine alongside. Doing that can help you to improve your blood circulation that will further help you in avoiding all kinds of health issues like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and so on.

Even if you can get along with a heavy weight exercise routine, you must practice something like Yoga or Meditation in the process..

4. Keeping yourself hydrated

Now, this comes as one of the most underrated aspects of a healthy routine. Everyone knows that our body is made up of 70 per cent water but not everyone bothers to fulfill their daily water requirements.

Hence, the body gets surrounded by all kind of health issues eventually. Gulping at least 3 litres of water on a daily basis.

5. Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy carbs

Now, this is where most of the people often get confused. We must understand that carbs are the main source of energy for our body and you cannot write off their significance in your daily diet.

Hence, going by the healthy carbs options in minimal quantities is the way to go in the same respect. Furthermore, everyone needs to learn about differentiating between healthy and unhealthy carbs.

Speaking of healthy carbs, we lists down food sources like sweet potatoes, whole grains, legumes, oats, brown rice, pasta, and Granola. These are carbs that also contains a good amount of fibers and proteins as well.

On the other side, food options like potatoes, desserts, pizza, burgers, and so on can be listed in the category of unhealthy carbs.

6. Never skip your meals

Even though you are already counting your calories and planning your daily meals in the process, never skip the meals to get the best benefits out of this low carb diet plan. Most of the time, people take intermittent fasting as the best way to lose weight , there are better ways to get along with the same routine.

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