Interior Designing And Its Influence

Interior Designing

Interior Designing And Its Influence

Human are greatly affected by their surroundings. The places we visit on regular basis including our homes, our work places or the streets or buildings we come across are some how connected to us. They have a solid influence on our moods and emotions. Even the wall painting hanging in our room is connected with our feelings or sentiments. We have to believe this fact that they bring change in our behavior and in our moods.

We design ourselves or hire interior designers of our choice to make our places as beautiful and comfortable as we can. We choose each and every thing from our bed sheet design to the color of walls as they contribute in our way of living. A few of us visits art exhibitions and old places to grab the antique pieces of our choice to decorate our places. It is a common practice and people enjoy designing their homes with their favorite paintings and colors. Wall painting Dubai is providing this opportunity of getting a variety of wall paintings for those who are fond of collecting them.

How its effects are health?

Coming home to an interior of our choice makes us feel great and positive even after a day with rough and tough routine. It is going to ultimately change our mood because our health and well being is directly connected to our emotions and surroundings. The colors around us affects are mental state and also our reactions. It is therefore important to select a harmonious color scheme which makes us feel pleasant and happy and a perfect way to utilize the available space.

Interior designing is done is by keeping the following points in mind;


color is a main component of designing because it is having some heavy influence on our state of mind. Color schemes and sitting arrangement of place attracts people and encourage them to visit and have some fun over there. The place gets comfortable when it is designed by using soft colors, subtle lightening and a cozy seating arrangement. While on the other hand a place with harsh lightening and boring color scheme is not going to attract people. They might get bore of it soon or found it uncomfortable.

Color patterns and schemes for a restaurant are designed differently. They use bright colors because they stimulate the need to get something for themselves. This would increase their traffic of customers and would turn out to be fruitful for them.

Different colors are used for different purposes like,


A positive color which represents daylight and happiness. Yellow and its shades are mostly used in kitchen or in the mostly visited room of the house. Yellow is also used in restaurants because it has an ability to stimulate hunger pangs and it is good for their business.


Green is the color of nature and it gives a pleasant feeling when used with other colors. It is very beneficial in reducing stress and overcoming anxiety. That’s why people make their way to hilly areas to get themselves out of the boring routine and to have some relaxation.


Red is a strong color associated with emotions like love and anger. This striking color overpowers the two extremes of emotions. This color is mostly used in featuring walls and for the subtle accent pieces like upholstered chairs. It should be used with other colors to give effective appearance.


Blue is relaxing color and is well known choice for decorating washrooms. Dark blue can create an overwhelming dismal tone but it is best utilized for feature pieces not in general decoration. Overall, it is pleasant looking color and gives the feeling of satisfaction.


White is extremely attractive and alluring and with no doubt it works very well with other shades. It gives a vibe of cleanliness and is generally prevalent.


Black is the powerful and bold color. It represents a unique sense of attractiveness and is perfect in coloring statement pieces.

Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangement and course of furniture action have an impact on people. It calculates amount of gathering and interaction of people at your home. The place of seating arrangement and the way chairs are placed are the factors influencing your arrangement. People love to sit in groups rather than sitting on a chair against the wall.


Lightening is important factor for interior designing. They effect are moods considerably and choice of lightening also depicts our personality. Some people prefer dim lights and some love daylight. A lack of lightening or dim lights leads to low moods and stressful environment. Contrary to that daylight is symbol of energy and positivity. Dim lights at the dinner party or night functions would help people in having a healthy conversation and guests would enjoy opening up with others. While bright light would give opposite results.


Furniture must be chosen carefully because they not only give you comfortable seating but also shows your sense of style and fashion. Your dining table and chairs or your couch in your living room shows the overall feel of your home so their selection is a critical step. It is very important to utilize your space with appropriate furniture or accessories. Most of us look for a soft and curved edge items because they help us in having smooth usage. There is less chance of getting hurt or getting injured whereas sharp edges are sort of potential threat.

Wall Painting

Individuals of this age look for some unique and modern ways to decorate their homes and work places. Some of them collect paintings they like from different cities where as others prefer painting their walls in a unique way. For this purpose, they go for different wall painting services including the Rehan services. They love and enjoy staying at places painted with beautiful colors. This technique is also being used by a number of restaurants to attract as much people as they can because people found it appealing and something different to acknowledge.

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