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I Implore You: Don’t Escape The Matrix

by Naomi Goldrich 2 months ago in spirituality / advice · updated 2 months ago
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You’re here for a reason.

I Implore You: Don’t Escape The Matrix
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

There’s an increasingly popular belief that we’re living in a simulation. A belief that the 3D world of “reality” isn’t real at all. This belief isn’t exclusive to conspiracy theorists and the new age crowd. Some scientists are backing it.

I’m a professional psychic and spiritual advisor who loves science—not because I need science to believe in things, but because I enjoy the very human process of manifesting tangible, physical proof of the metaphysical. Scientists are magicians, pulling rabbits of evidence out of the limitless depths of their imaginations and hats. People believe scientists because they want to believe in the magic of the universe. The universe is mysterious and unexplainable. We seek to understand it, yet knowing there’s much we don’t know provides hope for limitless possibilities.

New discoveries are confirmation of what ancient sages already spoke of—yet, our technology would’ve been considered sorcery to them, beyond their comprehension. We keep expanding our consciousness and advancing our quality of life. We do this through dreaming bigger than our ancestors dared to, creating inventions they couldn’t have prophesied. We also use our analytical minds to research and conduct studies, manifesting confirmation that Jesus was right—we can do anything he did, and more.

You ARE living in a simulation, similar to a video game.

Not a computer driven one. Not one controlled by “aliens.” Mankind created it. Mankind keeps it going.

The 3D is the material, man-made world. Humans made skyscrapers, elevators and escalators, jet planes and WiFi, houses and churches, cars and trains and Ferris wheels, Disney World and the Eiffel Tower, film and literature and musical instruments and paintbrushes, fuzzy wool socks, espresso machines. We even made video games, a spoof of reality.

However, it can all be destroyed by nature. It can all be destroyed by us. Nature is the real physical reality, internal and eternal, created by THE creator. We are animals. We were created by the creator, like Mother Earth and all sentient beings, and our human nature makes us part of the natural world. However, we were given a higher consciousness than other animals. We were made in the image of the creator to be creators too. Consciously, we are not on our creator’s level. The material world we’ve made is imperfect because we’re imperfect. We are here to improve upon it. It is external and temporary. We can destroy it and recreate it at will, because it’s a reflection of our internal state. It is physical, yet an illusion. Reality is subjective, unique, individualized, and based entirely on one’s perception. Reality is perceived through the physical senses, but not everyone has all five—and some have extra sensory perception, putting them in a different reality.

Life is a lucid dream made physical after conceiving it in the mind’s eye. Those who’ve mastered their minds are the architects and masons of “the matrix.” Those with mental limitations are enslaved.

The goal is not to escape reality. The goal is to liberate your mind from all restrictions, creating a more beautiful reality for current and future generations. Your contribution as a conscious creator is in alignment with your desires and dreams. It’s what you were born for. It’s bigger than “you” as an individual with an ego, but something “you” must carry out. You’re part of the creator’s perfect design.

Earth is not a prison planet. You chose to be here. You could choose to end your life as a physical and temporary part of the material world by death, or by living an empty life of spiritual bypassing and disassociating—which isn’t living at all. I implore you not to. Please participate. Don’t be a non-player character.

There are dimensions of consciousness. There are levels to this. If you’ve ever been in a deep state of meditation, been hypnotized, or been intoxicated, you’ve felt yourself ascending or descending the ladder of consciousness. These levels are represented by the chakra system, also known as the rainbow bridge.

Your soul or life force ascends the rainbow bridge through inspired actions and interactions with others. Your spirit or consciousness then descends the rainbow bridge. Your spirit raises the vibration of our planet through physical manifestations of your fantasies. This is how you allow the creator to create through you, making lasting changes that serve humanity. It’s how your soul acends completely, surrendering to what we think of as bliss, nirvana, heaven—knowing you did what you came here to do. Your soul cannot be at peace until this is accomplished. You’ll have a longing that must be satiated, a soul desire to contribute. You’ll keep choosing to come back to this “matrix” and improve upon it. Escaping the matrix blocks ascension.

Let’s talk about those levels.


Chakra: Earth Star

Chakra Color: Black, until it is unblocked and becomes silver

Universal Laws of this Chakra: Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Compensation

The first dimension is experienced through the Earth Star chakra, or what some call the “Super Root.” It is below your feet, making up the mass of energy known as Earth. After all, that’s what stars and planets are. They’re masses of energy. You are energy, and as a living creature on this planet, you are Earth.

The ancients called this dimension “the Underworld” or the “World Soul.” Carl Jung called it “the collective unconscious.” Your individual unconscious or Earth Star chakra contributes to the collective, for better or worse. Your individual unconscious is what Freud referred to as “the id” and what Jung labeled the “shadow self.”

Buried within the shadow self is the golden shadow of unconscious emotions wanting expression, repressed desires wanting fulfillment, and rejected or denied talents wanting to come out of the darkness and shine. This is your treasure, your abundance. It’s you. You are a gem.

You inherit these talents and desire to share them along with the trauma of your ancestors, which caused the oppression of these talents and desires. This chakra rules DNA. Science is now proving we inherit trauma along with hereditary traits and talents.

It is up to each individual to do the inner work, not only to heal themselves, but also to clear their bloodline and contribute to society in a way that is beneficial rather than harmful. Shadow work is our only hope for a brighter future. However, most people will not do it, hence a pandemic. Repression causes extreme mental, emotional and physical health problems as well as weakened immunity, and science has proven this too.

Fun fact—when mediums speak to your ancestors or deceased loved ones, they’re actually speaking to this unconscious version of YOU. When they say a loved one has crossed over, that means you’ve made peace with an unconscious aspect of yourself that you had in common with the loved one—it is you who has crossed over. Mediums read energetic thought forms that have been repressed, which can “haunt” a traumatized person or physical location where trauma occurred.

Also, when you drink alcohol, you tap into this dimension. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes a person’s true nature come out. It makes emotions you’re ashamed of resurface, and leads you to drunk dial your ex you’re only pretending to be over. It can also make you unconscious or “blackout drunk” in a literal sense, and some people choose to not remember things they did the next day because they find it shameful. All repressed memories make up the individual and collective unconscious, including past life memories. Your ancestors are past life versions of you, and your descendants are future versions of you. What you do now matters in all timelines.

This dimension works through the Earth Star chakra to enforce the universal Laws of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and Compensation. It’s how you transmute the pain of your ancestors/past lives, and how you receive your reparations through unique talents that weren’t utilized. Until this chakra is cleared, you behave unconsciously and contribute to the darkness of the planet. When it is cleared, you obliterate the heavy, low vibrational karma of humanity that you were previously distributing. You circulate wealth, and end generational debts, metaphysically as well as physically.

If emotions are represented by the element of water, think of the first dimension as an underwater cave to explore.

By Michael Behrens on Unsplash


Chakra: Root

Chakra Color: Red

Universal Law of this Chakra: Law of Correspondence

The second dimension is experienced through the Root chakra, which is the chakra of basic human needs. This dimension rules the internal natural world, which is overlapping the external material world. The 3D is a reflection of the 2D. The universal Law of Correspondence explains this, as does the line from the Emerald Tablet, “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

The Root chakra anchors your soul into physicality through your connection to your body and to Mother Earth. Denial of your human needs traumatizes the Root, leaving you ungrounded, disempowered, and at the mercy of those who are in power. This will be mirrored in the material world. You will be insecure and unstable, experiencing the world as a hostile place through your five physical senses. You will resonate with the fears of others. You will both admire and resent those who are empowered and in power through their Root.

Oddly enough, the more spiritual people are, the more ungrounded they tend to be. Many spiritual people claim to love “nature” while despising their own human nature. They are obsessed with divinity and ashamed of being made of flesh. This internalized self-hate and condemnation causes them to deny themselves their basic human needs as they try to transcend them.

Many of them have eating disorders under the guise of being “healthy.” Since their dietary needs aren’t being met, and they’re perpetually experiencing a low grade starvation, their Kundalini or life-force is tightly coiled around the base of their spine at the Root chakra. It cannot rise. They’re living in survival mode. They’re also in a state of fight or flight, panic, defensiveness and combativeness.

Nothing is more grounding than food, and a well-fed body can relax. People not eating well aren’t sleeping well. They cannot meditate. Their bodies are wanting them to go hunt or gather or prepare food. They cannot enter higher states of consciousness, or ground those higher frequencies, so they feel like they’re losing their minds if they try. Their brains are starving as well. The human mind requires adequate protein, nutrient rich calories, and healthy fats to function properly. Rest and relaxation are a basic need, and someone who lives in hunger cannot know calm.

Other spiritual people refuse to be successful in a way that would be financially rewarding, or to enjoy any creature comforts. They never fulfill their life purpose they were born for because they feel unworthy of it, or fear worldly success would transform them into a bad person. They will even say things in sessions with me like, “I don’t want wealth. I would just donate it all to charity.” They’ll never have money to donate to philanthropic causes, because they’ve made up their minds to struggle.

They stay in codependent relationships, relying on the income of their family or lovers for survival. This is toxic of them, and it causes the person or people they’re living off of to emotionally reject them. Therefore, they can’t ever meet the biggest human need of all—the need for a supportive physical environment and sense of belonging. They could have that if they would stand in their own power and stop using people, but their deep insecurity makes them afraid to even try.

A lot of spiritual people are financially broke because they’re broken inside. This can manifest as them trying to save, fix, rescue, or heal others as lost as they are, calling themselves “lightworkers”—which isn’t a talent the creator would ever give anyone. It’s just something delusional people say to explain why they attract those mirroring their wounds back to them.

Some are so attached to a narrative of hardship because it’s the only way they know how to receive the attention and emotional support they need. Misery loves company. People fear that if they start to do well, they’ll no longer be relatable and they’ll lose people. (Spoiler: they will. It’ll end codependency and soul contracts.)

Then there are those too busy saving society or their twin flame to tune into their needs. They don’t have time to do inner work when they’ve got so many conspiracy theories to share so they can wake people up. Whenever I see this mindset in my clients, I know I can’t help them. I can’t want better for them than they want for themselves, just as they can’t want that for those they’re choosing to focus on to avoid self-reflection.

Ungrounded people are responsible for the economic imbalance and abuse of power by those who have all the resources. They’ve disturbed the natural order. Mankind was meant to thrive, and to have dominion over the animal kingdom, but not to have dominion over one another. There would be equality for all if all became personally empowered and fulfilled their needs—but first, one has to stop denying themselves those needs and feel entitled to LIFE.

Women have a harder time accepting this. Their internalized misogyny causes them to follow strict diets, to make themselves small and soft-spoken and agreeable, and to believe it’s their job to mother and nurture everyone but themselves. They disregard their needs for the needs of others. A false “need to be needed” becomes their persona, blocking them from being their Higher Self. Women who don’t have family or friends or lovers to devote themselves to often end up fighting some cause. I’ve seen too many social justice warriors who can’t pay their rent. This martyrdom is social conditioning, and why there is a wage gap between men and women. Meanwhile, the rising costs of living have many women financially dependent on the very spouse or family member(s) draining their energy and earning potential.

Your reputation as a good and righteous person will never grant you permission from others to live the life you want. You must give yourself permission. You have nothing to prove and need no one’s approval. Take note of all the other animals on Earth. They follow their instincts and play their roles. Deep down you know what you need, so receive it. Don’t accept anything less.

By Qingbao Meng on Unsplash


Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Chakra Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo

Universal Laws of these Chakras: Law of Compensation, Law of Relativity, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, Law of Inspired Action, Law of Polarity, Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Gender

The 3rd dimension of consciousness rules the ego. Contrary to popular belief in spiritual crowds, the ego isn’t “bad.” You need it to thrive. You need it to be grounded in reality, and not lose your mind. You need a healthy ego to carry out the wishes of your Higher Self. People with unhealthy egos suffer from anxiety, depression, physical and mental health problems, addictions, personality disorders, despair and suicidal ideation. The only cure is ego death and spiritual rebirth.

Ego death simply means ego transformation. There is no such thing as death. We are energy. Your energy is your soul, your life force. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; only transformed. The death of a body transforms one from physical to non physical. The birth of a body transforms one from non physical to physical. This cycle is an essential part of the natural world, seen in all plants and animals through the seasons and ecosystem. Even herbivores must consume the souls of plants to receive energy. Plants are sentient beings just as animals are. It isn’t possible to “do no harm” and exist. Eventually, you must accept this fact, forgive everyone including yourself, and live your life to the fullest extent.

Because the 3D mirrors the 2D, your human nature requires ego death and spiritual rebirth. Ego death is a transformation of the role you play. You stop living as your old self, your persona developed through trauma to avoid hurting others or being ostracized. You become who you are. It is the birth of a new life you never saw modeled by anyone close to you. It is scary for the same reason literal death is—you are going into the unknown, and you cannot take anyone with you. They have to follow you through their own free will.

This dimension is how we experience emotional and physical feelings; desires which create expansion; gut feelings and physical intuition which ignites inspiration; attraction; taste; smell; sound; human connection through touch, language and attention; sight; and imagination which leads to manifestation in a grounded person.

The Root chakra effects the other six chakras of the rainbow bridge, five of which operate in the 3rd dimension. Someone ungrounded in the 2nd dimension will repress their desires, motivation, and free will to go through the motions of a life they don’t want. They’ll attract karmic soulmates mirroring their wounds, not kindred spirits. Their relationships will be low vibrational because they’re low vibrational, stuck at the Root. Their attempts at connection will remain shallow. Even if they’re at a high level of consciousness, they won’t attract their people yet. Not until they’re grounded. This can leave them feeling lonely, like they’re on the wrong planet, or want to die and “go home” to Source. Additionally, because they’re ungrounded so are their visions. They’ll fall into maladaptive daydreaming instead of conscious creation. They cannot manifest things into reality until they nourish their soul, the part of themselves that is eternal and real.

The Root chakra is your spiritual health. This impacts your emotional health (Sacral), physical health (Solar Plexus), mental health (Heart), and financial health (Throat). As above, so below, as within, so without! Your internal spiritual health is literally all that matters in the external world. This is why people can have everything in the material world they desire, but feel no joy; or take care of their physical health but still get ill; or cut people out of their lives who hurt them, only to relive that trauma with new friends, lovers, and chosen family; or be incredibly popular and adored, but feel unlovable; or have a top earning job, but have financial struggle. They can win the lottery and file for bankruptcy.

They can seem powerful as a famous figure—but they signed a soul contract, a “deal with the Devil” who pulls their strings. They’re a codependent puppet. I’ve had celebrity clients so attached to their public imagine that they’re codependent on it for their livelihood. Their public imagine is not real. It’s an Egregore, a non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of the general public who does not know them. It’s an illusion of the 3D world, and they’re terrified to let go of it, because they don’t believe they could be genuine and still have the support of fans.

The truth is, until you’re grounded and secure in who you are, you cannot attract a high vibrational support system. People will build you up to tear you down. An insecure person in the public eye will attract hundreds, thousands, or even millions of karmic soulmates to mirror their wounds. Someone can feed off the negativity as an energy harvest, like the Kardashians do, but they’ll still be insecure. They’ll still be attached to the attention of an audience, and still seek things like cosmetic surgery to try to feel confident, and it won’t work. Besides, do you want to attract drama that reflects your imbalanced internal state? Or do you want to attract harmony that reflects your inner peace?

We are meant to enjoy the luxuries and creature comforts of the material world we’ve created. That doesn’t mean we will. Sometimes, a diamond chain is just a glittering noose. People are seduced by the illusion of the material world. They willingly give their energy/soul to those who hold the money and the power. Only through going within can they shatter their delusions, breaking codepency and releasing external attachments, becoming grounded in what is real.

People need to be accepted for who they are. Compromising oneself for approval, promotions, accolades, titles, rewards, or fame is attachment. All suffering comes from attachment. Do you think politicians are in power? They’re not. They’ve lied about everything, and tried to scrub their past, just so we’ll vote for them. Just so we can ridicule them in life and in death for the job they did. They have some of the most sorrowful energy I’ve ever read. The real people in power are hidden from us. They hide intentionally. They understand metaphysical laws. I’m not saying you have to hide, I’m saying make sure you show up authentically.

The ironic thing is, materialistic people who worship wealth, and impoverished people who cannot receive wealth, both suffer the same attachment to the 3D. You can’t take it with you when you go. If it’s your obsession, you can’t ascend to higher dimensions. Poor people have no choice but to obsess over money since they don’t have enough. Lack creates obsession. Nobody can survive without money. People with little money are only surviving, getting by on the bare minimum, and we all deserve more than that. They must learn they’re worthy of abundance. They must meet their needs without worry, physically thrive, and move their focus to manifesting their dreams, not continue focusing on 3D problems like bills.

Sometimes, people who amassed wealth are the same people who once were poor and thought money would fix everything—that’s why they were willing to do anything for it. They sacrificed parts of themselves. They sacrificed certain undeniable needs. Now, they’re running into the same problems, only on a grander scale.

From my perspective, it’s better to be homeless than to have rich people problems. Rich people problems are massive, and they essentially have to work backwards to course correct. It can be done, but it’s a challenge no one would ever consciously choose. This is why some people’s spirits will block their success in the outer world until after they’ve done the inner work. Other people’s spirits let them sort it out in the public eye, because they wanted to be an example to others. They came here to do that. It’s still hard, though, and it’s why many successful people, white collar or famous, turn to drugs to dissociate from the 3D. They do it the same reason poor people turn to drugs. Drugs are the most prevalent in elite communities and in the hood. Both must get to the Root of the problem—sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

If you can balance the spiritual with the material, you can be the creator of your reality. You can be the author and authority of your story. The Powers That Be know this. That’s why they hide esoteric information from the general public, perform rituals, and use sigils. It’s why they’ve hired us psychics and spiritual advisors from the beginning of time.

I used to worry people in power would come after me for sharing things, but then I realized most who are disempowered can’t grasp what I say anyways. Information hides in plain sight because many choose not to see it. Again, they’re dissociating from the 3D. They don’t want to know how it works, or take personal accountability. That’s just too much work. It’s easier to complain on Twitter about the world than decide to be the change within it. They’ve chosen disempowerment, and the creator gave us all the free will to do so. They cannot be saved this lifetime. Better luck next time, right?

I want to note that out of the 12 universal laws, 8 of them work through the 3D. Dissociating from the 3D won’t stop universal laws any more than it’ll stop gravity. The universal laws are to be mastered through conscious awareness. Those who are unconscious creators are creating their own suffering. They’ll get what they desire in “divine timing”—but we create our own divine timing, because we’re divine beings. Divine timing happens when you consciously choose to receive blessings instead of unconsciously choosing to receive painful lessons in self-awareness.

It is you the whole time. All of it is you.

All kinds of people do all kinds of things in the pursuit of external validation and monetary compensation due to their deep insecurities of their Root chakra. They think external things will ground them and make them feel secure. That’s why the 3D is unpleasant for them. They’re looking in the wrong place for what they need.

Feeling as if you deserve to be here will make everyone and everything in this world reflect those feelings back to you. To experience the sensuous pleasures of being alive in a human body and being YOU, uncompromised, is what you’ve always needed. Only you can grant that to yourself.

By Matthew Henry on Unsplash


Chakra: Crown

Chakra Color: Violet, until all 7 main chakras of the rainbow bridge are cleared, and it turns white. It also creates a white aura in the physical and the non physical who’ve ascended, which is why angels were depicted as cloaked in white by ancient clairvoyants/artists.

Universal Laws of this Chakra: Law of Vibration, Law of Gender, Law of Rhythm

This is where things get a bit frightening. This chakra is outside the body, and this dimension is non physical. The 4th dimension is the astral realm. We access it through deep meditation, hypnosis, dreams, and hallucinogenic drugs. Some people are born with strong Crown chakras—myself included. They are in the 4D all the time, wide awake and sober. They are in tune with the non physical, the metaphysical. Their reality isn’t experienced or accepted as real by everyone. What’s the difference between a shaman, a spiritual guru, a psychic—or someone plagued by mental illness, diagnosed schizophrenic, prescribed medication to cope?

How grounded they are.

That’s it.

We experience everything in the 4D before the 3D. You have dreamed your entire life before living it. That’s why people experience deja vu. They don’t consciously remember the scene already occurring in the 4D, but they subconsciously do, so it feels familiar.

You can manifest anything you can fantasize about in the 4D if you are grounded. If you’re ungrounded, your fantasies cannot come into reality. Fantasies become escapism. Worst of all, if you’re ungrounded enough, you cannot distinguish what’s “real” from what’s not. You’re in the 4D only. You’re in purgatory, between realms. Because you must be grounded in the 3D to bring your wildest dreams of the 5D into the physical world, ungrounded people trapped in the 4D are instead living a nightmare. Like a bad drug trip, it’s all in their heads. These people live in their heads and outside their bodies. This is a trauma response. They’ve dissociated from the physical (2D and 3D) because of how horrific it was.

They are not in control of themselves or their lives. Life is something happening to them, something to endure. They’re in a never ending cycle of spiritual warfare.

They love downers—alcohol, weed, heroin, Vicodin, ketamine. Downers offer temporary relief by lowering their consciousness, allowing them to feel grounded for the time being. They are avoidant of people and social situations, often expressing the desire to live in the wilderness or off the grid. They don’t like major cities because that’s the 3D they wish to escape. They’re bad with money. Unemployment, homelessness, bankruptcy, or financial codependency are common. Even if they make a ton of money, it slips through their hands. Any woman who does sex work, has a sugar daddy, or stays in an unhappy relationship with a “provider” is ungrounded. The men are likely to do illegal things for money, or live on the fringes of society. Many end up institutionalized by prison, rehab, mental health facilities or hospitals. They are imprisoned by their own minds, their fearful thoughts and paranoias. The 3D reflects this.

These are the people encouraging everyone to escape the matrix. They’re bitter that some of us are able to be multidimensional and thrive. They deem the material world evil because they feel excluded from it. However, they’ve excluded themselves. They can always come back.

And I wish they would, because we need them. We need those able to operate at a higher level of consciousness. They’re invaluable.

I believe Christ is returning—through each of us! The Bible says to be in the world but not of it. Some of you aren’t even in the world, and that’s why it’s such an awful place. We’re waiting for you to get in the game. And what you resist persists, so avoidance of the 3D just ensures you’ll reincarnate back into it, at the same low vibration. Each time you’ll be given a choice. You can merge your spirit with the material world, creating balance, or continue to suffer needlessly and cause others to suffer.

Here’s the thing—not everyone has a Crown chakra. Psychopaths don’t have one. They don’t have a conscience. They’re the ones thriving in the 3D while people who do have a conscience sit on the sidelines. They want you to think that they’re in power, but it’s an illusion. The truth is, as a person with a spirit and a conscience, you have a power they’ll never have. You have the power to be a conscious creator. They create through us by force, lies, manipulation, and distractions. They use us to create mayhem (I’ll explain that another time.) If you knew your power, you could easily use it to change the narrative and script them out entirely. You could lead with integrity. You could circulate wealth and resources, unlike those who hoard.

All you have to do is ground yourself and manifest your dreams into the 3D.

By Milan Popovic on Unsplash


Chakra: Soul Star

Chakra Color: Magenta, until it is activated through the rainbow bridge dissolving into a white aura. Then this chakra becomes gold. It is above the head. And now you know why ancient clairvoyants/artists depicted angels, saints and enlightened beings with gold halos.

Universal Laws of this Chakra: Law of Divine Oneness, Law of Rhythm

All your potential outcomes exist here. This is the dimension of the Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your spirit, your main spirit guide, and your guardian angel. They send you visions of possible futures you could create, and they do it through imagination. However, if you’re using your imagination to escape the 3D because you’re ungrounded, you’re blocking these visions.

You’ll know the difference by how you feel. If you feel too exhausted to do anything you daydream of, you’re ungrounded. Through becoming grounded, you’ll begin to receive dreams so divine your spirit will move you to take inspired action. That’s where true motivation comes from. You’ll start to dream bigger than you ever have before. You’ll have that ego death and spiritual rebirth, you’ll start living your dreams. Your higher consciousness will descend into your body and lower chakras, including the Root. You will influence the physical world with it. You’ll create harmony within and with out.

You do not need to be spiritual, religious, or “awakened” to do this. People turn to spirituality in times of crisis. They aren’t special. They were just so out of alignment that their Kundalini or soul created the crisis to wake them up. Those who are naturally more grounded live a spirit driven life without ever having to learn how. I’ve seen atheists more in touch with their Higher Self than those who love spirituality as a form of escapism. Some people need faith in God because they have no faith in themselves. Others carry out God’s will without ever knowing of Him. It doesn’t matter.

By Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash


Chakra: High Heart

Chakra Color: Blue-Green or Aquamarine

Universal Laws of this chakra: Law of Vibration, Law of Divine Oneness

This is the dimension of unity consciousness and telepathy, referred to as the “Kingdom of God” in the Bible. No, everyone cannot reach it, and no, we are not all One. It’s a choice to feel connected to the Source of all that is, or to feel separation.

This is not a geographic location. It’s a state of consciousness, experienced by living people here on Earth. The book of Revelation, which is an Age of Aquarius prophecy, describes the mass ascension of souls into this state of consciousness as the return to Eden. My spirit guides have explained to me that a utopia and dystopia will exist on Earth simultaneously.

The thing about unity consciousness is that it can only be reached through the expression of your individual consciousness, your Higher Self. You have contributions to make to the 3D world. When you raise your vibration and level of consciousness, you will lose people. You’ll no longer feel a connection to them. They won’t benefit from your contribution because they won’t be a vibrational match for it. They won’t be in the same dimension of consciousness as you. They will likely be in a state of consciousness that feels like hell, going through their Dark Night of the Soul you’ve already gone through. You know the only way out is through. They’re still learning.

It all circles back to what I said about the Root chakra, and codependency. Codependency must be broken for ascension to happen. This is the hardest lesson for an ungrounded person. Many of them have karmic relationships or twin flames teaching them the power of autonomy.

The contradiction of the 11th house, which is ruled by Aquarius and the High Heart chakra, is that everyone desires feelings of oneness and connection—yet, it’s often the groups of people or causes they associate with, or labels they’ve assigned themselves, which cut them off from their true identity as a divine being. These labels and connections are superficial illusions. They do not apply to your spirit. Your separation from your spirit is separating you from your kindred spirits, and from your dreams coming true. After all, the 11th house is wish fulfillment. You need a high vibrational support system for that.

I implore you to stay within this matrix, and instead detach from all that is distracting or confusing you. Go within and discover your purpose. We’re counting on you.


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