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How to protect yourself and your family from infection? What drugs will be needed in case of infection?

by ROBINSON JAMES HERBERT about a year ago in health
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Yes, measles has been known for a long time, but it has not yet been completely eradicated. To defeat some kind of infection, you need a reliable herd immunity. That is, universal coverage of the population with vaccinations.

How to protect yourself and your family from infection? What drugs will be needed in case of infection?
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Measles armor

How to protect yourself and your family from infection? What drugs will be needed in case of infection?

Yes, measles has been known for a long time, but it has not yet been completely eradicated. To defeat some kind of infection, you need a reliable herd immunity. That is, universal coverage of the population with vaccinations.

But in recent years, attitudes towards vaccination have changed. Parents often refuse to vaccinate their children without good reason. And from measles, and from other infectious infections. And even more so, adults themselves do not vaccinate. Some vaccines, however, need to be re-administered every 10 to 20 years.

The fact is that measles is an unusually addictive disease. It is much easier to catch it than the flu or other ARVI. For example, sit in a restaurant, take a ride in an elevator, fly on an airplane.

The measles virus is able to travel independently through the air. And when traveling, get into neighboring apartments through ventilation. So every unprotected person can get sick.

The person is already infected, but the disease has not yet manifested itself. And during this period of time - the incubation period - it can be a carrier of infection. We can contact him anywhere, in any public place.

But adults get sick with measles more easily than children?

Alas, quite the opposite. Adults carry this infection much harder. The disease proceeds with high fever and symptoms of severe intoxication. Weakened people often develop complications - pneumonia, sinusitis, otitis media with partial hearing loss and even brain inflammation.

Such diseases are treated only in a hospital setting. Sometimes resuscitation is even required. Powerful antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, corticosteroids are used.

Therefore, adults, no less than children, need to beware of contracting measles.

Then tell us how to find out who is protected from measles and who is vulnerable?

If you and your children have never had measles or been vaccinated against it, the risk of contracting is very high.

Until the epidemic breaks out, it is wise to get vaccinated. then we can have it at any time. This is not a seasonal infection. She can get sick at any time of the year.

And if a person does not remember what he was ill with in childhood, what to do?

Find and study your children's medical record. For reliable, long-term protection in childhood, two measles vaccinations should be made according to the calendar approved by the Ministry of Health. If that's the case, you can calm down.

If only one vaccination was given in childhood, and for some reason there was no revaccination, then your armor is not strong. We need to be vaccinated again.

If your child's medical record has not been preserved, ask your parents what infections you had as a child. Every literate person should have this information with him.

And the most accurate answer in relation to risks is given by a blood test for antibodies to measles of the IgG class. On the eve of an epidemic, it is useful to pass it to many. Especially for women planning a pregnancy. This can be done in any large medical laboratory.

If the antibody is positive, then you have measles immunity. You have either had measles in the past or have been vaccinated against it. And in either case, you are not in danger of infection.

If the analysis is negative, then you have no protection. So, we need to think about vaccination.

Where and what vaccines are best to be vaccinated?

There are live and so-called inactivated vaccines. The first are stronger. Provide stronger immunity. Inactivated vaccines are easier to tolerate. But the protection against them does not last long - only 6-18 months.

There are also vaccines that protect against three infections at once measles, rubella and mumps. This option is optimal for children. It is also suitable for those adults who have not had any of these three infections.

In addition, the triple vaccine can be used by adults who were last vaccinated against these infections more than 20 years ago.

The fact is that even the best vaccine has a limited duration. A childhood measles vaccine lasts a maximum of 15–20 years. And then the person becomes vulnerable again.

Should pregnant women be vaccinated against measles?

Already pregnant - no. And those planning a pregnancy - a must. After all, if the virus overtakes the expectant mother, it can negatively affect the fetus. The child may develop malformations. And sometimes the infection even leads to the loss of pregnancy. Worst of all, the expectant mother gets measles in the first trimester or in the last weeks before childbirth.

But keep in mind that you should get the live measles vaccine 2–3 months before planning your baby. In the cycle of conception and in the first months of pregnancy, it is no longer desirable to vaccinate. The egg and subsequently the embryo may suffer.

How to prepare for vaccination for those who decide to get vaccinated against measles? They say that this vaccine is not very well tolerated?

No specific preparation is needed. You just need to be healthy at the time of vaccination.

Minor adverse reactions after vaccination are possible. But they are not dangerous at all. Moreover, their appearance is a good sign. So the vaccine works.

Usually, the vaccine is injected into the forearm. And the injection site may swell a little and turn red. If these sensations cause discomfort, you can take an allergy pill or a mild pain reliever. If you are allergic, you should start taking an antihistamine a day or two before the vaccination.

On the 2-10th day after vaccination, a slight malaise resembling ARVI may appear. There is no need to treat it. Otherwise, you can interfere with the formation of immunity.

How to recognize this infection in yourself and those around you?

At first it is quite difficult to do this. Measles has an incubation period - the time when the virus enters the body and gradually invades the cells. This period can last from 9 to 17 days. At this stage, there are no signs of illness. But a person can already infect others.

Just in case, watch yourself and your family members these days. Examine the throat, eyes, skin. Measure the temperature.

If the disease starts, it proceeds in several stages. The first thing to do is get flu-like symptoms. The temperature rises, there is a dry, "barking" cough, watery eyes. The person is very weak. Then a rash occurs. It usually starts with the face and gradually spreads to the body. After the rash has healed, skin pigmentation remains. Then she passes.

Tell me, if someone in the family still fell ill with measles, can you somehow protect the rest of the family?

When someone in the family is sick with measles, an unvaccinated adult should go to the clinic. And there he will be injected with a special measles immunoglobulin. With it, a person receives protective antibodies, and in the coming weeks he is not threatened with infection.

Another thing is if an unvaccinated child over three years old had contact with measles. He needs urgent vaccinations. But you need to get vaccinated in the first two days after "dealing with the virus." Then this measure will be already useless.

You said that already developed measles cannot be treated with immunoglobulin. And what drugs will help in this matter?

Treatment of measles should be comprehensive. It is prescribed by a doctor, focusing on the age and condition of the patient. Against the background of measles, any chronic diseases can worsen. Therefore, everyone has their own medicinal arsenal.

But there are basic tools that everyone needs. These are preparations based on interferon in the form of rectal suppositories, sprays and eye drops. On the recommendation of a doctor - antiviral drugs.

If measles is complicated by a bacterial infection, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics.


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