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How to lose weight naturally

4 natural ways

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
How to lose weight naturally
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Fat naturally is unwanted. Fat, in essence is the way nature forces us to hoard, to hoard energy as those bulges around not only our waistlines, but also everywhere on our bodies. When you eat, energy is expended. Energy not used is stored away as body fat. Similarly when you don't eat, but is expending away energy, a lot of times, energy has to be drawn from this fat storages in our body. Depending on your activeness, usually a docile person usually stores more energy than he or she needed. That's how a person becomes fatter as an end result of eating. Overeating is unnecessary, sometimes, eating just enough would suffice, for satiety and also for energy expenditures. If you are seeking to lose those extra fat and eventually those extra weights on your body, look further into this story as we discuss the 4 ways to lose weights naturally. Following are the 4 ways where fats in our body could be removed naturally:

1. Engage in weight lifting: Weight lifting is one of the most effective ways to lose fat in our bodies. Remember that every time you got engaged in moving some heavy things, you sweat profusely? That my dear, is the effect of weight lifting. Compared to bicycling which raises the heartbeats per minute, or otherwise called cardio, weight lifting induces your muscles energy requirements exponentially. When you lift weight often, your muscles simply have to get more and more energy to keep up with you. Then, where must they find energy from, it is obviously from those fat storages you have got everywhere in your body.

2. Do exercises: Exercises are beneficial to you. Continuing from above, if you have nothing that is of weight to lift but you are a fat person, then do exercises that requires you to lift the weight of your own body. Now, that's also weight lifting, in my opinion. Then, mix with cardio exercises to get the heart pumping and pumping. This enables the delivery of oxygen which is much needed for fat burning. Sit-ups in my opinion, will crush those fatty layers in your abdominal areas by pressing on them constantly.

3. Be mentally exhausted: Mental activities sometimes are the most exhausting things you will ever experience as a human. Remember how hard is it to think of a solution to a work problem compared to just walking around senselessly as in merely exercising? The brain requires a lot of energy to function. If you constantly got engaged in mentally exhausting tasks you put yourself onto, then more and more fat will be drawn upon to fuel these brain activities. So, do more mentally exhausting things such as those related to your occupation. At the same time, you get to make a living while slimming away, how profitable!

4. Eat less sugary stuffs: Blood sugar not used will eventually be stored as fat in our body by the works of insulin, a hormone created primarily by the pancreas. Blood sugar comes from eating carbohydrate rich food stuffs, especially if you consume a lot of noodles, rice, or bread, you are surely guaranteed of these extra calories. If you don't actually need that much blood sugar, why do you be bothered to get so much of them into your body? Simply have some self-restrain, some self-control, and consume less of what you usually consume throughout the day. If you don't need energy, don't take energy. Make it a mantra only to eat more when you needed more energy. Otherwise, save those food for another day, when you require them more.

That's all of my story about the 4 ways to lose weight naturally. If you find this story rewarding, kindly like and comment. Thanks.

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