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How To Clear Blocked Chakras

by Brittany McSorley 6 years ago in advice / body / meditation / mental health / yoga / how to
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In the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, blocked chakras can lead to decreased spiritual health, and clearing your chakras can improve your spiritual energy.

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Chakras are important concepts in Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel”, the term chakra refers to points of concentrated energy in our subtle bodies (meaning our non-physical bodies). Chakras are meeting points of energy channels, or Nadi. These channels carry our what tradition calls “vital energy”, “life force”, or “prana”. The total number of chakras in a subtle body varies depending on certain sources and scriptural teachings, but there are seven major chakras that are considered the most important:

The Seven Major Chakras

These are considered the seven major, and most important, chakras:

  • Sahasrara (or “crown chakra”)
  • Ajna (or “third-eye chakra”
  • Vishudda (or “throat chakra”)
  • Anahata (or “heart chakra”)
  • Manipura (or “navel chakra)
  • Svadhishthana (or “sacral chakra”)
  • Muladhara (or “root chakra)

When depicted visually, these chakras are seen in a vertical line down our bodies, and awakening and clearing all seven chakras is thought to bring about a state of higher consciousness and physical wellbeing.

When a chakra is thought to be blocked, this problem will manifest itself in the form of physical ailments.

There is a very strong connection between spiritual and physical health for those who believe in chakras, and often, blocked chakras are thought to be the result of emotional upheaval or trauma. Specific causes can include: subconscious memories of traumatic events such as abuse; a belief system that restricts your emotional availability; a lack of attention being paid to a specific chakra; or any number of emotional wounds. One or more of these issues can cause a chakra to be blocked, in other words to shut down and stop working with the rest of your energy. The blockage can manifest itself physically in the form of problems with posture, breathing, metabolism, and more. These energy imbalances can be detrimental, hence the importance of clearing blocked chakras.

Emotional Methods For Clearing Blocked Chakras

One of the most important methods for clearing blocked chakras is to confront and accept feelings of rejection. Feeling that you’re unworthy in any way can create a conflict in your spiritual life, and you can be torn between wanting to feel worthy and feeling that you’re not measuring up. This can happen with other negative emotions as well, which we tend to deny outright while they wreak havoc subconsciously. Try your best to acknowledge, confront and overcome your negative emotions. Once they’re brought to the surface, they are actually doing less damage than when they’re suppressed.

In order to clear blocked chakras, letting go of negative emotions is just as important as acknowledging them. The idea of forgiveness in vital for spiritual health, so once you have come to terms with suppressed, negative feelings, let them go and forgive their causes as much as you can. This will leave you room to grow spiritually and emotionally. Try to embrace forgiveness and compassion as much as you can.

Physical Methods For Clearing Blocked Chakras

Clearing blocked chakras is all about healing both your body and your mind. For this reason, doing yoga is an excellent way to physically jump-start the process. Yoga is all about the connection between mind, body, and soul, and practicing yoga can help you release positive energies and let go of negative energies. The movement and stretching involved in yoga provides a physical release to accompany the emotional release you’re working toward.

Other physical methods for clearing blocked chakras include: acupuncture( a form of alternative medicine that involves inserting needles into the body); massage; Reiki; and chiropractic work. These methods focus on physically manipulating the body in order to move and rebalance the energies that are thought to flow through us. These physical approaches can help with temporary relief of blocked chakras, but the belief system emphasizes the importance of emotional healing along with physical healing; just one of these will not be effective or lasting enough.

Physical exercise in almost any form can also help to clear blocked chakras. Through exertion, we can rearrange our energies and promote spiritual wellbeing. Similarly, applying heat to our bodies can help with chakras, as heat relaxes our muscles, making it easier to let go of negativity and embrace positive energy.

One of the most effective physical methods for clearing blocked chakras is meditating. Grounding and centering yourself in your body, as best you can, helps to prepare you for clearing out negative energy and checking in with your spiritual wellness. Keep your body still and try to become aware of your own breathing. To help clear chakras, visualize each one of your chakras opening, one at a time, and imagine positive energy and light flowing through each of them. Maintain this visual for as long as you can, and if and when you feel you’ve made positive progress, visualize each chakra closing, one at a time. This process is often called “cleansing” your chakras, and it can help you to feel more balanced and do away with any negative emotions weighing you down.

No matter what your belief system is, the thought process behind clearing your chakras encourages better mental and spiritual health, and avoiding blocked chakras can greatly improve your overall state of mind. If you’re looking to improve your spiritual, physical, and emotional state, try some of these methods for clearing blocked chakras. Check in with your emotions and try to let go of negativity you may have been holding onto for too long. And try to change the way your energy flows with physical methods like acupuncture, massage, or just plain exercise. Whichever spiritual practices you’re drawn to, it’s never a bad idea to try to clear negative energy from your life and work toward a more balanced spirit.

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