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How to be mentally healthy

6 sure ways to be not nuts

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 4 min read
How to be mentally healthy
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Nuts, you don't want to be called that, weren't you? In fact, nobody likes to be called nuts. It degrades us a human being, being a degenerated nuts who is merely insane.

The way people treat nutsy people is also different. They wouldn't take him or her seriously. They brush them aside, as the different ones.

Furthermore, there are many stigmas related to being nutcases in the society. From employment to business to politic, no one likes nutsy people.

Therefore, it is of importance that we care for our mental health, so that we would not fall victim to mental troubles and illnesses.

In this story, let's explore the 6 ways to maintain our mental health:

1. Stay calm, don't prance

As I worked in the IT support field, my manager once told me that no matter what happens, the first thing to do is to stay calm, and don't prance. Then, from there, with a calm heart, slowly plan your way out of trouble. In fact, staying calm has been the most primitive behaviour of a lot of predators in the animal world. A tiger stalks calmly for his prey, and then he jumped, and have his catch. Staying calm is so important that it enables you to feel less fear, and when there is less fear, the mental part begins to work properly. When the body is in fear, the adrenaline caused fight or flight response simply didn't have much time for you to think. You either fight it ferociously or you run away from the situation. So, if you managed to calm down yourself first, then you will be able to think more. So, in any situation, stay calm, so that you won't go nuts facing anything.

2. Practice happiness

If you are unhappy over a long period of time, someday something is going to happen, to take away the thing or things that caused that unhappiness. In a job for example, if you constantly dwell in unhappiness, sooner or later you would lose that job, at least from my experience, it is like that. Because suffering, any suffering at all must cease, according to Universe. He will always find a way to stop and terminate suffering. So, if you would like to at least maintain anything you have got, practice happiness. Be it real or faked happiness, just practice happiness, so that more of the life you are wanting continues. If you don't practice happiness, someday you will only explode into rage and anger, which, once again cause you to look like nuts.

3. Relax often

One of the sure ways to maintain a good mental health is to relax often. Take short breaks between a lengthy journey of hard work. In fact, when you do so, you let whatever you are straining to get back to its former elasticity. For example, is your heart which you keep working to get a result. Sometimes you just have to relax your heart so that it could get some rest, then after that you can continue on. Relaxing also have an effect of rejuvenating your mind and revitalizing your body. So, in order to not go nuts easily, relax often.

4. Talk to others

If you have troubles you cannot solve alone, talk to others. Talk to your spouses, parents, siblings or even children. Feel no shame of talking to others about your problems as humans are all social animals. Sometimes, this social animal gets help from another of the same kind. So, what's wrong with telling others of your troubles? Talking to others also let them share your burden and problem, so that it may be resolved together. So, talk to others, it's a nice way to destress.

5. Play

Play has a soothing effect on our mind. Mentally it challenges us to achieve something we usually don't think of. By understanding there is play in everything, yes, we begin to take life like a game. In fact, it is just a game, it is a big game played by many people simultaneously. If you would regard life as just a game, you wouldn't be too beaten by it till the point you are nuts. You would start to believe that every moments need to be played out, by no other than yourself, the player. Sometimes, you ended up at the bottom, but sometimes you may end up at the top, being the greatest player of all time. Have fun, and play, and keep your mental health. You will find it exciting in fact, or at the very least, fun.

6. Relieve yourself often

Find avenues to relieve yourself often, if life is too tough for you. Go for a restroom break, sip some tea, watch a movie, take time to relieve yourself. Any way at all, relieving yourself lets you wind down and retreat from the game for a while, after that you may resume your game. A person who knows how to relieve himself or herself is a manager. He or she knows how to manage himself or herself, instead of letting their life goes crashing here and there or spiraling on a downward insanity.

That's all of my story about how to be mentally healthy. Do you find this story rewarding. Find my other stories to be read too. It is all interesting and are equally rewarding to the mind. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks.

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