How Much Sugar

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The Quiet Poison

How Much Sugar

In today's society, there is a mass killing going on. It's not done with guns or knives, the weapons of choice are sugars and chemicals. It seems ridiculous to me that sugar has to not only be added to sweet foods but also to savory ones. We don't require added sugar or any sugar being added to foods like bread, baked beans, and canned vegetables. Where will it all end?

The western world has a huge problem with overweight people and this can be directly linked to the choice of foods and lack of exercise. Back in the 80s we had the keep-fit age, where people wanted to not only eat healthily but also to work out and have lean bodies. There was hardly anyone who was classed as fat back then, it was the back end of Grease the film and kung fu movies. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s as kids back then we hardly ever sat down, we ran all over the place and climbed trees and never stopped. Well only stopped to eat and watch Star Trek and Blakes 7, lol.

I see so many overweight people now as I walk around. It's so sad to see, now obviously sugar is ok if it's taken in moderation like everything in life. The trouble is this stuff is added to so many foods nowadays that people don't realize exactly how much they consume. I read somewhere that a slice of bread contains 7 teaspoons of sugar. This is crazy, even this morning here in the UK I read an article in the news regarding the increase in children having rotten teeth and having teeth pulled out due to sugar. This simply has to stop!

Parents need to obviously be made aware of the quantities of sugar contained within food and drinks, and also the sweeteners which are just as harmful. Schools also should be totally for this and should structure lessons to contain Health & Nutrition on a weekly basis for at least one hour. Education is the key, at home and at school. These lessons should exist of

  • Ingredients in food & drinks
  • E numbers and additives
  • Calories
  • Salt & Sugar
  • Importance of eating fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Pulses & Seeds

Also, I think the tradition and somewhat boring school P.E system requires a change from football, rugby, cross country, and hockey.

Today's schools should be including activities ranging from the following.

  • Keep Fit
  • Weights & Gym equipment
  • Martial Arts ( philosophy and movement )
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Walking and Stretching
  • Tai Chi

They sound great and would be more beneficial than the traditional activities, and would teach the youth of today the importance of movement and less sitting around. Unfortunately, we live in a society where schools are scared to let children play on the fields and in trees due to a risk of getting sued by parents, parents are harming their own children in being silly and petty. Also, the children of today are being turned in to zombies, due to them having smartphones. You see it everywhere. Kids with their heads glued to their screens, not looking up and seeing the world around them. This can also lead to another shocking condition that is already affecting children in China and Japan due to their huge access to phones and tablets. The condition is called Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), caused by the Bluelight emanating from the screens of smartphones, tvs, and computers.

It begs the question, how many parents actually know of this condition?

As they voluntarily hand over a smartphone to a child that is only around the age of 3, by the time the child is 20 they could be in need of glasses to read.

Schools too seem to be unknowing in this western part of the world regarding the matter, however, there is a solution. Blue light filtering glasses and screen filters can be applied to the phones, etc.

Anway I am digressing, moving back to the sugar problem and fitness. Firstly I think children as well as adults need to be a lot more physical and a lot less sitting in front of a computer or TV. There are people that work in offices for over 10 hours a day, they simply get home and have NO exercise at all. Not even a walk, these are the folks that are heading for a health crash. There are things you can do as mentioned below.

Ask your boss for a stand-up desk, these were common back in Victorian times.

Get an exercise bike somewhere in the workplace, that way as you take your 1-hour lunch you could take a 20 minute routine on the bike.

Just try and walk around every hour if you can, the Apple watch actually alerts you to stand at the appropriate time. With the use of wearables, it's become a lot easier and convenient to know about your fitness.

A good walk does wonders.

So what are you waiting for —CHANGE your life—START TO LIVE

Thank you.

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