How I Lost 10 Pounds in 1 Month

by Chelsea Swift 6 months ago in weight loss

5 Weight-Loss Tips Straight From My Journal

How I Lost 10 Pounds in 1 Month

Hey Angels! Welcome back to the blog. Okay, so... Today, I'm dropping EXACTLY what I did to lose 10 pounds in a month.

(Pulls out weight loss journal.)

First off, let's walk it back to January 2018... when I finally realized that I couldn't continue riding the diet roller coaster. I had been doing it for about four years, and it literally wasn't working.

My routine at the time was exhausting. I was working hard at work, and in the gym, I was eating healthy and tracking my calories in a calorie counting app—but my results just weren't there. A few pounds here, and then I'd gain it back.

So, I reorganized and, this time, I decided to really commit.

I put together a couple set-in-stone steps that I truly felt like I could stick to, and checked in each day to readjust.

First disclaimer: I am a very body positive woman. I do not believe in shortcuts, or taking things drastically. I'm all about natural beauty, natural remedies, and holistic approaches to weight-loss because, the truth is, you are already beautiful. This is not a "drop 10 fast" blog. I am simply sharing how I actually lost 10 pounds because, personally, I would've loved some honest tips, rather than another diet or meal plan.

So, here are five weight-loss tips that helped me lose 10 pounds in one month.

1. Weight-Loss Journal

Grab a real pen. Use real paper. And—watch shit get real.

Introducing: your new bestie for the next 30 days. No, you will not be writing in it every second of every day, but you're not an app. You're not a robot. You are a human, and as a human BEING, you need a real connection.

This journal is that doorway to connecting to yourself again.

What's the difference between a journal and a calorie app? Well, when you type "200-calorie wrap" into your app, you're not recording nutrients. You're typically just recording numbers... mostly just protein, fats, calories and carbs. You're also not recording how you felt afterwards. Are you energetic or lethargic? Satisfied or bloated AF?

My point? Nothing changes unless you change, but how can you make a change when you're not aware of what's holding you back? Like, who KNEW the salad you eat every day at lunch was giving you zero energy (true story)?

This is why a daily check-in is absolutely needed. This daily check-up with yourself is exactly how you can start to make progress again.

A daily check-in. A daily check-up. It prevents a weekly fuck up, and I say this bluntly because it's true. The only reason I didn't see major results? I simply wasn't aware of the foods and workouts that held me back.

Your journal will provide you with accountability, the facts, and your personal truth.

So, tip one: honestly journal, and connect with your self. How do you feel? How did you start your day? What did you eat? How did your body feel after you ate that? What would you do differently? What was your favorite part of the day? How could your workout have been better? If you skipped, why? What should you do instead? What CAN you commit to?

This check-in is absolutely the first key to losing 10 pounds in one month. It is absolutely possible, and you can absolutely do it—as long as you check in, daily.

2. Weigh In

This is something people avoid doing... and, talking about... but, I'll just say it: WEIGH IN.

Weighing in is needed to happen. Every day. Stop avoiding the scale.

I know, I know. Weighing in every day is "unhealthy." But, I personally disagree. I think it's healthy if you're using it as fuel.

It's not about racing the scale, or dropping a pound a day, but it is about accountability. The disclaimer here is if this is a trigger for you, do not do this daily. But, I have to share this because I would be lying if I didn't share this part.

Daily weigh-ins were SO motivating for me. Why? Because, at the time, I had a SOLID 25 pounds to lose... just to be considered "healthy." So, those 10 pounds NEEDED to come off. This was not the "last 10," my friends—this was the first 10, and watching it fall off was very motivating. It got me excited for workouts, healthy meals, and kept me excited to check in with my journal. So, if you genuinely have a good amount of weight to lose, it will be just as motivating for you, too.

It also really put me in touch with weight—how it can fluctuate on certain days, times, after water intake, and so on. So, for me personally, it made me realize the scale isn't always reflecting progress. So, just because I don't see the results today, doesn't mean they won't show up in four days.

Simply put, it changed my mind about "exterior results," or "numbers on the scale," and helped me stay on course. It also kept me honest with myself, and kept me on track.

3. Calories In vs. Calories Out

Golden rule. This is where those calories calculators can be actually be pretty helpful, but my personal advice is: Do not use them to rely on them.

Let them be your training wheels. Educate yourself on proper nutrition, and then get off the hamster wheel. That way, you'll independently know what you like, don't like, and it wont matter where you are. You will be able to calculate the best/healthiest options.

But back to calories in vs. calories out... Just use this calorie calculator to assess where you are—where you truly are—how much you really take in, and where you want to be. That's it.

Here's what I'm taking in: 2,500 calories on weekends, and 1,950-1,200 calories on weekdays.

Here's where I should be taking in: 1850.

Real stats from my journal. Notice, I didn't take it down to 1,200 calories. Don't do that. Worst advice for people starting out. Do not jet plane your calories. This will completely fuck up your metabolism, and you will stump results.

Probably the BEST news about your first 10-20 pounds? You do not have to try as hard. Just simply adding daily exercise is enough to shift your weight, never mind pairing it with a small calorie cut.

When I did this calculation, I realized on a Friday—a full Friday night out and everything, along with a 500-calorie burn at the gym—that my calories were over 2,500. This was EYE-opening, and totally made me change my food game, and move things around so I could actually include a few drinks on the weekend (good news: My Skinny Drinks 101—E-Book is coming this fall). So, have that eye-opening experience, and then start incorporating gradual changes.

Healthy calorie-cuts. Slow and steady cuts. This is what wins the race.

4. Less Is More

Narrow it down. What are the foods that you ACTUALLY enjoy, and get you to your nutrition goals at the same time? I say this on my podcast all the time, but, don't just start eating fish and veggies, or going vegetarian because I am.

It's been a PROCESS to get where I'm at today, and I genuinely enjoy every creative meal I come up with.

My advice? Create your own way. Customize your own meal plan, and do it with the foods YOU love. This is truly another amazing key to actually taking a significant amount of weight off. You don't have to eat "less" or buy "100-calorie" pack snacks; you just have to reorganize the foods and meals you love.

The good news is, it's a great time to be alive. Everything is literally healthy for you these days. I mean, cauliflower became pizza this year—so, there are NO limits to how creative you can get. Just make sure YOU enjoy it.

5. Bare Minimum

I HAD to do this to myself because, I KNOW how I get... give me an inch, I will take ten yards, field dash, and then take 10 more. So, how did I solve my hate for exercise?

Easy. No days off. No options to back out.

Had to do it. Honestly, had to do it. Otherwise, I would've been working out for three days a week, and then be back were I started in 30 days—a.k.a, half-ass results due to a half-ass commitment.

So, I set a no-days-off rule, with a bare minimum in place. This ensured I'd go, but it also ensured I was good to my body/keeping a realistic pace.

The gym minimum for my first month was 20 minutes, so basically, I had to do: X exercise for 20 minutes, every day, no excuses.

This kept me (you guessed it) accountable! This kept me in "habit-building" mode. This made it easy for me to be like, "Listen, it's 20 minutes. Just do it. Stop whining."

So, why was this important? Because, nine times out of 10, I actually did more. And, nine times out of 10, you will do more. too.

To wrap this up, this is genuinely straight from my weight-loss journal, and I literally continue to do this check-in, daily.

Coming up on almost two years, the journal has evolved to a mix of goals, dreams, and my schedule. But, having this connection is absolutely what keeps me on track, every day.

"No room for mindless moves" is my actual motto. Dreams are not hard. What's hard is working towards them every single day, and never losing your enthusiasm. What's hard is not seeing results, and continuing to work towards it every day, knowing they're on their way.

The way to stay focused? Daily check-ins.

Assess. Revise. Review. Change. Enhance. Move.

As many times as you need to.

I promise, when you start to check in again, as you begin to make those mini-changes in your life, as you experience breakthroughs and set backs, as you fail forward, you become everything you wanted to be, and more. If you, right now, believe you can do it, you will 100 fucking percent do it. This is your month. This is your time. You will succeed. No trial or error will stop you. So, keep your beliefs high. Keep your faith in yourself strong, and you will drop these 10 pounds in four weeks.

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