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How evening walks changed my life and how it can change yours

by Jessin Jayan 6 months ago in health

A Walk Towards A Revelation

How evening walks changed my life and how it can change yours
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It was the beginning of the fall. I found myself lost between busy schedules and sleepless nights. I was on the verge of falling into the hands of insanity, obesity, and depression. I wanted to get out. I wanted to take a walk back.

"A walk". That is exactly what I needed. It was two years before I first started going out for evening walks. At first, it wasn't anything remotely close to an exercise or a physical workout. For me, it was the first step of a baby who's learning to walk. It was that excitement in those eyes of a blind person who's seeing for the first time. I know, I might sound like I'm exaggerating. But I promise you, once you get out there and look around you, every single day you're going to find something new. Something astonishing and something which makes you say 'Wow'.

There are thousands of articles out there discussing, about how evening walks aid in improving your health. But is physical health the only important thing? What about your mental health? It is scientifically studied and proven that mental health is an important aspect to have great physical health. Every year 18.1% of the population is affected by anxiety disorders. Especially people who are 18 years old and above.

I'm not talking about brisk walking or calorie-burning but I'm talking about taking your mind for a walk. And I will tell you, what are you going to gain from that 30 min walk.

Give Your Brain A Break !

After a long day, after all those hustle and bustle believe me your mind is dying to get some time for yourself. Evening walks are perfect for that 'Me' time. Just, 30-40 min walk could relax your mind and help you to loosen up and to escape from all that stress and tension that you brought home from work.

A Feeling In Your Gut?

Chances are, you're struggling with digestive issues. But no worries. Evening walks help you to get your digestion process proper and consistent. How many of you know that digestive issues could affect your brain directly and push you into the pit of stress and tension? Well, it's true. Get that bad feeling out of your gut with an evening walk and put your brain out of misery.

Take A Walk And Do A Talk

I love talking. Especially having a quality conversation with my friends and family. If you're a person like me, then evening walks could be a perfect opportunity to open up to your loved ones. It not only helps you to uplift your mood but also helps you to be more active and dare I say more human. Take your partner with you. Talk with her/him. Laugh. Share about your day. Mostly listen to each other. Trust me you won't regret it.

Time To Sleep

Who doesn't want to sleep like a baby feeling all cozy and warm under the blanket on their comfy bed? I know I do. But is it always possible? After all the marathon you did today at work, probably you will be striving to just close your eyes and sleep. Evening walks are tremendously helpful in making you fall asleep at night. It makes your body relaxed and stress-free and ready for a sound sleep. Even just a 30 min walk could make you say bye to your melatonin supplement.

Just like all the mental benefits of evening walks, numerous physical benefits come with a daily 30 min walk. It's two birds with one stone.

Say Bye To Back Pain

After sitting erect on the office chair staring at the computer for hours which seems like an eternity, it's common to experience back pain regardless of age and gender. Evening walks will help you to get that stiffness on your back disappear and make you feel way better.

Reducing High Blood Pressure

It's only normal to have high blood pressure at this busy era we live in. But did you know, evening walks are proven to reduce high blood pressure? Well, it's true. Next time you swallow a pill for your high blood pressure, give this a thought.

Feel 20 At 30 !

A consistent daily evening walk can actually increase your strength and stamina. It's no secret that walking is an amazing exercise you can do every single day for your better health.

Burn That Stubborn Fat

Burning fat can be hard. But daily walks can actually assist in cutting down that extra fat and ultimately lose weight.

Wield The Shield Of Immunity

Daily walking can boost your immune system exponentially. Which means you'll be less vulnerable to diseases. Studies show that men and women who walked at least 20 minutes a day, had 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less.

Just a 30 min walk in the evening after a lousy day may change the way you see your life and the world itself. It could create a positive attitude and peace of mind. It's never late to change. An ultimate change in your life starts with a single decision. So it's up to you now. Whether to make that decision or not.

Be your amazing self and be kind. Stay healthy. Mentally and physically.

Jessin Jayan
Jessin Jayan
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