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Here is How Your Happiness will Increase by Taking Animals off of the Food Pyramid.

by Chloe Noelle King 2 months ago in health

You are vegan, we get it! Wait.. why are you so happy? Here is the tea on Veganism from experts in the field and entrepreneurs who would not be the same without veganism.

Here is How Your Happiness will Increase by Taking Animals off of the Food Pyramid.
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We know, we all, well mostly all, grew up eating meat. 

Being told that this is normal to eat animals and that there is no other way… 

The truth…

That does not work.

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what you believe day in and day out, it only matters where you are going and studies have found a sustainable way of living that works to sustain every resource on this planet and it simply requires a plant-based diet to feed an ever-growing population.

You might be rolling your eyes.

I get it.

I am the last person to be told what to do if it isn't in alignment.

AND… This message is bleak.

I know.

I am basically saying we all have to completely change or the world will starve.

Well… here is the thing… the world is already starving.

If you aren't starving, congratulations! You are blessed.

So let's lighten the load a little bit and gain some perspective.

There are a lot of sustainable innovations coming into the world. New vegan food and ingredients coming out every single day.

If your main concern is about how going vegan will negatively impact you, I am here to tell you, it is time to jump for joy that all you need to do is go vegan.

Going vegan is the best thing you will do for yourself, and for the world on a daily, 'meal-y', and 'snack-ly' basis. 

Your dog too! 

Reducing their footprint and the amount of water they use every day is such a strong stance your dog can take for the environment and fellow animals. 

Plus they will love all the food you can prepare for them. They get such a variety, says Chef Joe Montes newly found New Yorker at 11 Madison Park's new Vegan Restaurant. 

Going on 4 years in his industry, Chef Joe Montes loves the health and variety that comes from eating vegan. 

Losing his grandfather, he knows vegan food will save the world. 

Becoming a Chef 4 years ago, Joe Montes loves vegan food because there are so many ingredients and healthy foods that most people today only get to explore a few of them! 

For example, for his live interview where he was given an ingredient, Yellow Squash, and had a short time to come up with and make a meal for his opportunity with a dream career, he knew he had to follow the temperature and whip up an amazing salad for his interview. That it would pair perfectly with the weather. This is the fun of vegan eating! The Squash Salad was obviously a hit as he is now living in and loving New York and his new dream position. 

Simply put, "Fruit is the new Fast Food" (Joe Montes, 11 Madison Park, and Chef). This outlook could very well save the world from a plethora of diseases.

Turning to a vegan household will very well save lives and that's why I am writing this. 

Although that is heavy, it does not have to be scary, it can be fun that we have this solution! 

You can actually be thrilled that going plant-based is all you have to do to change the trajectory of your household, and that it is getting easier and more affordable by the day.

That brings us to the second point, with our second expert, Josephine Clemens, entrepreneur, and Chef, who through being vegan sees that we are sentient beings, and we need to love ourselves more. 

Josephine Clemens, the first-ever vegan who fought her way to be on Young Guns 2021 of Hell's Kitchen and showcase veganism to the world, sees a sustainable future as being very possible. 

Hell's Kitchens Chef Josie said her "favorite part about being vegan is feeling more connected to the earth and all who inhabit it" (Josephine Clemens, Chef, and Entrepreneur). She continues to add that "having a sense of regained connection to the planet has helped me understand myself and others and the emotions that drive all creatures, human and non-human. (Josephine Clemens, Chef, and Entrepreneur). 

With the vast amount of hate in the world, hating on ourselves, and hating on others, we need this outlook to bring peace and bridge so many gaps we have in understanding each other.

Have I convinced you yet that it is FUN and a good thing that all we need is to be vegan? 

As you can see, you are able to shift from fast food to fruit and it is just as affordable (Joe Montes, 11 Madison Park, and Chef). As well as understanding yourself better and those around you and knowing we all have an emotional drive that needs to be met and understood every day (Josephine Clemens, Chef, and Entrepreneur). 

For me, I have never felt happier, and it is simply the chemical output of my brain is finally cleared from so much gunk. I'm talking cigarettes, soda, preservatives, chemicals like blue and red dyes, never eating vegetables and fruit, no wonder I was unhappy! 

I was not filling myself with any of the good things your body needs to feel amazing. 

I was not treating myself as the sentient being that I am with so many needs that are okay to have. 

Leaving animal products off of the food pyramid taught me to be so vigilant with what I was putting in my body and how it affects me. And feeling good, finally, is a lot of fun.


Chloe Noelle King

Learn, share, and form healthy habits that work for you. I truly hope my shares gives everyone something they can take away for themselves to enhance their happiness.

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