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Here are four rules to keep in mind when you're over 60

by wangfenglin 4 months ago in body
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Here are four rules to keep in mind when you're over 60

People grow old, do not lie in exercise, do not lie in drinking water, over the age of 60, please remember the four rules of longevity

1. Good mentality

The length of a person's life is closely related to psychological factors, if you can maintain a good state of mind, stable control of personal emotions, to prolong life is of great help.

And master some skills can make their emotions more stable, have a strong psychological quality of self-regulation, not only improve resistance, maintain endocrine stability, but also can avoid the body is always affected by negative emotional stimulation and psychological problems.

2. Eat regularly

Usually in the process of diet needs to master the correct skills, so as to achieve the role of prolonging life. If you always eat too full at once, it is easy to increase the burden of the digestive system, so eat every meal until you are 70 or 80 times full. And to maximize life expectancy, you should focus on a light diet and stay away from heavy foods.

In addition, three meals a day is very important to eat regularly, people to a fixed time will produce hunger, stomach acid secretion for food digestion. At this time, you need to eat timely, so that you can maintain a good stomach function.

3. Don't stay up late

Staying up late this unhealthy lifestyle habits, is one of the main culprits of accelerating our body aging, often stay up late people are very prone to skin sallow, dark skin and other skin problems.

And staying up late can affect the metabolic function of the liver and detoxification function, which in the long run will lead to accelerated aging of the body. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy and young body, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep time, timely correct the bad habit of staying up late.

4. Regular medical check-ups

The secret to a long life is regular physical examination. Many people have serious physical diseases and do not realize it. It is possible that the deterioration of the disease will lead to a shorter life. If you can form a good habit of regular physical examination, you can know how healthy your body is through physical examination.

Some small lesions can be detected in time, which is also helpful to prolong life. Therefore, we should develop a good habit of regular physical examination, and detect some small lesions in the body through examination, so as to treat them as early as possible and reduce the risk of serious diseases.


Attention: the elderly physical examination has a trick, these items can not be saved

Step 1 Check your bone density

After the age of over 50, there will always be unexplained leg pain or back pain, so better than after the age of 50, under the strict guidance of the doctor to choose bone density examination. It can reflect the degree of osteoporosis to a certain extent, and prevent osteoporosis, fracture and other orthopedic diseases in advance.

2. Eye function examination

After the age of 50 years old, the eyes will also appear obvious degeneration, many of the elderly will feel blurred vision performance. Therefore, for the examination of the eye, mainly in order to prevent the lesions of the eye, such as the eye has retinal lesions, vascular diseases around the eye, etc.

It can help patients to find and give treatment in time to avoid the deterioration of the disease. In addition, the examination of eye function can also effectively detect the symptoms of diabetes. If the elderly do not pay attention to their eating habits, it is easy to cause the rise of blood sugar in the body, leading to the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Cardiovascular examination

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the invisible killers endangering the lives of the middle-aged and the elderly in today's clinical medical field. The pathological causes are closely related to the individual's diet, and are also the concurrent symptoms derived from the transformation of chronic metabolic diseases.

When a 60-year-old person goes to the hospital for physical examination, he or she must follow the doctor's advice and do a good job in cardio-cerebrovascular medical examination. Judge whether their critical value is in the peak line induced by disease, and then adjust the diet and rest.


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