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Health is the most advanced way of living

by Jonathon S. Maldanado 12 months ago in health
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Plato said: The first wealth is health, the second wealth is beauty, and the third wealth is property.

Health is the responsibility of the family.

Instead of giving the family endless wealth and ruining one's own body, it is better to maintain a healthy body and make money without harming the body.

If there is a health problem and the body breaks down, the family will be worried, their financial resources will also be shaken, and even lose their financial resources. So, how happy to talk about it?

Only with health can the family and parents be at ease.

The happiness and beauty of a family must be built on the basis of health. Only when there is no illness can people feel other good emotions.

The whole family is healthy, so daily talks must be about the trivialities of life, whose marriage, whose gossip, and whose achievements are trivial, but also the beauty of life.

If your health is broken, you may be talking about hospitals, medicines, surgery, etc., which are painful topics. In "Essay Collection", F. Bacon said: A healthy body is the living room of the soul, and a sickly body is the prison of the soul.

Health can enjoy food, travel freely, and the body is free.

But if you don’t take good care of yourself, once you have problems with your body, you can’t eat as much food as you want, and you can’t go as you want when you travel. You may even live...not at home.

I have seen such an old man on the Internet before:

The old man is called Du Xueshi, 60 years old. He has a hobby that he has persisted for 20 years, which is to exercise shirtless outdoors. Throughout the year, regardless of the severe cold or the scorching heat, I always persisted.

Bachelor Du is a retired worker. Many years of fitness have not only made him healthy, but he has not been sick for many years, so he does not look like a 60-year-old man.

Think about it, when we were young, we always competed with ourselves. Now, we should treat ourselves well and give ourselves a healthy body.

Choose health, do what you didn't do before, do less things that damage your health, treat yourself gently, and treat yourself kindly.

Life is alive, and in what posture you live is different. The most advanced is to live with a healthy and positive attitude. Only in this way can we have more thoughts and time to explore the unknown.

Think about it, watching others go out with thick makeup every day, while your face is face to the sky, but your complexion is still ruddy and your eyes are divine.

Which is better?

Russell said: Only by having an interest in external things can people be mentally healthy.

Health is not only a physical responsibility, but also a spiritual necessity.

Mental health, yearning for sunshine, happy mood every day, and appetite every day.

A female friend of mine often went to the pharmacy to buy stomach medicine because of gastrointestinal discomfort, but for a long time, the stomach was not good at all, but it cost a lot of money to buy the medicine.

I finally went to the hospital for an examination a few days ago. The result of the examination was functional dyspepsia. When asked about the cause, the doctor said: "Long-term irregular diet, lack of exercise, and depression."

This doctor's words made my friend think deeply.

How to live the most advanced and comfortable life, as the doctor said, eat regularly, exercise regularly, and maintain a good mood.

Can do this, probably, this is a person who is physically and mentally healthy, no matter what age he is, he can always appear healthier than his peers.

Of course, the body is our own, we don't have to compare with anyone else, all we want is health.

And health is also the best response to life.

Health is the best wealth and the most beautiful makeup.

Health is not only a responsibility to the family, but also gentleness to oneself.

Health is a wise choice, to behave with degree, not to be excessive, not to be greedy.

It’s better to start today: keep your mouth shut, open your legs, exercise properly, and walk more after meals.

There is no shortcut to health. It depends on the accumulation of time and effort. May we live what we like, both in our heart and our body.

Health is the greatest respect for yourself.


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