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Health Benefits of Low Carbohydrate Diet

by Kaushik Manavadariya 9 months ago in health
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low carbohydrate diet for healthy life

Obese people are at risk for atherosclerosis which is the main factor for high mortality and morbidity. Today, incidences of obesity increase gradually in the United States, making it a concern to public health.

Public awareness has made many people reconsider their diet, which has seen approximately 30% of American men and 40% of American women practice weight loss through diet control (Bolla et al., 2019). People with chronic illnesses are now considering implementing a low carbohydrate diet to lose weight (I, 2019).

In the 21st century, people fail to attend gym sessions because they have a busy schedule to meet the higher cost of living, leading to an increased frequency of lifestyle diseases.

Low carbohydrates diet enhances fat loss in the abdominal cavity. The human body has different types of fat, but the one with health importance is the visceral fat that accumulates in the waist of overweight people. Visceral fat affects hormonal function in the body, and when in excess, a person is at risk of contracting type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases (I, 2019).

Furthermore, when a person ingests many carbohydrates, the human body converts them into fat and stores them later. However, when the storage continues for a long time, the body accumulates visceral fat and puts the person in danger of many diseases (Mardinoglu et al., 2018).

Therefore, nutritionists recommend consuming a low-fat diet to reduce the amount of visceral fat storage, thereby living a healthy life.

Low carbohydrates diet help in the reduction of triglycerides in the body. Triglycerides are fat molecules that circulate in the blood and when at high levels, cause cardiovascular diseases (Mardinoglu et al., 2018).

Triglycerides are formed from the liver when someone consumes food with high carbohydrates, leading to the formation of extra calories. The body stores excess triglycerides in fat cells but releases them into the blood when it cannot contain them anymore.

The fat molecule contributes significantly to the thickening of the artery walls or arteriosclerosis. When the artery walls thicken, they block the passage of the blood. Additionally, it makes the heart apply more pressure to pump blood out of the heart, increasing the risks of high blood pressure.

Elevated triglycerides are a sign of high cholesterol in the blood (Bolla et al., 2019). Therefore, a low carbohydrates diet will ensure that the body burns the maximum fat needed for energy.

Studies show that low-carbohydrate reduce blood sugar levels, where approximately four hundred and twenty-two people live with diabetes worldwide. Insulin resistance in the body causes hyperinsulinemia (Giugliano, Maiorino, Bellastella and Esposito, 2018).

When a person cannot utilize the amount of insulin in the blood, the pancreas produces more insulin to compensate for high sugar levels in the blood. Insulin is responsible for converting blood sugar into fat for storage. Insulin resistance causes type two diabetes that is a significant health risk.

When a person is on low carbohydrates diet, the pancreas will not overproduce the insulin to compensate for high sugar levels in the blood (Kelly, Unwin, and Finucane, 2020). When the carbohydrate intake is in healthy and small quantities, the body will convert it into energy and utilize it optimally.


Many people choose a healthy lifestyle to live long and avoid long-term chronic illnesses. Healthy carbohydrates may be helpful for the production of energy that people need to survive. However, when in excess, the body converts it into fat and store it for future use.

Overproduction of fat is a significant health concern because it causes heart diseases. A low carbohydrate diet ensures that a person only takes what their body can utilize and improves human health.


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Kaushik Manavadariya

I am the CEO & Founder of PreDoc - India and 3G Tech Solutions. I am loving to do coding myself to create innovative cloud-based products.

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