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Give Yourself a Break

by Verren Jesilia 3 years ago in advice
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Treat yourself to your favourite dessert.

Give Yourself a Break

What a Good Start

It's still the start of 2019, and all that the media is talking about is having a better lifestyle, five types of diet, 10-minute fat-burning workouts, and detox. What does that mean? Completely eliminating carbs in your diet? Expecting yourself to stop eating sugar the next day you start your diet?

How long do you think that will last?

As a fitness junkie myself, I tend to obsess over the numbers on the scale, how well I fit into jeans, and how I look in the mirror. It is undeniable that those Instagram ads and models did get into my head, having this unrealistic expectation that my body will change within a short period of time. However, what people often forget is that mental health is part of having a better lifestyle too, and that means ensuring that you are mindful of what your body wants and needs. Maybe giving yourself a little treat at the end of the day, or caving into your chocolate cravings once in a while.

"But I need to be healthier. What should I do?"

Everyone does, and good on you that you realise how important health is! Personally for me, the number one thing is taking it one step at a time. Writing my workout plan, meal plan, ways to tackle cravings, and reflecting upon it really helps. Starting off week one with taking long walks, drinking more water, and following YouTube exercises. That's better than nothing. Trust me. As cliche as it sounds, I believe that the hardest part is the start. No one really has the discipline to push themselves out of their comfort zone—which is why number two is get a friend to do it with you! Two is better than one. My most vivid memory about starting my workout journey is having like-minded individuals doing it with me. Having a reliable friend that encourages me, pushes me way out of my comfort zone and PR (personal record), and believes in me throughout my journey endlessly is what keeps me obsessed with the routine. Getting fit and having that unbreakable bond with your friend/best friend/family, AT THE SAME TIME? Sounds too good to be true—but it is!

So here is a summary:

1. One Step at a Time

A small change is still a change. Acknowledge that and feel proud that you have accomplished that. Falling back is part of the journey; that doesn't mean you stop right there. Pick it up where you left and continue to strive. Write down your journey in your journal/notebook. You will see how much that makes a difference.

2. Friends

Get your friend(s) to do this with you! Even if they are not in their healthy lifestyle journey yet, it is never too late to encourage someone into living healthily. Plus long night walks are great to reduce stress from the hectic city we live in and to bond with your friends.

It is easier said than done—that's a fact—but you're one step ahead of everyone else if you're already acknowledging your problem. Give yourself a break and don't be too hard on yourself if you ate half a tub of ice cream while catching up on your series.

Tomorrow is a new beginning.


About the author

Verren Jesilia

I shut myself from the hectic city and people through fitness and poetry.

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