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For the Love of... Cheeseburgers!

by Y. Kerry Sara 17 days ago in weight loss

Is it possible to find a balance between diet and exercise?

For the Love of... Cheeseburgers!
Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

In August 2009, Time magazine ran a controversial cover story titled Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.”

The premise of the Time article was what we eat may be an essential determiner of personal health and wellness. However, just because people are physically active does not necessarily mean that they make good dietary choices.

But making good dietary choices is not easy. We face temptation from delicious food, albeit high in fat, sugar, and salt, at every turn. In addition, Americans have a particular desire for enhanced taste and texture in our meals.

I am far from the typical “yogi.” I find practicing yoga to be quite dull. If it were not for the health and wellness benefits that I accrue from yoga, I do not think I would practice the discipline.

As a fitness enthusiast, I know that what I eat makes an enormous difference in how I feel and what poses I can perform when practicing yoga.

But I still like to drink booze and eat “bad” food, especially when watching NFL football. My absolute favorite food is CHEESEBURGERS!

As a yoga practitioner, I know that I should not indulge in cheeseburgers. But the mere thought of the sandwich makes me drift off into a daydream.

Imagine if you will:

  • A pound of Angus beef, cooked “rare” to “bloody.”
  • The patty is removed from the grill right as the outside edges of the meat turn mahogany brown.
  • A thick slice of Swiss cheese melted to the perfect consistency on top of the beef. It drips off the side of the patty into the fire of the grill.
  • I think if I were somehow able to catch those drips of cheese on my tongue, they would taste like tears from the eyes of a cherub.
  • The cook puts the meat and cheese on top of a bed of cold and crisp romaine lettuce.
  • Two sliced edges of a ciabatta roll bookend the wonderous recipe.
  • I slather the ciabatta roll with Miracle Whip, mustard, and ketchup.
  • The combination of condiment sauce, melting Swiss cheese, and blood turns the sandwich into a gooey and slimy mess as I bite into it. Mmm!

Our advanced technological society has developed a communication culture based on our desire to discover and eat new food sources. As a result, we no longer eat solely for subsistence.

Americans have refined the process of producing food to the point that we now eat for fun and because it makes us feel good.

I know from experience that my obligations as a yoga teacher should prevent me from giving in to the temptations and lingua joy cheeseburgers.

Eating meat usually makes me feel heavy and sluggish. In addition, I naturally carry a lot of muscle mass. So, unlike most yoga practitioners, I cannot subsist on a vegetarian or vegan diet and feel healthy.

Alas, when I am out at a restaurant, I cannot simply ogle at cheeseburgers as a waitress walks her platters out to other customers.

The official motto of The Boy Scouts of America is: “Be Prepared.”

To succeed in life, you must have clearly stated intentions and a plan of action to conduct your objectives in life. Otherwise, it will be virtually impossible for you to avoid the Devil’s fate.

Thus, I must prepare to feel as if I am carrying a load of bricks in my stomach after I allow myself to indulge in the delectable delight of a cheeseburger.

Or I could try to convince myself that eating a vegan salad with kale and quinoa is as satisfying as biting into a cheeseburger.

Yeah. That IS NOT going to happen.

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Y. Kerry Sara

Y. Kerry Sara is a freelance writer and yoga instructor (RYT, 200 hours). He is also a war-time military veteran (US Army, Desert Storm - 1990-91). Mr. Sara is the author of the self-published fiction novel J-Villains (2019 - Amazon.com).

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