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Fitness and Table Tennis

by Monmohan about a year ago in fitness
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Table tennis is a sport that takes place in a compact space and necessitates physical fitness.

Fitness and Table Tennis
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Table tennis can be a sport that certainly takes place in a fairly compact setting, at least given the fact that 2 players play their match in front of a small table with a net.

Unlike Royal Tennis, which takes place on large tennis courts, the game seems to be a bit more compact and one may initially assume that the athlete's fitness and overall performance do not play such a big role, eventually, the smaller balls are moved yes. goes. , with only one short bat across the table.

However, this is often a fatal mistake, as the sport demands almost everything from the athlete, especially at the connoisseur level. A ping-pong player must be in the top physical condition and perform well, otherwise, he has no chance of staying at a high level.

This information isn't new to advanced players these days, but newbies often assume that, thanks to the nature of the game, an honest performance could get away with you if you only had the necessary skills. Of course, table tennis requires excellent hand-eye coordination above all, but often not all, and it should also be noted that good hand-eye coordination is due to a number of factors, notably from on the body. Overall athlete's fitness.

Throughout this article, we would like to impress upon the opportunities you have as a ping pong player with the help of physical training to support your athletic performance or perhaps to bring it to a replacement level, that you may be a beginner. are. , Advanced or maybe Professional.

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Hand-eye coordination, general fitness, and physical condition

As already mentioned in the introduction, good hand-eye coordination matters in ping pong in terms of accurate reflections. If you're watching a ping pong match at a professional level, it's often difficult, especially for laymen, to know how athletes hit the balls on the Internet with such reflexes and such precision. Talent is certainly a component here, but not everything. Conversely, it can also be said that hard work can beat talent even at the peak of the day, for example, if a talented athlete does not train enough and does not include fitness or weight training in his sporting program.

To achieve good hand-eye coordination, it is really important that you play a game of ping pong for 1 to 2 hours at least twice a week. Of course, more is usually better here, although you should also consider the overtraining factor, but more on that later in the article. Apart from the specialized training of the sport, regular physical training also plays an important role. Mostly, this includes endurance training, strength training, and agility training. Training options and approaches to aligning your physical training with ping pong are often very diverse, but you will basically specify a framework that will certainly help beginners and advanced players improve their athletic performance.

If possible, you should do a fitness workout 2-3 times a week, which includes endurance, strength, and power-speed training elements, as well as some exercises to improve agility and mobility. Now you might be thinking that what does it look like and what devices are needed for this.

This is really very useful if you are doing a fitness workout in a fitness studio that is going to help ping pong. If you have the opportunity, it is advisable to start training with a cardio unit. This suggests that you simply pick an endurance machine of your choice and train your endurance on it at a moderate intensity. You may also have the option of incorporating interval training. This suggests that cardio training, for example on an elliptical trainer, does not occur at a constant and uniform pulse, but varies regularly in its intensity. In terms of efficiency, it doesn't get any better than starting your training with an endurance interval training session. Interval training may sound isolated, but often you exercise at a moderate intensity for 3 minutes, for example, then very high for 1 minute, for example in a sprint. As already mentioned, there are different approaches and interval training can look different. Of course, this also depends on your current level of performance and it is definitely best to start slowly.

The main benefit of interval training to support endurance is that you incorporate a variety of high-intensity sprint units into endurance training. Very explosive and sprint-like movements are also really necessary in ping-pong, as it is often the only one thanks to a fairly rapid response in the event of a surprising trajectory of the ball. Therefore, sprint and mobility units are certainly useful for physical training for ping pong.

Interval training can be administered at the front desk or perhaps even completely away from any fitness equipment. Not only can ordinary jogging be used as a traditional cardio unit, but interval training is also quite possible here. For specialized strength or quick bodybuilding, however, there are usually a few pieces of kit. Whether you go to the gym or train at the reception depends on the athlete. It is also possible to welcome training with less material. However, weights, a weight bench, a fixed bar, and suitable bars are still needed to create effective and meaningful strength training. So there is usually no way to avoid this device.


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