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Finding the Cosy Within

by Reija Sillanpaa 7 months ago in meditation

How Regular Meditation Helps Maintain An Inner Peace In Challenging Times

Finding the Cosy Within
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We have been in the grip of the pandemic for nearly a year.

It really feels quite incredible to think this has been going on for so long. It’s also crazy to think that this time last year we were still living normal lives. But aleady the storm clouds were gathering.

It has been a time of isolation and mental challenge for many, including me. Cut off from friends and family, limited in our movements, we have needed to find resources to stay happy and healthy.

For me, that resource has been meditation. With the help of centring myself, I have been able to create myself a cosy corner within myself, regardless of material locations.

The Roots of My Practice

I am relatively new to having a regular meditating practice, but I could not have developed it at a more beneficial time. And I can thank my friend for it.

Shortly after Britain had entered lockdown volume 1, a friend sent me an invitation to a free 21 day mediation programme with Deepak Chopra.

I had done the occasional guided meditation on YouTube, but never stuck with it in the long term. This was an opportunity to see if I could cultivate a regular practice of meditation.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would commit to a daily practice, but there was only one way to find out.

Cultivating A Daily Meditation Practice

The hardest part was to find the perfect time to do it. Sounds crazy since I started it in the lockdown when I had nothing but time in my hands. Eventually, I settled to a time - I would do it each morning before I got out of bed. That way, I’d start each day with a bit of ‘me time’ and had the whole day to focus on the day’s mantra.

I stuck to the plan most of the days. There were a couple of days when I fell asleep during the meditation and had to repeat it later in the day. But I got through the 21 days and when the programme finished, I wanted to continue.

Chopra offers many other meditation programmes of varied lengths, but with the lockdown, I wasn’t in the position to pay for them. Thankfully, there are plenty of free ones on YouTube and on Spotify. After I finished my first 21 day meditation programme, I wasn’t ready to go solo. I need guidance.

I still need guidance even after almost a year of regular mediation practice. My mind’s just too busy and wonders too easily. With guided mediations, my mind is more focused and even when it does wonders, I can bring it back to the guiding voice.

Finding Inner Cosy Through Meditation

I am a definite convert to daily meditation. It is time that I dedicate for myself. Meditating gives me moments of calm in the middle of the lockdown madness. It centres me and helps me to focus on the present.

It helps me to separate what is important and what is irrelevant. Through meditation I can keep an open mind that is full of gratitude for being here and now. I am more self-aware and able to manage stressful situations. I have more patience towards myself and others.

Building a daily meditation practice has been a winner. I feel stronger, more grounded than before.

Even through these challenging times, it has helped me to see the situation with clarity and calm. Meditation has helped me realise that being at peace is not dependent on your location. You can find peace even during the busiest times or in the busiest places when you look within.

With mediation, I can find inner peace, my cosy place, wherever I am.

Reija Sillanpaa
Reija Sillanpaa
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